Who Sliders #10 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: LAW AND SLIDERS

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This repost is the next crossover fanfic in my WhoSliders v1 fan-series featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series) and the Sliders.

Story (C) 2003-2020 Mr SciRev.

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see Who Sliders 9

For Stargate SG-1 this fanfic occurs just before the Season 4 episode “THE SERPENT’S VENOM”.


What you need to know:
“The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration).

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home Universe?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an australian hostess named Tegan, young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime. Fixing these holes is an important task of the Doctor which has been sanctioned by an angel of God called the White Guardian.

The man Gabriel Law from Universe-000 had 125 different alternate versions of himself across that many parallel universes. The Multiverse Agency, a police federation from the present, patrols the Multiverse attempting to stop unauthorised inter-dimensional travel or sliding. The Multiverse Agency is only known about in Universe-000, Universe-001, and a few other parallel universes. It was formed in a different parallel universe, in fact.

The Multiverse Agency has been detecting the unauthorised travel of the Doctor and the Sliders and is not too happy. The method used by the Agency to travel is a form of quantum tunnelling (creating wormholes) based upon the work of alternate Sliders Arturo and Quinn. The Agency’s dimensional travel is allowed (for policing) but any other travel is considered illegal. A specific alternate of Law, named Gabriel Yulaw, who was an Agency agent gone renegade, discovered that when he killed alternates of himself, he would become stronger. Thus he decided to eliminate all his alternates from other parallel universes to become super-strong. His problem, the alternates left alive increase in strength too, including Gabriel Law himself. He has managed to kill all the alternates except for the last one, Gabriel Law himself. They are as fast as 124 men and bullets cannot kill them. Yulaw is currently serving life sentence in the Hades Universe penal colony while Law is currently living in Universe-861. (Gabriel Law and Yulaw are from the movie THE ONE)

The Federation in Universe-001 has developed starships capable of sliding. Parships can Slide across parallel universes using ParTravel, based on Sliding technology. Captain Jefferson Archer of the Federation Parship U.S.S. Enterprise is himself from Earth-002 however. The Federation exists at least 200 years in the future. The Multiverse Agency, by that time era, of course might have been dissolved. The problem is that the Sliders’ timer was given to them by Archer and this is being detected by the Agency back in the present. Professor Justine Robson is the Science Officer on the Enterprise.

The Celestial Intervention Agency of the Gallifreyan High Council are some Gallifreyans or Ancients who ventured into a higher state of existence to avoid destruction by a dangerous enemy. They call this process “ascension”. That very same enemy is preparing himself to face the humans of Stargate SG-1 in due time.”

A smiling Jefferson Archer was in his ready room, sitting in his comfortable chair, sipping his red label coffee in a red Starfleet mug, when he saw a wavy distortion in the space right in front of him. It was a wormhole forming right there!
“What..” he said but somebody materalised and spoke right before he could continue.
“I’m Tavlar, from your future’s own Federation. There’s a temporal war going on and you’re right in the middle of it. My past is in danger of being altered and destroyed” the intruder said. Suddenly klaxons sounded across the ship as the Enterprise’s systems detected an anomaly on board and an unauthorised wormhole. Tavlar looked humanoid enough to Archer. But was he what he claimed to be? Archer thought about this while Security entered the ready room.

It was a day or two after the Doctor and Daniel’s return to Stargate HQ at Cheyenne Mountain (the Doctor’s Universe-777, Earth-777, obviously). They had been brought up-to-date on the situation. The Kromagg-Goa’ulds had attempted to attack Japan, however the intervention of a Super-Mechanoid known as Giant Robot Tolgan managed to stop the attack and sent the invaders reeling back home.

The Multiverse Agency had been tracking the latest unauthorised wormholes which had opened, ever since the sliding device they used had been detected. They saw the travel done by the Doctor and Daniel Jackson and decided to follow them. Their destination would be the Stargate Universe (as they called it – we call it Universe-777), Cheyenne Mountain. Their task: Investigate the anomaly.

Sliding agent Carl Weathers had been sent to apprehend Gabriel Law (the last one – since all his alternates had been killed), who through the unauthorised intervention of a sliding agent, was left to rebuild his life on Earth-861. Law was wanted because according to the Law of the Multiverse Agency, he should be returned to his home Universe, Universe-000. But that would mean a death sentence, since his alternate Yulaw had killed a large number of people (on Earth-000), and commonly it was thought that it was an encrazed Law who had done this. Weathers was dimensionally the closest agent to the space-time point where the wormhole was detected, thus he was despatched to Universe-777 after he apprehended Law.

