Stargate Universe (SGU) Cancelled by Syfy Channel, Stargate Franchise at risk

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The sci-fi tv show Stargate Universe (SGU) has been cancelled by Syfy Channel which was showing it in the USA, the actors got to know via twitter (a really bad thing) only..

stargate universe cancelled

Back in last october the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica got cancelled by Syfy too.

Now it seems the Stargate franchise is at risk, there most likely won’t be a new movie or Stargate for some time if ever.

Syfy is airing the final 10 episodes of SGU’s 2nd season next spring. This ends Stargate’s 8 year run on Syfy and a THIRTEEN years since Stargate SG-1 began its broadcast on Showtime.

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3 thoughts on “Stargate Universe (SGU) Cancelled by Syfy Channel, Stargate Franchise at risk”

  1. Thankfully, SGU has been cancelled.

    SGU’s failure, in my opinion was due to the fact that the pilot wasn’t screened to mature stargate fans. You know, the fans that have money, not the teens that can’t decide on buying food, spending on the cable bill, or a stargate dvd. If the pilot had been screened properly, then SGU would have seen a complete re-write before airing.

    The lesson learned in this expensive mistake called SGU, is that you can’t change an Sci-Fi, Action-Adventure brand like Stargate into something that fans can’t recognize. I hope this is a lesson learned to producers, directors, executives and writters. Just because some producer says something will work, doesn’t mean that it will.

    Please, next time, use a focus group of brand fans, and one of non-fans. Make sure that the existing fans like your changes, and THEN see if the non-fans will be reeled-in by your new changes.

    It falls under the technical term: DUH!

    Unfortunately, Stargate fandom had to pay the price of this inproperly planned and researched series.

  2. Yes screening with a group of fans and a group of non-fans would have been ideal. I would have gone with an approach similar to how Doctor Who was relaunched in 2005, make it easily accessible to non-fans, have a character so that non-fans will look through that character’s eyes. The character will ask WHY and similar questions any such viewer would ask..

    The problem now is that I think the franchise will be stopped and there will be no more Stargate series or movies.

  3. TMAN i think your a idiot.

    its people like you that bad mouth something that is better then what you can comprehend… and now there is ZERO stargate series on air or in production….

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