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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut fanfic – Part 7

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Part 7.

(Back in the SOL)

Mike: [singing] Hope there ain’t eleven.
Author: There are twelve! Doctors, that is. Actually 13, as there’s the War Doctor, and also Ten.

The Doctor’s Diary

(Back in the SOL)

Crow: Now airing on Sky One! Also on Canal Jimmy, TVM2 and Rai Due!

I took a deep breath when I arrived at the TARDIS doors.

(Back in the SOL)

Mike: And held it. And held it. And held it…

Crow: ‘Til I finally passed out and the fanfic ended!
I turned slowly and looked towards the unbelieving mutants. I unlocked the doors, opened them and went inside.

(Back in the SOL)

Tom: It’s more Ratliff!

All: Aaaaah!!

“Well, won’t you follow me, come in!” I told the X-Men.
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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Rewrite of the Original, or The Director’s Cut – Part 4

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Part 4.

(Back in the SOL)
All: [singing] Deedle doodle door!


After the TARDIS has travelled to Universe-616, the Doctor has entered the co-ordinates of Earth-616, but somehow something is is blocking the TARDIS, as soon as it reaches the outer edges of the Solar System.
Adric said “The TARDIS scanners are indicating a huge facility with thousands of inhabitants, of various alien races, beyond the orbit of Pluto.” “It appears to be a transmat terminus, due to the energies which are being generated there”, the Doctor commented. “We’ll have to materialise there first”
“Doctor, is Earth-616 the same as our own Earth Prime?” asked Arturo.
“No, it is not. I am sorry.” the Doctor replied.
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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Rewrite of the Original, or The Director’s Cut – Part 3

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Part 3.

(Back in the SOL)
All: [singing] Watch out for that tree!

(PU, a couple of minutes back) Tegan exclaimed “Oh my God, that’s the Mara which had taken control of me, way back on Deva Loka!
Doctor, please don’t let it take control of me again!”
(Back in the SOL)
Crow: [Tegan] It might give me a personality or angst or something!

Nyssa said “calm down Tegan, the Doctor will find a way, you know he always does.”
(Back in the SOL)
Mike: Funny how most of his solutions rarely work until he kicks the

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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Rewrite of the Original, or The Director’s Cut – Part 2

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Part 2.

A few days ago, The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric were travelling in the TARDIS when suddenly something shook the TARDIS. Tegan was certain that the floor and the walls of the rooms of the TARDIS were melting or even disappearing.
Tegan had just experienced one of her recurring nightmares. She could not understand why she kept having these since she was now free of the Mara, according to the Doctor.

The Mara was a pure essence of evil, a primeval being.
She suspected the Mara was responsible for these dreams. On the Kinda’s world, Deva Loka, the Mara had taken control of her mind for its evil purposes, entering our universe in this way. But the Doctor had found a way to banish the Mara back to where it apparently came from, using a circle of mirrors.

The truth, however, was there was more than one Mara, and more than one kind. After the Federation had been formed, the earliest Mara (or Maras, it is not known) and its own Sumaran Empire had been defeated on Manussa, the Sumaran Empire homeworld, by the Federation’s flagship – the Enterprise – commanded by a young Jonathan B. Archer (the B. stood for Beckett as in Sam Beckett). The Mara was only banished to what the Doctor called the dark places of the inside. But was there one Mara, more than one, or a large number which were inter-connected like the Borg species were?
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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Rewrite of the Original, or The Director’s Cut, part 1

Original Version was Published on 24th December 1995 in THE SCROLLS OF GALLIFREY, a DOCTOR WHO FANZINE (FOURTH ISSUE)

A sequel of sorts to KINDA (1980’s Doctor Who episode with the 5th Doctor)

I wrote a sequel to this story starring the 5th Doctor Who and the Movie X-Men (Doctor Who and the X-Men: Version II) this time.
Following that I rewrote the original story as follows. It is now a different spin and take on the story, with the added guests of the Sliders and Hindle, and it happens during the Maximum Security events of 2000. It kick starts the WhoSliders series of fanfics.
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Christmas Updates! SGU,Dalek Stargate,Dr Who Season 6

Hello all,
Sci-fi fans everywhere are not so happy this Christmas with the news of the Cancellation of SGU (Stargate Universe), though TPTB confirmed they are doing all they can, we wil see if something materialises. If not, there will be no more new Stargate for quite some time most likely from what they said and J.Mallozzi said the cancellation of SGU is bad news for those like myself hoping for an SGA or SG-1 movie.
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Who Sliders 4 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: Stargate Day

This is the crossover fanfic in my series featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series) – and the Sliders.

Story (C) 2001-2016 Mr SciRev.

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see Who Sliders 3

General fanfic-timeline commentary is presented in blue

What you need to know:
The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home universe?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an Australian hostess named Tegan, Hindle ( a previously deranged soldier from a future earth colony ), young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime. Fixing these holes is an important task of the Doctor which has been sanctioned by an angel of God called the White Guardian.

After they said their goodbyes – for the time being to Colin – and promised that they would return to pick him up, they left in the TARDIS, it dematerialised.

