Response to a Review on my Space:1999 / Doctor Who crossovers

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There was a review posted on Fanfiction.Net to my fanfic AN ALPHAN’S DESTINY.

Lawrence Lay chapter 3 . 6h ago
Can you write a Space 1999 Dr Who crossover?
Here’s my response.
I’ve already written one main Doctor Who / Space 1999 Crossover on my website (scirev . Net ) called WHO:1999. There’s also two sequels called War Breaks Out and How I Killed My First Dalek about how Paul Morrow and Professor Victor Bergman travel with the Doctor when the last Time War breaks out.

AlphaGate is an ongoing alternate Space 1999 happening in the Stargate/Doctor Who shared universe. The Doctor isn’t the main character there, but he does appear at a point.

In WhoSliders #9 the Doctor and Daniel Jackson (SG-1) encounter Moonbase Alpha, or perhaps not.. 🙂