ChenSliders #1 – GENESIS

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This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring my original character Li Chen and his new Sliders team.

Story (C) 2009-2017 Mr SciRev

Occurs after the end of WhoSliders (#29)

What you need to know:
What if you could go to different earths? Same planet, different dimension and universe. Li Chen has mastered the mental discipline required to “Slide” to different alternative worlds….”
Reposted on the 39th anniversary of Goldrake on Rai Tv (4th April 2017)


Earth-333 had quite recently – well last year,  been attacked by Kromaggs. “Monsters from a
parallel universe”, the headline read. So alternate realities was no longer just a scientific theory.

Mr Li Chen was a martial artist in China, who had trained to control his body to a fine degree using strict
mental discipline. One day, this control extended to sending himself to a different earth, he discovered, with a shout. It was the
same day the Kromaggs had been defeated. He travelled to an earth where traffic lights worked the other way round.
The only thing was that he ended up throwing up as soon as he got there. Then a few minutes later, he ended up
back in his home, on his earth. He vowed he would keep training until he could do this for more than
a few minutes, and hopefully without retching all over the place.

Rip Hunter materialised his time sphere – a wonderful craft capable of travelling through space and time – outside Mr Chen’s house. His instruments had detected the dimensional travel occurring, but there was no technology at all
at work here. He decided to investigate directly. He hid his sphere carefully making it invisible and then knocked
on the door. He heard a shout and opened the door, as probably somebody needed help.
Mr Chen had shouted once he had gotten back from his latest dimensional hop, or slide, as he called it.
The two disappeared from the face of Earth-333…


The two figures appeared out of nowhere. Mr Chen and Rip were shocked to see each other. “Where is this place?
What have you done?” Rip asked. Mr Chen “you.. I… we’ve slid to a parallel universe.”
“My name is Actarus. What are you two doing here? This is private property.”
Mr Chen and Rip looked around them. There was grass all around them. This must be some farm.
“We’re travellers.”
“Travellers eh? Well instruments at the Space Research Institute indicated a lot of exotic particles from this area, and you two just appeared out of nowhere.”



“We’re sliders. I found a way to travel to parallel universes, and this chap, I don’t know his name, ended up sliding by
accident. What’s your name”
“Name’s Rip. Rip Hunter. I’m a scientist. I’m the scientific advisor for the United Nations Intelligence service Checkmate.”
“I’m Mr Li Chen, martial artist and slider.”
“Martial artist? I’ve studied myself and mastered various martial arts and fighting techniques of various cultures from history!” Rip said,
“Chen, Can you control this ability of yours?” Actarus asked.
“I am a disciplined person. Of course I can.”
“Let’s get back to our universe then”, Rip insisted.
“I’m trying! It won’t work.”
So soon after Actarus told them about himself. How he was a prince from another planet, he had escaped the evil Vegans in the large robot Goldrake and Atlas spacecraft (Spazer).






He had advanced technology in his craft that might help Chen focus his attempts and get the pair to the right earth.
Inside Goldrake’s cockpit, Actarus set up all the devices and flicked a switch on. Rip and Chen were prepared, next to Actarus.

A loud noise shook all of Goldrake/Atlas and a wave of energy drew over all of them. Then it soon settled. There was a change of dimensional frequency for sure, Actarus thought.
Chen and Rip were still here, though. But Actarus was speechless. He looked at his sensors and instruments. There was a dimensional shift. They were 100% certain of this. They had broken the Einstein-Rosen barrier indeed, but it was not just Chen and Rip. Goldrake/Atlas had Slid too. Only God knew where they were now. They had traversed a wormhole, and now had landed in some other universe.


This world was one where economic prosperity and technological progress had lead to the inhabitants giving up their jobs to live within advanced leisure centres equipped with virtual reality technology. Some would work in the centres themselves
while others would walk like ‘zombies’ in the streets, while living a virtual life in the virtual reality. One of the centres had been run by a Mr. Brittas, until he encountered the Who-Sliders a few years ago. The residents had been tricked into believing the world was too polluted to live. So they all left, resulting in the closure of the centre. All this had greatly troubled him.
Other centres heard the news about what had happened in Whitbury Leisure Centre and decided to leave the virtual reality, to see for themselves.
Mr Brittas’ masters were very angry, too. He had not escaped their punishment. They had imprisoned him on an island. Subsequently, they began to take action.
Humanity was waking from its long sleep, and there was no way they could contain it anymore. As a result, they retreated to the shadows, to rebuild. It took a few years, but they were now ready.
They were the Reetwo Central Authority, which had taken foothold on earth some years back, via the Stargate. Now they had taken control of all the big news media, using huge amounts of fake news websites too, to try and subjugate the whole world of humans. And their main mandate was to attack any alien landing vessels, who
might interfere.

So when their warning system detected a large craft, which had materialised out of nothing in London next by the Thames, unlike anything they had ever seen, they sent out their mega Panzer tank to investigate the newcomer. The tank sent out a scanning wave and determined that the craft had a shield. The tank fired a number of projectiles in an attempt to break through the shield, and possibly damage or even destroy the craft.

