PARALLEL EARTHS PAGE 4 (DC Tv/Movie Universes)

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This is a list of parallel earths, provided for reference, from my fanfics as well as from Doctor Who,Star Trek,Marvel,DC and Sliders. This segment also incorporates some information from CBR’s DC tv/movie list of universes.

Compilation (C) 2002-2018 Mr SciRev

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Earth-12000 to Earth-12497 – Reserved for DC/CW Universes

Earth-12000 – an analogue of Smallville’s Earth-046.

Earth-12001 – Dc’s Arrow, Legend of Tomorrow and Constantine (Arrowverse)

Earth-12002 – Arrowverse Alternate Earth-2 (Jay Garrick etc)

Earth-12003 – Mirrow Arrowverse (Crime Syndicate)

Earth-12004 – Gotham tv show

Earth-12005 – Shazam! (Including Isis) (1974-6 series)

Earth-12006 – Reserved

Earth-12007 – Wonder Woman ’75 (tv show and comics)

Earth-12008 – Superman ’78 (and Supergirl ’84) movies

Earth-12009 – Titans tv show (Arrowverse Earth-9)

Earth-12010 – Batman ’05 (Batman Begins Batman)

Earth-12011 – Reserved

Earth-12012 – DC Movie serials

Earth-12013 – Adventures of Superman (George Reeves)

Earth-12014 – Lois & Clark (tv show, not the new comics)

Earth-12015 – Wonder Woman ’74

Earth-12016 – Arrowverse Earth-16, the alternate Earth where a Oliver Queen was at and his base was where the young Jonathan Kent was at, that was meant to be a reference to when the Legends were originally sent there since they were sent there in the 1st season’s 6th episode.

Earth-12017 – Aquaman ’06

Earth-12018 – Wonder Woman ’67

Earth-12019 – Superboy ’88

Earth-12020 – Man of Steel/DC Cinematic Universe

Earth-12021 – Flash ’90 tv show

Earth-12022 – Wonder Woman ’11

Earth-12023 – Birds of Prey

Earth-12024 – Swamp Thing ’82 movies

Earth-12025 – Swamp Thing ’90 tv

Earth-12026 – Constantine ’05 movie

Earth-12027 – Steel

Earth-12028 – JLA ’97

Earth-12029 – Human Target ’92

Earth-12030 – Human Target ’10

Earth-12031 – Jonah Hex

Earth-12032 – Green Lantern ’11

Earth-12033 – Superboy ’88 mirror universe

Earth-12034 – Superman Lives movie

Earth-12035 – DC’s Smallville Mirror Universe

Earth-12038 – Supergirl ’15 tv show (Arrowverse Earth-38)

Earth-12054 – DC’s Smallville Earth-2 Luthor’s Earth (episode 10×10)
Earth-12055 – DC’s Smallville Earth-9 (Destroyed)
Earth-12056 – DC’s Smallville Earth-13 (Clark Kent is a normal human and wannabe hero;decimated)
Earth-12057 – DC’s Smallville Earth-Apocalypse (Kal-El never arrived on earth;President Lex Luthor destroys the world in a nuclear war) (episode 7×13)
Earth-12058 – DC’s Smallville Earth-Majestic

Earth-12066 – Batman ’66 (tv show and comics)

Earth-12089 – Batman ’89-’97 (Tim Burton/Schumacher movies)

Earth-12096 – Arrowverse version of Brandon Routh’s Superman, Kingdom Come Superman



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