Christmas Updates! SGU,Dalek Stargate,Dr Who Season 6

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Hello all,
Sci-fi fans everywhere are not so happy this Christmas with the news of the Cancellation of SGU (Stargate Universe), though TPTB confirmed they are doing all they can, we wil see if something materialises. If not, there will be no more new Stargate for quite some time most likely from what they said and J.Mallozzi said the cancellation of SGU is bad news for those like myself hoping for an SGA or SG-1 movie.

I’ve written a character list for WhoSliders volume 1, to make it easier to know who is who.

I’ve started to write a fanfic called “The Dalek Stargate”.. it’s not on this site, will post a link later… It follows up with what happens once the daleks discover the Stargate, something hinted at in WhoSliders vol.1 and much feared by the Doctor.

Here’s the trailer for Doctor Who Season 6 (Area 51, Utah, Nazis, River Song, Amy Pond, Stetson hats, the Ood..) which appeared at the end of the 2010 Christmas Special “A Christmas Carol”:
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