Review Flashback: Sliders 2×02 “Love Gods”

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While here in Malta we have been hearing a lot about Panama papers and even political “gods”, in this episode we see our heroes (except Wade Wells) being seen as sex “gods” ! This world’s men almost all died out to a viral infection leaving this world with a huge crisis of having many women but almost no surviving men at all.

Professor Arturo, Quinn and Remmy end up imprisoned and taken to a “Repopulation Centre”, where the surviving men are used as breeders to repopulate the world using sex but, it turns out they have no advanced information on IVF, etc.

They escape with one of the men and hide at his girlfriend’s house, but after waiting for Wade to rejoin them – as she is carrying the sliders’ timerĀ – turns out that Wade has been followed by government agents and Repopulation Bureau agents. Finally Professor Arturo is captured by Australian agents and kept in their embassy. His security guard, a woman, even starts taking off her clothes as soon as she is alone with him.[fbalbum url=]


Wade convinces Remmy to wear something like a hijab and women’s clothes (but not the pantyhose!) and try to enter the embassy. Unfortunately they are found out and the Australians think Remmy is a transvestite which they dislike greatly.

Finally everything is resolved. Quinn meets Jane Hills whose husband had died, the revelation at the end is that her husband was an alternate Quinn. At the end our heroes slide in the car except for Quinn who says goodbye to Jane before jumping off into the Slide. Looks like he did get her pregnant just as she wanted, but it’s not shown explicity.

Turns out that the escaped breeder and his girlfriend are with the Sliders as they slide with the car. I don’t recall if they had appeared in the next episode or not.

It was an entertaining episode with a really unusual premise. Rewatching it was a fun experience. Sabrina Lloyd who plays Wade Wells really shines in this one, as does John Rhys-Davies who plays Professor Arturo. Jane Hills is played by Kathryn Anderson. It would have been interested if she had followed the Sliders. Or perhaps her husband did slide after all and did not die.

Anderson also appeared in the tv show First Wave and as a stuntman in various X-Men movies.