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Changes in Doctor Who The Timeless Children, and how to subscribe

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Been busy.
So did you watch Doctor Who’s season 12 finale “The Timeless Children”? I did, and I liked it. Jodie Whittaker was amazing.
jodie whittaker the timeless children

So, the Shobogans turn out to be the Ancients from Stargate in my fanfics.
I will be implementing some changes to the website, so you may need to resubscribe once that happens.

Response to a Review on my Space:1999 / Doctor Who crossovers

There was a review posted on Fanfiction.Net to my fanfic AN ALPHAN’S DESTINY.

Lawrence Lay chapter 3 . 6h ago
Can you write a Space 1999 Dr Who crossover?
Here’s my response.
I’ve already written one main Doctor Who / Space 1999 Crossover on my website (scirev . Net ) called WHO:1999. There’s also two sequels called War Breaks Out and How I Killed My First Dalek about how Paul Morrow and Professor Victor Bergman travel with the Doctor when the last Time War breaks out.

AlphaGate is an ongoing alternate Space 1999 happening in the Stargate/Doctor Who shared universe. The Doctor isn’t the main character there, but he does appear at a point.

In WhoSliders #9 the Doctor and Daniel Jackson (SG-1) encounter Moonbase Alpha, or perhaps not.. 🙂

Cleavant Derricks (Remmy in Sliders) Recalls His Sliding Days

Cleavant Derricks is probably still probably best known for playing Rembrandt Brown on the cult TV classic, “Sliders.”

We keep hoping for a reboot to happen someday.cleavant1web

“I had the best time doing it. There was not one day I didn’t enjoy working on that show,” Derricks said. “I know it started to fall on its wayside—new producers came in and new writers came in—but I loved doing it and it’s why I stayed till the very end. I loved the idea of multiple worlds and parallel Earths.”


Derricks is currently playing The Chimney Man in Signature Theatre’s staging of “Jelly’s Last Jam,” which runs through Sept. 11.



Remmy’s story continued in fanfics on this website, in Doctor Who and the X-Men Director’s Cut Part 1, and following that group of stories, in WhoSliders vol.1 .

Source: Fairfax Times


UPDATED: Star Wars R2D2 Creator Tony Dyson To Be Cremated in the UK


Tony Dyson is well known for creating the original Star Wars robot R2D2. Professor Dyson was been found dead in his house in Munxar, Gozo, the Maltese island, after a call by a neighbour (his door was left open).

An autopsy will determine the cause of death, though it is believed to be natural.

Last year he participated in Malta Comic Con 2015.

A GoFundMe page has been launched by his friends in the UK. It explains

 “Sadly, as wonderfully savvy he was with creating, money wasn’t one of his strong suits. As the people who love him dearly, we are trying to make his arrangements. His wish was to be donated to science, because he wanted those to look into his brilliant brain. Sadly, due to the circumstances surrounding his death (he died alone in his apartment of natural causes), he wasn’t found quickly enough to have this happen.  We believe his next wish was to be cremated. We have gotten an invoice for this to happen, and the cost in US Dollars is close to $8000. Needless to say, this is more money than most of his friends have on hand.

Malta does not do cremation, so his body has to be shipped to his home country, England.  This is the major expense and why it is so costly. “

Perhaps Disney could intervene and help out?

New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Lacks Character/Story (UPDATED with Wil Wheaton & George Takei reactions)

I want character sequences.. actual story. There’s not much of this for me in the trailer and it certainly doesn’t make me want to watch it at the cinema. I know they try to make it seem high octane in the trailers but the last one was so bad I think I am strongly tempted to avoid this one now. Continue reading New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Lacks Character/Story (UPDATED with Wil Wheaton & George Takei reactions)

Back To The Future Day 2015 Has Come and Gone

The popular 80’s movie Back To The Future II depicted a very different – yet similar – future of the year 2015. In the movie, Marty McFly and Doc Brown went to the future and emerged on 21st October 2015 – just a couple of days ago.

Imagine if they came to OUR 2015 instead:

Things they got ALMOST right: the Cubs winning the World Series (they ended up in the final).

The famous Hoverboard scene:

Things they got right or almost: Compost fuel (biogas) exists, though it’s not too popular ; flying cars like the Terrafugia but nobody uses them; the Hoverboard (it’s called a hoverboard but has two wheels and is more like a segway); Tablets; Wearable EyeGlass devices (think Google Glass); Self-tying shoes (Nike actually invented them); 3d Movies (not Jaws 19 but there are so many sequels) ; Holograms (the Michael Jackson hologram exists); Flat-Screen tv’s; Skype; Automated waiters (just think of iPlace in Malta).

There’s an amazing Parody version of a trailer of an imagined new BTTF movie:

Michael J Fox trying on the self-lacing shoes FOR REAL:

Toyota did a video reuniting the two stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Teens react to BTTF:

A video showing Marty McFly and Doc Brown ending up in OUR 2015 instead:

This video shows how Back to the Future predicted 9/11. Hmm, interesting coincidences.

Universal Pictures created a fake Jaws 19 trailer in time for Back to the Future Day too!

Reunion of Marty and Doc Brown for BTTF Day:

Thoughts of Doc on the Future on BTTF Day:

Davidekyo created this Italian video with footage from some us program:



Doctor Who’s Rory (Arthur Darville) leads a group of heroes and villains

In Legends of Tomorrow by DC, Doctor Who’s Arthur Darville (known as Rory by us fans) is going to play time traveller Rip Hunter (a Time Master) and lead a group of heroes and villains..

Looking forward to this, with Black Canary, The Atom, The Flash, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Firestorm,… They are going to fight the immortal Vandal Savage.


David Duchovny on The Talk, Talks about new X-Files



This is a really cool interview with David Duchovny on “THE TALK” which really made my day. The original post by CBS isn’t visible outside of the USA, but this YouTube version is. We can also see Sliders’ star Jerry O’Connell. David discussed the return (reboot?) of X-Files and his return to primetime in the upcoming drama “Aquarius”.