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This is the 2nd crossover fanfic in my fan-series which features an amalgam Star Trek / Doctor Who universe. as it would occur in Universe-777 (the Stargate & Doctor Who universe).

Story (C) 2002-2020 Mr SciRev

NOTE: Takes place straight after TrekWho#1

What you need to know:
The Doctor’s Universe-777 and the prime Star Trek Universe-881 have been merged into an amalgam universe. It is the 23rd Century and the half-Gallifreyan First Doctor is the first officer on Captain Jonathan Archer’s Enterprise Starship. The renegade Odo, an adopted shapeshifter, arrives in his damaged TARDIS on the Enterprise. Vulcans had originally settled on Gallifrey after their homeworld had been rendered uninhabitable in the Emotion War. There was much mistrust and hatred between the Vulcan and the other Native Gallifreyans.

The Doctor had entered Odo’s Console Room in the TARDIS. It was of a very distinguished design, hard to avoid noticing. Long and sleek pipe-like conduits of a white-greyish colour led into stylistic systems the like of which only the best of Starfleet could hope to resemble.

The Doctor was overcome by a sense of familiarity, even though the difference could be felt. He set the navigational control system, inputted a set of coordinates for time and space, and pressed the dematerialisation button.

The TARDIS performed its familiar humming sound as disappeared from the Enterprise’s Cargo Bay 1.

In a large room in a lonely citadel on Gallifrey, a humanoid brain stood fixed on a pedestal. Wired to some machinery, it began to pulse. The thoughts
were clear.

“The time is now. The champion of time is arriving. He has been summoned.”

The machinery was linked to long pulsing sensor arrays, flickering on and off like Christmas trees.

The TARDIS arrived at its destination, which was none other than Gallifrey itself. The Doctor did not bother to look at the viewscreen, or even to activate it. Rather, he just opened the main doors and left for his destination. But what was his destination? Something had forced him to come here, to just take Odo’s TARDIS. He could imagine how, back on the Enterprise, Captain Archer would be thinking that the Doctor had stolen the TARDIS. How could he ever go back now? He would face life imprisonment in a Starfleet prison world, certainly. There would be no escaping that.
There would be no leniency or legal loophole to exploit.

How did he even think of doing this? Moreover, who was controlling his mind? Another Gallifreyan, no doubt. Since he was only half-Gallifreyan, it was straightforward for a full Gallifreyan to do this to him.

There was only one way to find out. To go through with this, and face this Gallifreyan. He would be able to resolve this peacefully, he hoped.
But he did not take easily to being manipulated.

The Doctor arrived at the Grey Zone, entirely littered with ruins of dead spacecraft. The Grey Zone was the Sargasso of Gallifrey when in the olden days, the Grand Chiefs of Logic: Ras el-Cylon, Mhon Arc, Ohm Ega and Man-thos had built sensor traps which simulated SOS signals and lead many unwary space travellers to a certain death. The Grand Chiefs were the leaders of the early Vulcans who had settled on Gallifrey after their home planet was rendered uninhabitable in the Emotion War. Needless to say, the factions who were in favour of Emotions were all defeated in the Emotion War, and thus, the Grand Chiefs of Logic emerged as the strong leaders of the other Logic-based Vulcan factions. From that moment on, no Gallifreyan was born in a family, as that would be considered too emotional, preferring their children to be born using artificial machines and keeping from ever getting to know them. No Gallifreyan would know any one of his parents or other relatives. This was deemed ‘normal’ by the Logic Chiefs.
The early Vulcan Gallifreyans thrived on experimenting on other races, and this was done through the traps built by the Logic Chiefs. Ras el-Cylon endeavoured to
build the early time-devices. Ohm Ega had managed to build a mini black hole in orbit around Gallifrey’s sun, which was to be harnessed to power Gallifrey and its time-devices. While Ohm Ega was successful, he did not protect himself from the black hole and, together with his spacecraft, ended up being pulled into the hole’s event horizon. It is not known to this day whether he has survived or not. In fact, some present day Gallifreyans believe that he was just a mythical
figure like Icarus who went too close to the sun.

A giant sentinel robot lay in the ruins of the Sargasso area. This was a space travelling mutant-killer robot, built on Earth, which was attracted to its death on Gallifrey in a past age. Many of its self-repairing parts were taken by the scientist Man-thos and used in the main citadel’s technological defences. It stirred as the Doctor passed by it, awakened by the Doctor’s half-Gallifreyan and half-earth human heritage. Its eyes began to flash. It scanned the Doctor and brought its systems on-line. The target was a humanoid, 50% baseline and 50% mutant according to its reasoning. Thus it was an enemy to be obliterated.
It needed the energy to build more parts of itself. It found more than enough through radiation from the mini black hole. It accelerated the repair of its systems and began preparing its weapons systems. Finally, moments later, it was completely restored to full operation. However, something besides energy was absorbed. Though just an energy signature, it was more than that. It possessed organisational qualities and definite structure. The two were merged
into a single entity.