“We’ve been attacked!” Actarus said.
“We had just materialised a few minutes ago. They’re quick, these guys” Rip said. “Can we defend ourselves?”
“We sure can”, Actarus replied. He pressed a button on the control console, and his seat moved downwards, out of sight to the others.
Minutes later the large Robot Goldrake ejected itself from Atlas, and moved towards the attacking tank.
From within Goldrake, Actarus spoke after activating a loudspeaker, “we come in peace. We do not wish to harm you”.
Soon after the tank kept firing its projectiles, showing that they did not care for Actarus’ declaration. So the Goldrake robot fired a thermal ray towards the tank turret, blowing it up
completely. Subsequently, Actarus piloted Goldrake towards Atlas, rejoining it. Atlas flew over other cities on this earth, dodging some other attacks. “This earth is not friendly at all”
Chen said. “Perhaps its just whoever is ruling this earth. Let’s land here. Perhaps we will learn some more about what’s going on here” Rip said as he began scanning for some broadcasts on a radio.
Actarus landed Atlas on some bay, with a sign that said “ramla l-hamra”, or “red bay”. It looked safe enough.
They went out of Spacer and had a good look around. Nobody seemed around for a distance. Perhaps the island they were on
was uninhabited, perhaps after some disaster like a tsunami years ago.
A transmission mentioned how humans had woken up from a malfunctioning virtual reality system, a few years ago. Some claimed it was due to some alien influence. The end-result was a xenophobic
society, which hated all aliens. So any alien vessels which landed were to be attacked on sight. They hardly had time to hear any more when they heard a voice calling them. “Please.. I can hear you,
help me! Rescue me!”
The simpering voice was coming from below the sand. Actarus noticed and started digging. Chen got hold of the upper part of what seemed to be a submerged cage. Rip used a hand-held laser to cut open the cage’s bars (on its sides). A man had been trapped in there for some time. His captors would visit him from time to
time, to give him food and clean his cage. But most of the time he would be there, just trapped and alone in this underground cage.
The prisoner introduced himself. “My name is Mr Brittas”
When the rescuers did not seem to recognise the name, he explained he was the Keeper of the world’s most advanced Holo Leisure Centre – Whitbury Leisure Centre. Crying, he explained
how he had helped the Reetwo’s take over the world. He had since then realised his mistake when the time-travelling Doctor and the WhoSliders had come to this universe. He looked at Rip,
thinking out loud, “it’s you Doctor! You’re back”.
“Sorry I’m a time-traveller yes but I’m not this Doctor. I’m Rip. Rip Hunter”
It was soon clear that defeating the Reetwos would not be an easy task. Rip wondered whether they should go to some other parallel universe to get help. After hearing this, Chen started thinking, which produced a wormhole… Suddenly they were no longer there.

Earth-616 (Main Marvel Universe)

In an alley, Chen, Rip, Actarus and Mr Brittas came out of the other side of the wormhole Chen had created unconsciously.
“Oh no. where are we?” Rip asked.
“Some other universe for sure. Far away from those Reetwo’s, I hope”, Brittas replied.
“No. No. No! Goldrake! We left Goldrake behind. We must go back!” Actarus screamed.
“I can’t control my sliding. Sorry. I thought I had learnt the mental discipline to slide but controlling it is not something I have
really succeeded so far.”
Rip looked around and saw a door. From it came out an odd looking man. He was quite thin, looked youngish enough to be in
his early thirties. “Hello, I believe you just came here from some other universe, right?”
“That’s correct”, Chen answered. “How perceptive of you”
“It’s not every day you see a wormhole in an alley, I can tell you”, the man said. “But I haven’t introduced myself yet.
I’m Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble!”
“We are Li Chen, Rip Hunter, Actarus and Mr Brittas.” Chen explained how they slid by his mental discipline. Yet he
was not disciplined enough to control this….
“I understand.” Professor Gamble said. “I will see what I can do to help”
Looking at Rip, he said “mmm. You’re sure you aren’t one of those obsessive fans of mine? There’s that MARIA group –
Malta Reputed Investigative Agency.”
“No we’re not from this MARIA..” Rip said.
Professor Gamble’s eyes lighted. “You aren’t… are you?” again looking at Rip this time in a very different way.
“I don’t understand…” Rip replied.
“You’re not my future incarnation, are you?”
“No, I’m not from your universe.” Rip clarified.
“You may very well be my analogue from another universe”, Gamble concluded.
“Can you help us? There is a parallel earth which needs help, it has been taken over by an alien race called the Reetwo” Rip said.
“With my space/time machine I used to be able to travel between universes, until the Time Variance Authority was destroyed. The TVA kept the passages between dimensions safe..
now the passages are closed down for me.” Professor Gamble explained. “Yet you lot managed to Slide by mental discipline! Impressive.”
Suddenly a clinking sound could be heard.
“We’re under attack!” Rip shouted. Some robots began firing towards the group.
“Incinerators! They must have survived the Time War! They’ve found me! Run for your life!” Gamble shouted.


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the Black and the White Guardian are the BBC’s
The Sliders, the Kromaggs, Jules are Fox/Universal/Sci-Fi Channel’s
Rip Hunter is DC Comics’
Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble is Marvel’s Doctor Who homage from the 1970’s.
Goldrake and Actarus are Go Nagai/Toei Animation’s (from the cult tv show of the 80’s)
Li Chen is my original character. MARIA is mine too.

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