Who Sliders 4 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: Stargate Day

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This is the crossover fanfic in my series featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series) – and the Sliders.

Story (C) 2001-2016 Mr SciRev.

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see Who Sliders 3

General fanfic-timeline commentary is presented in blue

What you need to know:
The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home universe?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an Australian hostess named Tegan, Hindle ( a previously deranged soldier from a future earth colony ), young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime. Fixing these holes is an important task of the Doctor which has been sanctioned by an angel of God called the White Guardian.

After they said their goodbyes – for the time being to Colin – and promised that they would return to pick him up, they left in the TARDIS, it dematerialised.

“On the TARDIS viewscreen, Doctor, quick! It’s Colin, stranded in the timestream! Well this is when he met us first. But who’s that woman next to him?” Tegan said.

The Doctor manipulated the TARDIS controls so that the TARDIS briefly materialised around the two, in such a way that the two found themselves inside the TARDIS control room, together with everyone else.

Quinn asked the Doctor how could this be possible and the Doctor promptly replied that a space-time bubble was formed around the two to allow them to do this.
‘Ah’, Quinn said. ‘I think I understand.’
‘Humans’, the Doctor thought.
‘The two are basically all that’s left over from the previous timeline, which was wiped out.’ the Doctor said as a deduction from the results of the scans of the two.
‘Cool’, Remmy said. ‘We could get them to tell us what would had happened if we hadn’t met the Doctor, i.e. how their timeline was.’
‘They have slipped through the cracks of our reality change just like Colonel Rickman did.” the Doctor smiled.
‘A little problem. We were supposed to have found Colin after Hindle leaves. While Hindle is still here! So this means some reality change has occurred again. I hope it is for the better’ the Doctor continued.
Once the two got used to their surroundings, it was clear that the pair were Colin who was stuck between parallel dimensions, due to Dr Geiger’s egotistical experiment in the previous timeline or reality. Dr Geiger wanted to alter the genetic makeup of a handicapped youth, by extracting DNA from the Sliders who travelled between parallel worlds. He had managed to combine the youth with Quinn, who became a single person, which they had called Mallory.
But Colin, Quinn’s brother, was left lost within the Sliding Vortex. Until now. The reality alteration resulted in him being freed.

But who was the other woman with Colin? “Would he know her”, Wade thought, almost with a hint of jealousy.
“I’m Maggie, one of the Sliders.” She said. “Quinn! Professor! You’re alive?”
“So Quinn, tell me, how did you get unmerged?”
“I don’t know you Maggie.. if that’s your name. We don’t know you.” Quinn answered.
“What? You must be a parallel version of my Quinn.” she replied.
“Your Quinn?” Wade was getting angry now.
After some time they managed to explain that the previous timeline had been altered drastically. They also explained to Colin how they had met his self from a day or two in the future, and how they would pick him up after he disappeared somehow. Maggie and Colin explained many things which had happened in their original timeline. This included the fact that Maggie’s parallel earth had been wiped out by a pulsar’s deadly radiation. Only Colonel Rickman, herself and a few others from her world had survived, in her timeline. In the new timeline, she was probably dead. She asked whether the Doctor could take them there but he said it probably would involve the Blinovitch Limitation, and that would be dangerous. “The fact you are here means that the version of yourself in the new timeline has died, unfortunately” the Doctor sighed. There really was nothing even he could do.
“What about the Remmy from the original timeline? What about Mallory and Diana?” Maggie asked. “The Remmy I was with had just slid to Earth-Prime, after injecting himself with antibodies which can kill the Kromaggs. Has all our effort been destroyed?” she asked.
“We have more pressing concerns right now. I can help you deal with your Kromaggs in due course. You should be aware that your timeline’s Colonel Rickman is alive and still sliding as far as we can tell. He attacked all of us here as well as the X-Men.” the Doctor explained.
“The X-Men?” Maggie was curious.
“Superheroes from a parallel earth – basically people born with an altered mutant genes which give them amazing abilities”, Adric explained.
Maggie could only say “Ah”. Years ago she would not have thought superheroes existed, not even in her wildest dreams, but after all she saw in her Slides, this was not an impossibility.

Maggie (Kari Wuhrer)
Maggie (3d render by apokalupsis.com)

Nyssa scanned the surroundings for further potential lifeforms.
“One other lifeform is present not far away.” Nyssa said, and prepared for taking the lifeform on board.
They discovered it was actually Diana, an intelligent scientist who worked for Dr Geiger. She had joined the Sliders in the previous timeline.
Maggie was overjoyed to find one other person from the previous timeline, one who shared her memories. She was glad to be still alive, knowing that in this new timeline she should have died on her parallel earth. Suddenly Maggie was thoughtful. Diana asked her what the reason was.

