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Broadcast order (First Air Date) is given according to how it was being broadcast on Italia UNO with the italian series title Viaggiatori which seems to be the correct intended order. It will not agree with the US broadcast order, however it looks more similar to the production order, at least as far as the first season is concerned. In Europe, Yorin on 31/7/2001 showed the final episode of Season 5.
Sliders was rebroadcast on german channels RTL II  and Kabel 1. AXN Sci-Fi on Polsat was rebroadcasting the 1st season of Sliders with a new theme and intro…Sliders Team

The series SLIDERS originally originated on March 22 1995 on the Fox Television Network in the USA. After airing for three seasons, it moved to the Sci-Fi channel with new episodes. A loyal core following was built while it was broadcast on Fox. My initial thoughts on the first episode were that the series shows potential. The series was created by Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme (the latter is usually associated with Star Trek, I believe).
In Italy it was broadcast as “I VIAGGIATORI” (meaning The Travellers), while in Spain it is broadcast as “SALTO AL INFINITO” (meaning Jump To Infinity).

Sliders Episode List and Review Guide

Season One (US 1995-1996)

First Aired  Ep# SerEp Prod#    Episode Name

   16/07/00   1 1x1    SL-101   Pilot, part 1

   16/07/00   1 1x1    SL-102   Pilot, part 2

   30/07/00   2 1x2    SL-103   Summer of Love (Diritti Inalienabili)

   30/07/00   2 1x3    SL-104   The Prince of Wails (Diritti Inalienabili)

   06/08/00   3 1x4    SL-108   Eggheads (Teste di Uova)

   06/08/00   3 1x5    SL-107   The Weaker Sex (Sesso Debole)

   13/08/00   4 1x6    SL-109   The King is Back (Maledetta fortuna)

   13/08/00   4 1x7    SL-110   Luck of the Draw (Maledetta fortuna)

   NOT AIRED  - 1x8    SL-105   Fever (not aired in first italian run)

   NOT AIRED  - 1x9    SL-106   Last Days (not aired in first italian run)

Season Two (US 1995-1996)

First Aired  Ep#    Prod#    Episode Name

   20/08/00   5     SL-203   Into the Mystic (Stregoni e sortilegi)

   20/08/00   5     SL-204   Love Gods (Stregoni e sortilegi)

   27/08/00   6     SL-207   Gillian of the spirits

   27/08/00   6     SL-205   The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy

   03/09/00   7     SL-202   El Sid

   03/09/00   7     SL-201   Time Again And World

   10/09/00   8     SL-211   In Dino Veritas

   not aired        SL-210   Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome

   10/09/00   8     SL-209   Invasion (intro: Kromagg aliens)

   17/09/00   9     SL-208   Obsession (Ossessione)

   17/09/00   9     SL-212   Greatfellas (Ossessione)

   24/09/00  10     SL-213   The Young and the Relentless (Il Mondo Giovane)

     (a Kromagg is seen purportedly in this episode. In the US this was left
     out as it was broadcast before Invasion)

   24/09/00  10     SL-209   Invasion

    (RERUN;broadcast time changed to Saturday 17.30pm from Sunday 22.30pm)

   30/09/00  11     SL-206   As Time Goes By (Col Passare Del Tempo)

Season Three (US 1996-1997)

First Aired  Ep#    Prod#    Episode Name

   30/09/00  11     SL-302   Rules of the Game

   07/10/00  12     SL-301   Double Cross (La Terra Dei Tornadi)

   07/10/00  12     SL-304   Electric Twister Acid Test (La Terra Dei Tornadi)

   14/10/00  13     SL-305   The Guardian (Il Guardiano)

   14/10/00  14     SL-306   The Dream Masters (Il Guardiano)

   04/11/00  14     SL-307   Desert Storm (Tempesta Nel Deserto)

   04/11/00  13     SL-308   Dragon Slide (Tempesta Nel Deserto)

   11/11/00  15     SL-309   The Fire Within (Il Principe Dei Viaggiatori)