A great gleaming citadel was in sight. This was the Doctor’s final destination. In this place, he would be able to find the answers to his questions. Or so he hoped. This was once the great capital of Gallifrey, Nevanator or Capitol. Unfortunately, it was abandoned after the revolution of the Logicians against the Chiefs of Logic, sometime after the death of Ohm Ega. All that happened before Gallifrey became the Starfleet homeworld. The Doctor’s logic told him that to enter the citadel might mean risking his present life or regeneration.
He counted on the defences being switched off, by whoever had summoned him.

The Doctor, upon reaching the wasteland outskirts of the citadel (sometimes called Outer Gallifrey), touched the outer walls. He knew how to open a portal in these ancient walls. The door appeared out of nowhere, and the Doctor passed through it unhindered. The Doctor, suddenly, heard a loud voice call to him. It was the voice of Ras el-Cylon who had summoned the Doctor.

The Doctor found a building which was still standing in the citadel and entered it. It had seen much brighter days and was now abandoned. He climbed up the stairs until he came up to the uppermost level. He found one large room, in which stood the Brain. The Brain, spoke to the Doctor, with the voice of Ras el-Cylon. “Are you really Ras el-Cylon?” the Doctor asked.

“Indeed I am. I was mortally wounded in the Revolution, and the only remaining part of me was my brain. It was decided by Mhon Arc and Man-thos to keep me alive in this way.”

“Your mental abilities are impressive. You took control of me, while I was on the Enterprise tending to my duties as a Starfleet officer. You forced me to steal Odo’s TARDIS, making me break Starfleet regulations. I cannot go back now. I will be a fugitive forever because of you. I will never forget that.”

“Indeed I did. But the situation was becoming tense on Gallifrey, and the future of the Federation and of Starfleet itself is in danger. We could not take the risk of you refusing to help us.”

“We? Who are you talking about?” the Doctor asked.

Suddenly, a Vulcan Gallifreyan entered the room. It was Spock, a renowned logician and Starfleet officer.
“This is our first encounter, Doctor. Indeed I am sorry that we had to resort to these methods”, Spock clarified. “Our psychometric computer analyses have shown that in the near future, Gallifreyan society will cease to exist, as a result of the increasing conflicts between the two races on Gallifrey. In part, it is your friend the Master who instigates this.”

“I did not think things had gotten so bad on the homeworld”, the Doctor commented. “It would be worse for Starfleet itself, wouldn’t it?”

“Not only that”, Ras el-Cylon added,” but the resulting breakdown will lead to the shutdown of the mini black hole control systems, after which the black hole will grow unstable, swallowing the entire galaxy.”

“Then the blow to the Federation would result in an attempted take-over by a race called the Dalek Dominion,” Spock commented.

“The conflicts may have been fomented by their agents. The Master is one of them, I’m sure. They had the interest in doing this. You’ve convinced me of the danger. What did you want me to do, however?”the Doctor looked at the two, with a quizzing look.

“We need you to help us lead a reunification movement on Gallifrey. Your native Gallifreyan blood and detailed knowledge of Earth history will be the key to winning the support of the Time Lords. But the Master may need to be eliminated as we do not believe he can be apprehended.” Spock hoped that the Doctor would be supportive.

“I do not see why you need me. Of course, I would be good at convincing the people of Gallifrey, the best at that. I just don’t see why I should help you. I do not want to fight with my Vulcan-Gallifreyan friend the Master, let alone kill him. Also, I do not exactly like Gallifreyan society, so perhaps this is for the better. And the future is not set in stone, and your analyses might be completely wrong” the Doctor pointed out in quite a superior tone.

“Without your help, we will fail. People do not exactly like me. They believe I died in the Revolution, and if they learn I am still alive, they would want to kill me.” Ras el-cylon was almost saddened by this admittance.

“Hmmm… Well they would.” the Doctor said.

“Doctor, the past is buried and Ras el-cylon wants to make a fresh start.”

“A fresh start for the Gallifreyan Presidency, perhaps?” the Doctor sarcastically added.

A loud noise was heard. Bricks started falling from the wall of the building.

“We must get out of here.” the Doctor said “We are under attack!”

The newly reconfigured Sentinel flew over to the Citadel and found the Doctor, in a building together with two other lifeforms. Meanwhile, it fired a laser shot towards the building.