Maggie was thinking of the Seer who had just died a few minutes ago. At least it was a few minutes ago for her before the whole timeline, well a whole set of parallel earths’ histories got altered thanks to the Doctor and the original Sliders. Diana, Mallory, Remmy and Maggie were given the precise coordinates of their Earth by Dr Geiger, just before he died. But something did go wrong (or was it the last deception by Dr Geiger?) and they had ended on the Seer’s earth. On that Earth they were famous living legends. The Seer had the uncanny ability to see their interdimensional travels and their exploits were made into a popular tv show. All these memories were in a way painful for Maggie. They had made it even though their Timer was destroyed by the Seer’s daughter. Remmy had finally entered the Sliding Vortex using an old partially damaged Kromagg sliding device after having injected himself with Anti-kromagg antibodies. He was sliding to their parallel Earth, but now this all never happened since their original timeline had been wiped out. Still at least Wade and the Professor were not dead, Colin was not lost, and Quinn had not been merged.

This really was her team, she said to herself, because time had been altered and in her altered timeline she simply died on her world. She reflected that at least the Seer should still be alive, perhaps.
Remmy now did not have the antibodies so yet another chance to defeat the Kromagg invaders was lost, Maggie thought loudly, and the others heard her.
The Doctor said that it was possible for them to create other antibodies, even better ones, but they had to get a Kromagg specimen. But now time was of the essence. He explained the current situation. They now had to go to a parallel universe on a planet whose inhabitants had built a time machine, so powerful that entire planets in the galaxy would go back in time together with it. The machine was being used in the past to alter the history of the universe, but an anti-time tachyonic beam sent in the future affected the device in the past, so it was practically jammed in a time loop in the present time, the Doctor explained. A day kept on repeating itself, endlessly, first on Deva Loka but soon Earth would be affected also, the Doctor’s calculations showed. Unless, of course the machine were stopped. Tegan recalled the movie “Groundhog Day” at this point.

Using the TARDIS’ sliding capability, they arrived at the planet (and parallel universe) where this time machine was located, at the time after it was activated of course. The Doctor and everyone else go to this device, and notice an alien who is monitoring it quite closely.
“There’s our chap! He’s probably the alien who has activated it recently!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“What in heaven’s name are you doing, Mister?” Professor Arturo asked the alien.
“Huh? Who would you be?” the alien replied.
“You’re the one who started the time loop. The device is clearly disguised as a prehistoric temple.”, Adric looked suspiciously towards the alien. “You can’t even do the time calculations properly.”
“You should be ashamed of yourself”, Tegan said.
The Doctor recognised Malakai, “I know him in our Universe-777”, the Doctor’s universe was in fact Universe-777, he clarified to the others. “He has been greatly hurt by the loss of his wife who died some time ago.”
“Ah” was the only word which Tegan could say. She was supposed to be a stewardess until she ended up meeting the Doctor and her aunt was killed by the evil Time Lord called the Master. Talking of Malakai’s dead wife made her remember her aunt now.
“Here he could be anything else. Wait, we did not check which parallel universe we are in. By tracing the dimensional residue of the Vortex, we can get our multiverse location coordinates. A-ha, we are in our universe once more!”. The Doctor had that smile upon his face, once more. He had returned to his own universe, and that counted for something. Familiarity with the universe, for one.

