FANFIC: How I Killed My First Dalek

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This fanfic is a sequel to WHO:1999 and War Breaks Out, a Doctor Who crossover with Space:1999.
The Eighth Doctor had just closed the TARDIS doors. His new companions were Paul Morrow and Professor Victor Bergman, from Universe-700.

Some weeks had passed.
“I wonder how Tony Verdeschi is doing!” Victor said. He was talking to himself. Since the Time War had effectively broken out, travel between universes was apparently impossible. He would never be able to go back, it seemed.
He had been left alone by the Doctor on Earth in the future. For the professor, this was like being in a toyshop.
He had been to different shops, shopping for technology. The technology had evolved in similar fashion to that which he was familiar with, but with some differences. These “3d tablets”, were not something he was familiar with, however he quickly managed to use one.

He was in a tech-shop called “Planet” in Germany, in a town called Munich, when suddenly a Dalek came through the main entrance. It started spouting some thing about detecting Artron particles.
The Professor started thinking, almost in parallel, what was that thing and what were these particles.
dalek & victor bergman

He thought it must be dangerous, given his experience with alien lifeforms anyway. So his thoughts went towards a prelimary analysis of the threat. Was it a robot? Was it armoured?
He decided to hide for the time being, and using the 3d tablet he had bought, he connected to the era’s Net. It turned out to be useful, for this era had been fighting these Daleks.
They were NOT Robots. They were murderous alien creatures living within metal shells. Hardened metal shells. Not all weapons could blow up a Dalek. The armour was bonded polycarbide armour. Some modified energy weapons could be used to blow one up, and even a Zat Gun could disable their weapons, or even kill them, according to historical records.

“Now where do I get a Zat Gun”, Victor thought to himself.
“Necessity is the mother of invention! Eureka!”
The principle of the Zat Gun was easy for Victor to comprehend.
He thought of himself running around the store to get the necessary parts and building a rudimentary blaster. That would have been primitive.
Instead, he remembered his old trusty Stun-Gun from Alpha. He did the necessary modifications and improved the way it worked, to make it become even more as effective as a Zat Gun would have been.
He went to the Dalek, which started screaming at that point. It mentioned the Doctor, no it asked for the Doctor, calling him its enemy. So Victor fired at the Dalek, once, the Dalek’s stalk weapon stopped working.

Victor fired a second time and the Dalek died.
He decided to leave the place, before some other Dalek would turn up.

Story (C) Mr Scirev 1999-2016
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