FANFIC: WhoSliders v3 – Immortal Squad #1

Welcome to this new CROSSOVER FANFIC for Immortal Squad which is the Third Volume of WhoSliders. It follows the Doctor Who Season 10 ending where the immortals Clara and Me are left to roam the universe in their stolen TARDIS.  Clara having been taken from the moment before her death, is now an immortal. Me is an immortal (previously called Ashildr) thanks to the Doctor’s intervention in the past.


SPOILERS: A major character death in the Guardians of the Galaxy v2 movie. He appears in this fanfic series. Continue reading FANFIC: WhoSliders v3 – Immortal Squad #1

Response to a Review on my Space:1999 / Doctor Who crossovers

There was a review posted on Fanfiction.Net to my fanfic AN ALPHAN’S DESTINY.

Lawrence Lay chapter 3 . 6h ago
Can you write a Space 1999 Dr Who crossover?
Here’s my response.
I’ve already written one main Doctor Who / Space 1999 Crossover on my website (scirev . Net ) called WHO:1999. There’s also two sequels called War Breaks Out and How I Killed My First Dalek about how Paul Morrow and Professor Victor Bergman travel with the Doctor when the last Time War breaks out.

AlphaGate is an ongoing alternate Space 1999 happening in the Stargate/Doctor Who shared universe. The Doctor isn’t the main character there, but he does appear at a point.

In WhoSliders #9 the Doctor and Daniel Jackson (SG-1) encounter Moonbase Alpha, or perhaps not.. 🙂

ChenSliders #1 – GENESIS

This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring my original character Li Chen and his new Sliders team.

Story (C) 2009-2017 Mr SciRev

Occurs after the end of WhoSliders (#29)

What you need to know:
What if you could go to different earths? Same planet, different dimension and universe. Li Chen has mastered the mental discipline required to “Slide” to different alternative worlds….”
Reposted on the 39th anniversary of Goldrake on Rai Tv (4th April 2017)
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