Astute readers will notice that this part of the fic takes part during the Stargate SG-1 episode Window of Opportunity, in season 4. In my fanfics both Doctor Who and Stargate SG-1 technically exist within the same universe. It should make for some interesting future crossover fanfics. Their Earth should be called Earth-777, well this is more the convention used to denote Marvel’s parallel universes than anything else, but I like the convention, so I’m going to use it in my fics. Also, Earth-000 would be our real Earth, Earth-001 would be the Sliders’ parallel earth (sometimes referred to as Earth Prime). Earth-777 is Stargate SG-1 and the Doctor’s Earth.
The Doctor explained that the people of this world, many centuries ago before they died out, were a colony of the Ancients. The Ancients and the Time Lords were connected, the Doctor said, but that was a long story for another day. The sense the Doctor gave about this was that Gallifrey was a colony or offshoot of the Ancients, but he didn’t exactly say it in those words, or so clearly, as was his usual. He found himself having to explain this as a result of the fact that Aponolophis had noticed this. Their languages were connected too and had connections to Latin. The Doctor told them to keep this information to themselves. A long time ago, the Ancients’ colony on this world were struck with a cataclysm. They invented a time travel device to try and alter their history. But the alterations they had intended to do were too dangerous – transporting a whole population back through time – and firstly would most likely break the then unwritten rules of time. But they kept attempting, they ignored the warnings given by the Time Lords of Gallifrey until they actually caused the cataclysm themselves. Which was why the Time Lords had warned them. Not to bully them from doing anything, but to save them from probable self-destruction ( and somewhat selfishly to preserve the Time Lords own history, and those Ancients didn’t know the Time Lords were from their future, but the Doctor didn’t tell them that ). The device itself was powered by the geomagnetic storms caused by the sun’s unusual coronal mass emissions (massive solar flares) approximately once every fifty years. As a result, they decided to switch it off.
The Doctor and the others attempted to go close to the altar device, but were prevented by a force shield which Malakai had erected.
Suddenly a noisy flow of energy force was heard from a Stargate device on this planet which had been activated off-world. The Stargate was built by the technologically advanced race called the Ancients. It allowed them to travel to far-off worlds without needing any spacecraft. Four travellers arrived from the gate: the Stargate SG-1 team from Earth-777, consisting of Jack O’Neil, Sam Carter, the jaffa alien Teal’C and Dr Daniel Jackson.
SG-1 tried to reason with Malakai but were surprised to find the Doctor and the others. They were not there the previous time around, in the previous loops. The past ten hours had been repeating on this world and on earth.

“Who are you people?” Sam asked.
“I’m known as the Doctor. And these are my companions Adric, Tegan, Nyssa, Hindle as well as the Sliders: Quinn, Professor Arturo, Wade, Colin, Maggie, Diana and Remmy. Who are you? Military from Earth?”
“You are the SG-1 team. You used to operate the Stargate in Cheyenne Mountain.” Hindle knew this, as it was common knowledge in his time.
“Yes, we are SG-1. How did you know that? Can you read minds? Are you natives of this world, descendants of humans taken from Earth many centuries ago, or if you are from present-day Earth how did you get here?” Jack was curious and worried that public knowledge on the Stargate would become public before its time. If this guy knew then anyone could get to know of the Stargate project. It could be dangerous for earth’s own survival.
“I am not from Earth”, the Doctor clarified. “Tegan is from Earth and she has travelled in my TARDIS. On the other hand Hindle is from Earth’s future. That is how he has heard of you.”
“You’re time-travellers then?” Sam was intrigued by the possibility of time travel. They did manage to use the Stargate to go back in time once, to 1969, so she believed that it could be done.
“Correct. The Sliders, on the other hand, are from a parallel earth.” the Doctor thought for a moment and then was interrupted by Maggie.
“I’m from a different one though, and Diana is from another one.”
Quinn then pointed out that his parents (and Colin’s) were actually from another more advanced parallel earth.
“I’m getting a headache! Anyone got a panadol?” Jack rubbed his head.
“Enough for the introductions. I suggest we get to what should be doing, stopping Malakai before the next time loop!” the Doctor grabbed Malakai’s arm. “Stop keying that ‘altar’, Malakai! Enough of this. What are you doing this for?”
“How do you know my name?”
“Your fame has reached Gallifrey.”
“You are a Time Lord then! I was afraid that the Time Lords would intervene. I will tell then. I am attempting to go back many years into the past. My wife died of a congenital heart defect. There was no way of saving her, but using this machine I may be able to be with her one more last time.”
The Doctor took SG-1 aside for a moment, and told them that the alien time device used the Stargate’s capability of generating a subspace field or bubble.
Daniel told Malakai about what the Doctor told them: the people who did build the machine never did get it to work properly, not just that, but it resulted in the actual cataclysm they were trying to prevent from happening. A self-fulfilling prophecy almost.
Sam explained that the device was simultaneously accessing 14 Stargates on different worlds through the subspace bubble it generated, causing time to loop for billions of people. Jack explained how he too lost someone precious to him, his own son, and convinced Malakai that he did not want to watch his wife die again. As a result, Malakai deactivated the machine. The Doctor also convinced the Stargate SG-1 team to destroy the machine, lest some other evil civilisation such as the daleks take over the device.
“Could you give us some advice on how to slide back home?” Quinn asked Sam. “Our main problem is that we cannot pinpoint our home dimension that easily.”
The Doctor pointed out that in another parallel universe, they were given a new sliding Timer with an updated power crystal, to connect it to the TARDIS. This however, was not that easy. Besides the obvious differences in the two technologies, it was not clear at all how to find the Sliders’ Earth-001. It was not like there was some beacon to detect, and infinite realities made this worse. Sam could be of help to them, there was no doubt about that. Her experience with the Stargate and the inter-dimensional mirror made that certain.
Maggie was gesticulating wildly towards Jack, attempting to describe the Kromagg threat. “We’ll ask some allies of ours about them. They won’t take us unprepared.” Jack looked towards Daniel who recalled the time when he went to another dimension through a ‘mirror’ he had found. Finally, Jack asked the Doctor and his companions to go back to earth with them, so they could meet General Hammond. He had asked the General for permission and they knew of the Stargates anyway.

