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FANFIC: From BeretWorld to NoWhere

“There is one location. We know it as Area 51 in America, Utah. They are preparing a massive slide. They are building Slide Generators and timers there.” Professor Justine Robson answered.
“So they are preparing new incursions. So many worlds will be at risk.” Archer said. Continue reading FANFIC: From BeretWorld to NoWhere

FANFIC: War Breaks Out

This fanfic is a short story sequel to the fanfic WHO:1999.

Terrible noises of explosions and flashes of blue light could be heard and seen respectively on the viewscreen in the TARDIS.

There were three men in the TARDIS at the time. A young man, with short wavy hair, wearing a long green velvet jacket, a waistcoat with a pocket watch and a cravat, looked quite worried at the current happening. paulmcgann-night-of-the-doctor-1

“I couldn’t have imagined this would have happened. Or have happened now.” the man uttered. He was the Doctor, his Eight Incarnation now.
He had been to another universe where he had picked up his two current companions, Paul Morrow and Professor Victor Bergman. They had just entered the Doctor’s Universe-777.

Passing through the Vortex, the TARDIS had breached the inter-universe barriers and as soon as they arrived in the Doctor’s universe-777, they witnessed an explosion in the Vortex.

“Does this happen often?” Victor enquired. His scientific studies hadn’t prepared him for what he was experiencing.
“No! The walls of the multiverse have deteriorated!” the Doctor exclaimed.
“Was it our fault?” Paul asked. “Did we cause this ourselves by coming here?”
“No of course not, I’ve been doing this for ages untold. The Time Lords – they are my people – being present allow travel to parallel dimensions. They keep open the pathways. Something has happened. There is a “storm” in the “pathways” right now.”
“A storm, Doctor? What kind of storm would that be? A temporal storm?” Victor asked.
“More of a warstorm. A warm is brewing. I knew it had started. It has been for quite a while now. It started on Skaro a long time ago, it’s the home planet of the Daleks. They are the enemies of the Time Lords. Or on BeretWorld, an interdimensional nexus.

Well there already was another Time War before, but this.. this will be  = no this is = worse, much worse.”
“Can’t you go back in time, Doctor? Stop it from happening in the first place.” Paul asked.
“I can’t go back in my personal timeline. And the Time Lords will be trying all they can”, the Doctor answered. “It doesn’t seem as if I will be able to take you back to where you came from. Or returning back to your universe any time soon.”
“It’s not as if we had much to look forward to. Our earth was dying in the future. Our moon’s resources were going to start to dwindle soon, we had an uncertain future in space”, Victor said.
“I’m really worried. What are we going to do now?” Paul asked.

“I’m not a Man of War. I will do my best to bring peace. As much as I can.”, the Doctor answered.

The story takes place in the Doctor’s universe-777 which is the same universe in which JJ Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) movies occur. The story of the first Enterprise may have happened differently in the original Star Trek universe.
The Sargasso sea of Space with its derelict spacecraft is taken from Space:1999 (The Cellini episode) “Dragon’s Domain”. Thanks for that great episode.
Star Trek is (C) by Paramount;
Doctor Who, Amy, Rory, the Daleks are (C) the BBC.

My understanding is that the last great Time War took place towards the end of the Eight Doctor’s run in books/audios/comics. Thus the Doctor’s crossover with Space:1999 occurred in that time period.

UC Who

This is a fanfic crossover between the British tv show Doctor Who (featuring the 8th Doctor from the tv movie and BBC novels) and the Maltese tv show UC5 (aka Undercover 5), the prequel to Dejjem Tieghek Becky.

Story (C) 2003-2010 Mr Scirev.

Spoilers: Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic: It happens straight after the BBC Books 8DA “FALL OF YQUATINE”.

What you need to know:
The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his eighth incarnation (7th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Doctor with his companions – currently Fitz Kreiner and Compassion herself – are on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the universe. This story’s theme: Compassion (The Doctor’s new TARDIS, a living machine which can travel through space and time but which can appear in humanoid form) is stuck in the shape of a Maltese policewoman named Becky (from the Undercover, UC5 PBS show) from 2003. The problem? Becky has recently drowned and is believed to be dead. (happens after the BBC book 8DA ‘FALL OF YQUATINE’, after the last UC5 episode, and contemporary to the 1st DEJJEM TIEGHEK BECKY episode which I call ‘THE SEARCH’)

NEWS: posted 30/9/2003: This week Becky returns in the new show DEJJEM TIEGHEK BECKY. She’s going to resign and take a new employment on a ship now. I think she will have amnesia or something. So this fanfic can happen just the same.

* * * * * * *

Mr Bert, or Is-Sur Bert as he was called in Maltese, was shocked. Utterly shocked. His mouth was wide open and stared at the dark-haired woman. His eyes were glazing at her.

The woman looked back in anger, obviously offended by his stare. Bert was becoming confused. ‘How is this possible?’ he thought, loudly enough for anyone to hear him.

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