The Malta X-Files

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The Malta X-Files

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Since 12/3/2007 the Malta X-Files became part of Scirev.Net

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The site was ‘born’ on JUNE 20 1996 according to my UNIX file datestamps.

On 1st April 2007, PBS (a national tv station in Malta) news reported that Nuclear Fuel (looking like the X-Files’ own Black Oil) was found in Malta near the prehistoric sites of Hagar Qim, using Google Earth. NASA confirmed that this fuel is only in use for interstellar travel and thus it is believed that the Stonehenge-like stones of Hagar Qim are actually the remains of some interstellar starship. A real Malta X-Files and I would not be surprised to see Mulder and Scully come over to investigate this new discovery!

Interesting fact: In the Lone Gunmen X-Files spinoff, Jimmy travelled to Zurich, Malta, and Yemen whilst tracking Yves.


On Thursday 29th September 2016, a smell of gas led to the evacuation of three schools in Zebbug, Qormi, and Attard. Some suspected it was Mercaptan which causes nausea and headaches, reminiscent of the Mercaptan coverup of 2012. On the day someone saw some personnel wearing haz-mat suits.. Here’s to hoping it’s not a case of “Unusual Suspects“, the episode where someone claimed that the gas ergotamine was being tested on civilians…


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