“So, Doctor, does that mean that Deva Loka in my time is not in a time loop any more?” Hindle asked.
“It shouldn’t be.” the Doctor replied.
“It was in a time loop in the future, however, Doctor”, Hindle pointed out.
“Time does work in these relative ways, Hindle. Don’t expect to understand it completely. Not even we Time Lords do.” the Doctor explained. “Come on everybody, we’ve got places to go…”
“Doctor, shouldn’t we be going through the gate with SG-1?” asked Tegan.
“Quite. But we need to go and check out Deva Loka first. Into the TARDIS, folks.”

“This is Deva Loka, but centuries in the future, in Hindle’s time. As the SG-1 people said, there is a Stargate here.” Adric commented, looking towards the annular device invented by the Ancients. It still stood proudly after all those years. “I’m tempted to use the dialing device to get to Cheyenne Mountain. Wonder what’s going on there after all these years, no centuries?”
“That would be interesting, indeed. Unfortunately we have more pressing things to do at the moment. First of all in a few minutes, we will know if Deva Loka is still in a time loop.” the Doctor looked towards his watch.
Some minutes passed until the Doctor declared Deva Loka completely safe and out of the time loop. Hindle gave his goodbyes to everyone in the group, and departed for the colonial outpost on Deva Loka. “Perhaps we will meet again someday, Doctor.”
The Doctor nodded, and plotted a new course for the TARDIS. They would now pick up “future”-Colin, who they had left earlier. The “other” Colin, the one who had had met them first, was slid to the point they had encountered him earlier. “Future”-colin wanted a break from Sliding, so the Doctor found a place for him to stay for the time being.
In the future the existence of the Stargate was revealed to the general public, and anyway Hindle was in the military, so it was not too difficult for him to look up the SGC complex, or what it had become in his time.
The story of what happened when he got there will be told in another fanfic called “Hindle Joins SG-1 of the Future”.

After the Doctor and his companions including the Sliders returned to the same planet they had left a quarter of an hour earlier. SG-1 was still waiting for them. Jack O’Neil commented on how their number had decreased by one. The Doctor explained that Hindle had stayed back on the planet where he worked.

The siren sounded as usual, warning of an arrival through the Stargate. The technician looked at his monitor. Yes, it was confirmed – it was the GDO, or Garage Door Opener, signal of SG-1. The team was returning from it’s mission to stop the time loop.
General Hammond sighed. He knew it had to have been a success. He gave the order to open the iris.
A large wave of energy erupted as soon as the Stargate iris was opened. First to come through the gate however was not any team member of SG-1. It was a telephone box. Suddenly many soldiers who were prepared for any eventuality, in the gate room, pointed their weapons on the box.
General Hammond looked worried. What a strange occurence this was. A quaint looking telephone box with SG-1’s signal. How come, and what had happened to SG-1? Suddenly as if to answer the General’s thoughts, SG-1 came through the gate.
“Put down those weapons. The telephone box is the Doctor’s TARDIS. We have a big problem, General. Earth is about to be invaded by the Kromaggs from another dimension”, Jack explained.


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 5 ‘OF DIMENSIONAL INVASIONS AND ALTERNATE FUTURE REFUGEES , yes, featuring Stargate SG-1, the Tok’ra and the Kromaggs
The name of the planet in this fic, given to it by SG-1, was P4X-639.
An interesting comment I found was posted on the gateworld forum:

“In my opinion, I assume there’s no problem, because I really think the P4X-639 time machine was built BEFORE the Ancients went to Atlantis. Why ? Because in ‘Rising’ we learn that the Ancient originally left our galaxy because of the plague … and in your statement, you say they suffered the plague after returning from Atlantis … but that’s wrong ! It’s only because of the plague that they went to Atlantis. According to the episode ‘Fallen’ (SG-1 S7), the Ancients were building a lot of things when they first suffered from the plague … Jonas explains they were building a powerful town called Vis Uban … but they didn’t finished it because they had to flee to Atlantis. And I assume this is the same thing with the P4X-639 time machine. They were improving it in order to escape to return in the past to stop the plague … but the plague probably became too big and dangerous and they had to flee, leaving all their experiments on P4X-639. That’s my theory!”


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