Other Crossovers

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The following are fanfics featuring other crossovers between different tv shows or movies.

The following fics remain in an unwritten limbo state:
VOYAGER:1999 – Somebody wrote a Star Trek Voyager/Space:1999 crossover which was interesting; both were from separate universes and Tony Verdeschi is a starfleet officer who ends up on Alpha. Now imagine a different crossover. A world where a conspiracy hides a moonbase Alpha, with nuclear waste dumps about to blow up.
Dinah Scully FBI Agent – an amalgam type of X-Files crossover, if you can imagine one (similar to the Amalgam elseworlds). Not available, under revision..
Mulder’s Christmas – An X-File Christmas Story.
Chloe Goes To Roswell – a crossover between Roswell and of course Smallville

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