Meanwhile, it examined the lifeforms from afar. To its sensors, the first lifeform was another mutant. The second one, however, was not. It was a humanoid brain. The scan determined it was human, thus it was to be protected. Attacking the building contradicted its prime directive, to
protect humans. It was putting the human brain in danger. Nevertheless, the mutants were to be apprehended immediately. Their very existence meant danger.

“This building is not protected from this kind of attack” Spock made it clear that the only option was evacuation.
“What about Ras el-cylon? Can we remove him from this machine?” the Doctor asked.
“No. Unfortunately, we must leave him behind to a certain death” Spock answered.

Suddenly, a hand of the Sentinel broke through the wall. The Sentinel’s face was also visible as it pushed away layers of brickwork. The Sentinel, with the voice of Ohm Ega, announced:

“I am Ohm Ega Sentinel, first of the superior race!”

“Just what we needed, another megalomaniac race of robots!” the Doctor looked quite angered over this attack. “The bigger they are the harder they fall!”

“Ohm Ega?” Ras el-Cylon, the brain, basically said: “Is it really you?”

“We’ve got ourselves quite a reunion, don’t we?” the Doctor examined the situation carefully, “Hmm…”

“I must protect you, humanoid Brain”, the Ohm Ega Sentinel said. “That is my prime directive.”

“Indeed. Yet you are intent on killing us, aren’t you?” the Doctor attempted to reason with the Sentinel.

“You are classified as mutants. My orders are to terminate all mutants.” replied the Sentinel.

“All mutants of whatever race, whether biological or not”, the Doctor pointed out.

“Affirmative.” the Sentinel was getting ready to fire its weapons at the Doctor and Spock.

“But you are a mutant yourself. You are not the original Sentinel you were.
You have been combined with Ohm Ega, a Vulcan-Gallifreyan, into one single entity!” the Doctor said.

“This is true. I am Ohm Ega. I am Sentinel. I am mutant. My orders are to terminate mutants. Thus I will ensure that I am terminated immediately,” following which the Sentinel deactivated itself.

“Can you ensure this thing won’t be reactivated?” the Doctor asked.

“Leave us to it,” Spock replied.

“Doctor, I need to ask you to help me go public with the reunification process of our peoples.” Spock looked at the Doctor, eager to see any form of response. “Will you stay here?”

“I will not stay here. This is your destiny, Spock, not mine.” the Doctor replied.
“It is your destiny to get Vulcans and Native Gallifreyans to become one people, and end the long years of mistrust that have arisen between us. One people does not mean that the cultures will be lost or fade away, but it will mean living as brothers!”

“Correct. Also, you do know of the Avalon problem, I presume.” Spock said.

“Avalon, the place where some Vulcans have claimed as their own, and want all Native Gallifreyans to keep away from it.” the Doctor replied.”It will not make reunification easy, indeed it is creating problems for Starfleet right now. But I know you will do the best you can, and Gallifrey will
succeed. Starfleet needs peace on its homeworld.”

“You must leave now, Doctor, and return to the precise moment when you left the Enterprise. You can tell Archer that you were making a security inspection on board the TARDIS. The primitive Enterprise sensors should not detect anything amiss, actually” Ras el-Cylon explained.

The Doctor waved and entered the TARDIS. “I simply hate goodbyes. In any case, I will be back soon to help you when you go public.”

Meanwhile, on the Bridge, Captain Jonathan Archer was surprised by a small ship approaching the Enterprise. “On-screen”, he said, looking even more shocked to see Spock – a Vulcan Gallifreyan Starfleet officer – but he looked older. He had looked to get the Doctor’s opinion, but he was not on the Bridge.
“Greetings, Captain Archer”, the voice of Spock was heard on the Bridge.
“Who are you?” Archer asked. At the same time, he signalled for weapons to be readied. He was not going to be taken by surprise.
“I am Spock from the planet Vulcan. I am from your future”
“Vulcan? There is NO planet Vulcan”




NB. The Grey Zone, Grand Chiefs of Logic: Ras el-Cylon, Mhon Arc, Ohm Ega and
Man-thos are (C) Mr Scirev, 2002-2020. All of these are original characters intending to be parodies of millions of other possible characters (and program names) from multiple possible universes (tv, books, movies, etc..
even tv adverts).

All Marks are owned by their owners.

The Grand Chiefs of Logic – Ras el-Cylon, Mhon Arc, Ohm Ega and Man-thos are mine
Doctor Who, Gallifrey are the BBC’s
Enterprise, Spock, Odo, Dominion are Paramount’s
Captain Jonathan Archer is a parallel world parody of Paramount’s Captain Archer
The Sentinel is Marvel’s
Daleks are Terry Nation’s