“On the TARDIS viewscreen, Doctor, quick! It’s Colin, stranded in the timestream! Well this is when he met us first. But who’s that woman next to him?” Tegan said.

The Doctor manipulated the TARDIS controls so that the TARDIS briefly materialised around the two, in such a way that the two found themselves inside the TARDIS control room, together with everyone else.

Quinn asked the Doctor how could this be possible and the Doctor promptly replied that a space-time bubble was formed around the two to allow them to do this.
‘Ah’, Quinn said. ‘I think I understand.’
‘Humans’, the Doctor thought.
‘The two are basically all that’s left over from the previous timeline, which was wiped out.’ the Doctor said as a deduction from the results of the scans of the two.
‘Cool’, Remmy said. ‘We could get them to tell us what would had happened if we hadn’t met the Doctor, i.e. how their timeline was.’
‘They have slipped through the cracks of our reality change just like Colonel Rickman did.” the Doctor smiled.
‘A little problem. We were supposed to have found Colin after Hindle leaves. While Hindle is still here! So this means some reality change has occurred again. I hope it is for the better’ the Doctor continued.
Once the two got used to their surroundings, it was clear that the pair were Colin who was stuck between parallel dimensions, due to Dr Geiger’s egotistical experiment in the previous timeline or reality. Dr Geiger wanted to alter the genetic makeup of a handicapped youth, by extracting DNA from the Sliders who travelled between parallel worlds. He had managed to combine the youth with Quinn, who became a single person, which they had called Mallory.
But Colin, Quinn’s brother, was left lost within the Sliding Vortex. Until now. The reality alteration resulted in him being freed.

But who was the other woman with Colin? “Would he know her”, Wade thought, almost with a hint of jealousy.
“I’m Maggie, one of the Sliders.” She said. “Quinn! Professor! You’re alive?”
“So Quinn, tell me, how did you get unmerged?”
“I don’t know you Maggie.. if that’s your name. We don’t know you.” Quinn answered.
“What? You must be a parallel version of my Quinn.” she replied.
“Your Quinn?” Wade was getting angry now.
After some time they managed to explain that the previous timeline had been altered drastically. They also explained to Colin how they had met his self from a day or two in the future, and how they would pick him up after he disappeared somehow. Maggie and Colin explained many things which had happened in their original timeline. This included the fact that Maggie’s parallel earth had been wiped out by a pulsar’s deadly radiation. Only Colonel Rickman, herself and a few others from her world had survived, in her timeline. In the new timeline, she was probably dead. She asked whether the Doctor could take them there but he said it probably would involve the Blinovitch Limitation, and that would be dangerous. “The fact you are here means that the version of yourself in the new timeline has died, unfortunately” the Doctor sighed. There really was nothing even he could do.
“What about the Remmy from the original timeline? What about Mallory and Diana?” Maggie asked. “The Remmy I was with had just slid to Earth-Prime, after injecting himself with antibodies which can kill the Kromaggs. Has all our effort been destroyed?” she asked.
“We have more pressing concerns right now. I can help you deal with your Kromaggs in due course. You should be aware that your timeline’s Colonel Rickman is alive and still sliding as far as we can tell. He attacked all of us here as well as the X-Men.” the Doctor explained.
“The X-Men?” Maggie was curious.
“Superheroes from a parallel earth – basically people born with an altered mutant genes which give them amazing abilities”, Adric explained.
Maggie could only say “Ah”. Years ago she would not have thought superheroes existed, not even in her wildest dreams, but after all she saw in her Slides, this was not an impossibility.

Maggie (Kari Wuhrer)
Maggie (3d render by apokalupsis.com)

Nyssa scanned the surroundings for further potential lifeforms.
“One other lifeform is present not far away.” Nyssa said, and prepared for taking the lifeform on board.
They discovered it was actually Diana, an intelligent scientist who worked for Dr Geiger. She had joined the Sliders in the previous timeline.
Maggie was overjoyed to find one other person from the previous timeline, one who shared her memories. She was glad to be still alive, knowing that in this new timeline she should have died on her parallel earth. Suddenly Maggie was thoughtful. Diana asked her what the reason was.

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Stargate SG-1 fanfic – Phased To The Side (Part 1)

This my first non-crossover fanfic featuring Stargate SG-1.

Story (C) 2002-2014 Mr Scirev.

This fanfic occurs a few weeks after the episode 2001 (Season 5 of SG-1)

Cheyenne Mountain
Cheyenne MountainIt was a quiet day at the SGC, Stargate Command, much like any other, when a GDO signal was received through the gate. It was Jacob Carter, Sam’s father. He came through the gate and was welcomed by General Hammond and Teal’c.
“Hello. Where’s Sam?”
“She took the day off, as did O’Neill and Jackson.”
“Has she recovered completely from the injuries she sustained from her last mission?”
“Yes, she is in active duty again now.”
“I’ve got something for you. We found this device on a Gou’ald ship we captured.
We think it is a perpetual energy power pack incorporating a cold plasma generator.
We believe it should be safe for you to examine and perhaps you might find a use of it for your defense against the Gou’ald. Of course we expect you to share the information on what you discover.”
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