FANFIC: WhoSliders v3 – Immortal Squad #1

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Welcome to this new CROSSOVER FANFIC for Immortal Squad which is the Third Volume of WhoSliders. It follows the Doctor Who Season 10 ending where the immortals Clara and Me are left to roam the universe in their stolen TARDIS.  Clara having been taken from the moment before her death, is now an immortal. Me is an immortal (previously called Ashildr) thanks to the Doctor’s intervention in the past.


SPOILERS: A major character death in the Guardians of the Galaxy v2 movie. He appears in this fanfic series.

Story (C) 2016-2017 Mr SciRev based on a concept developed by the author in Hannover, Germany.

This story occurs after the last episode of Season 9 of the new Doctor Who.

What you need to know:
“The Timelords of Gallifrey have suffered an embarrassing loss. A TARDIS has been stolen. Once more. Not by a Gallifreyan. The last time this happened, it was aeons ago. The Doctor stole a type I TARDIS. Now, it was the humans from Earth, Clara and Me, who stole a TARDIS. A plan was being worked out and humans would help.”

The Timelords of Gallifrey decided to put this into motion. They gathered a special team to handle the situation. The team was a kind of  ‘Suicide Squad’ of sorts, with a mix of overly evil individuals or somewhat not so trustworthy types. All team members were taken out of time as Clara was. Some were already immortal, such as Sabretooth, Angel (from Buffy) and the Elseworlds Vampire Batman. Others were made immortal by the extraction procedure,  as had happened to Clara. Thus it made sense to call them the Timelords’ ‘Immortal Squad’ since all the members were immortals. All were implanted with a bomb in their head which, should they fail to obey the Timelords, will be exploded, resulting in their death.  A special individual will lead the team, namely Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. (from the tv series), thanks to his experience in setting up a team of Secret Avengers. Coulson is NOT an immortal, but will be coordinating the team from Gallifrey.

Thus the ‘Immortal Squad’ consists of:

  • Sabretooth (From the X-Men comics)
  • Angel (from Buffy)
  • The Elseworlds Vampire Batman
  • Dr Libby (from Lost, just before her death)
  • Dr Owen Harper (from the series Torchwood, removed from time too, before his death like Clara)
  • Dr Leekie (from the series Orphan Black, just before his death)
  • Kilgrave (from the series Jessica Jones, just before his death)
  • Yondu Udonta (from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, just before hs death)

The Squad members all materialised in front of Coulson.

“What ? Where is this place? I Was..” Kilgrave utterred.
“You were dying”, Coulson interrupted. “As were you”, looking at Libby. “And you”, pointing at Owen (who asked ‘Where’s Toshiko?’). “You too”, Coulson turned towards Dr Leekie and Yondu. “Toshiko is still in her timeline. She was not taken. She is still dead. As you will be once you are returned to your timestreams.”
“in the other cases, you were taken outside of your timestream, but not at your deaths”.
“Taken? Who Took us? You? Who the hell are you?”, Sabretooth asked.
“Easy. Let’s see the explanation”, Angel said.
“My name is Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
“I know about S.H.I.E.L.D. Never met you though”, Sabretooth commented.
“We’re not from the same universe.”, Coulson answered.
“Let’s introduce everyone. This is Sabretooth, Angel, Vampire Batman, Libby, Owen, Dr Leekie, Kilgrave and Yondu.” Coulson continued.

“I’m working for the Time Lords. This is the planet Gallifrey, first of all. Sabretooth, Angel, Vampire Batman are already immortals. The others have been made immortal due to the extraction process just before their death. You all have been implanted with microbombs in your necks. Should you disobey your task, the bombs will blast you into smithereens.”

“Task? What task?” Libby asked. “I was on an island marooned after our plane crashed. Then I was shot.”

“Your squad’s task is to retrieve a stolen TARDIS.”
“A stolen what?”
“TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  Alternatively, you might call it Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domain in Space-time. Essentially a time and space machine.”

All were quite shocked and disbelieving what was happening.  Except for Kilgrave who asked, “and who stole it?”

“Clara and Me. Not “me” as in myself. A woman named Me”, Coulson answered.
“Like you they are immortals. Clara has been taken from just at the moment of her death, similar to some of you. Me was made immortal by a Time Lord called the Doctor. He’s a good guy but this mess is his fault. You are to apprehend them and bring them back together with their TARDIS, which is currently in the shape of an American Diner. Time for you to go. You will be sent using this portal into a location and time where Clara and Me are believed to be, with their TARDIS.”

End of Part 1

Continued soon….
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For convenience this is a “map” of the “known” universes the moons