   11/11/00  15     SL-310   The Prince of Slides (Il Principe Dei Viaggiatori)

   18/11/00  16     SL-303   Dead Man Sliding (Il Gioco del Giudizio)

   18/11/00  16     SL-311   State of the A.R.T. (Il Gioco del Giudizio)

   25/11/00  16     SL-312   Season's Greedings (Messaggi Subliminali)

       (from today - one episode only is shown weekly)

   02/12/00  17     SL-313   Murder Most Foul  (Scherzi Assassini) 

   09/12/00  18     SL-314   Slide Like An Egyptian (La Piramide)


   Doctor Who and The X-Men - My crossover fanfic also

   featuring the four original sliders occurs at this point before they
   reach Maggie's World.

   Who Sliders - My crossover
   fanfic-series diverges from the established Sliders continuity

   at this point, but the same worlds visited in the remaining tv episodes

   are visited in different ways, but with the help of the Doctor

   23/12/00  20     SL-315   Paradise Lost (Paradiso Perduto)

     (Arturo is captured by a monster. There is no Maggie.)

   08/01/01  21     SL-316   The Last of Eden (La Citta Sotterranea)

     (a story featuring the original four Sliders.)

   16/12/00  19     SL-317   The Exodus - Part One (L'esodo)

   16/12/00  19     SL-318   The Exodus - Part Two

     (This is the last episode with the original team. Arturo dies. 

     Maggie joins.)

   09/01/01  22     SL-320   The Other Slide of Darkness (Nebbia Assassina)

     --parallel Quinn-Wizard returns and reveals he is the

     reason for the Kromaggs having the Sliding technology

   10/01/01  23     SL-323   Slither (Serpenti)

   11/01/01  24     SL-324   Dinoslide (Il Dinoviaggio)

     --Remmy meets his young friend from Exodus again)

   12/01/01  25     SL-322   Stoker (Stoker)

   not shown 26     SL-321   The Breeder (Il Riproduttore)

   not shown 27     SL-319   Sole Survivors (Unici Sopravissuti)

   13/01/01  28     SL-325   This Slide of Paradise

      --Sliders get separated;final Rickman;last Sabrina Lloyd/Wade

Season Four (1998-1999)

First Aired  Ep#    Prod#    Episode Name

   15/01/01  29              Genesis (Genesis) (return of Kromaggs)

   16/01/01  30              Prophets and Loss (L'oracolo)

   17/01/01  31              Common Ground (Terreno Comune)

   18/01/01  32              Virtual Slide (Viaggi Virtuali)

   19/01/01  33              World Killer (Viaggio Planetario)

   20/01/01  34              Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (Dove sei 

        oh fratello?)

   03/02/01  35              Just Say Yes (Ribellione)

   03/02/01  35              The Alternateville Horror (The 

        Alternateville Horror)

             37              Slidecage

             38              Asylum

      01/01  39              California Reich

             40              The Dying Fields

             41              Lipschitz Live!

             42              Mother And Child

             43              Net Worth

             44              Slide By Wire

             45              Data World

             46              Way Out West

             47              My Brother's Keeper

             48              The Chasm

             49              Roads Taken

             50              Revelations

Season Five (1999-2000)

First Aired  Ep#    Prod#    Episode Name

             51              The Unstuck Man

             52              Applied Physics

             53              Strangers & Comrades

             54              The Great Work

             55              New gods For Old

             56              Please Press One

             57              A Current Affair

             58              Java Jive

             59              The Return of Maggie Beckett

04/07/01     60              Easy Slider

             61              Requiem

  /  /       61              Map Of The Mind

07/08/01     62              A Thousand Deaths

             63              Heavy Metal

14/08/01     64              To Catch A Slider

             65              Dust

  /  /       66              Eye Of The Storm

             67              The Seer (Series Finale)

Character Profiles of the Sliders (with fanfic updates):
TBA Professor Arturo
TBA Quinn
TBA Bennish
TBA Maggie
TBA Diana

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