Sam was in the Mess together with Daniel, Jack and Dr Frasier. Teal’c was offworld, having left for Chulak to try and convince the Jaffa their to join the fight against the Goa’uld Apophis. The Jaffa believed Apophis to be their god, but Teal’c knew very well this was just deception. Apophis was a dictator of the worse kind.
Jack was eating his fruit loops with strawberries, as he did every morning. Not too much milk as that would make them soggy, he would say. Daniel was flipping through some old parchment while trying to eat his burnt toast. Dr Frasier had finished her breakfast, and was getting ready to leave the table. Suddenly the table began to shake…

Earthquake? Sam said “no, the frequency seems different. This is something else”.

A bright flash of light appeared, with Weathers and Law in its centre.
Weathers was carrying a weapon of sorts, and luckily various armed officers were in the Mess too, so they quickly pointed their weapons towards Weathers. Gabriel Law had handcuffs on.
“Who are these guys?” Jack said while he fumbled for a weapon, which he was not carrying. Teal’c would have had his staff weapon with him, Jack thought.
“I am Sliding Agent Carl Weathers from the Multiverse Agency. You have violated our regulations by creating unauthorised wormholes and interdimensional travel. You will be imprisoned on our penal colony on the Hades Universe.”
“For crying out loud, what is this goon, a madman?” Jack shouted. “Arrest him, quick”
The armed officers attempted to grab him as did Teal’c. But Weathers managed to fire his weapon, hitting Dr Frasier, before the officers held him. In the confusion, Gabriel Law got away. Meanwhile Weathers hit a button and attempted to dematerialise. But since the officers were holding him, the dematerialisation circuit could not open a stable wormhole, and just deactivated abruptly. Weathers was a prisoner.
Sam hurried towards Dr Frasier when she fell to the floor. Sam called for first aid and a nurse arrived on the spot. They determined that the weapon was of the energy type and the blast the equivalent of a single Zat gun blast. She would recover within some minutes, and she was only stunned. She would have a big headache like a nail in the head.

At Pizza Hut, Quinn, Wade, Professor Arturo, Tegan, Adric, Nyssa, Maggie, Diana, Remmy and the Doctor were enjoying some good pizzas, when the Doctor’s mobile phone rang. It was Sam. She explained the situation at Cheyenne Mountain to the Doctor. They had to leave. Remmy didn’t want to leave his pizza though. He asked for it to be placed in a pizza carton so he could take it with him.

The group arrived at Cheyenne Mountain soon enough. Gabriel Law had been found wandering around the complex. He had explained his situation to General Hammond. Hammond promised they would help in any way they could. He could stay with the SGC. He couldn’t be allowed to leave freely since he now knew of the Stargate Project. Quinn and all the others were here, including the Doctor. Teal’c had returned from Chulak too.

A great noise could be heard. Someone opened the door. Weathers entered the room. He was armed with a machine gun he had stolen.

He had managed to escape his prison, using a device he had hidden in his shoes, which had not been detected. He fired a shot at Quinn, but missed him. Quinn was afraid Weathers would hit Wade or someone else, so he used his timer to open a wormhole and escape.

Meanwhile Law distracted Weathers and tried to fight him back. Quinn, Wade, Arturo, Diana and Remmy slided through the wormhole. Weathers fired his gun towards the quantum tunnel, causing the sliders to sustain some minor injuries.

The wormhole soon closed. The Doctor was worried that they might be lost once more. They would not be able to find their way back to Earth-777 or to their own Earth-001.

Teal’c, who was not in the room, entered when he heard the commotion, and upon seeing Weathers, armed with a machine gun, fired his staff weapon. Weathers was hit, severely injured but still alive. Maggie, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa were in a different section of the complex, talking to Dr Daniel Jackson. When the news about the sliders was given to them, Maggie cried out. She might never meet Quinn and the others again.

Earth-811 (Days of Future Past Earth)

Dark clouds covered this dying world, and people here were sad and fearful. People feared mutants, and hated them from their guts. The state hunted mutants down and killed them using mutants converted into ‘hounds’.X-Men Days of Future Past

Rachel Summers was the prototype ‘hound’, a mutant, who had escaped into not the past (as had been believed) but side-ways into a parallel earth – Earth-616.
Earth-811 was ruled by the Sentinel Hive. Sentinels were giant intelligent mutant hunting robots which were able to fly. They were highly intelligent and could rebuild themselves if they were destroyed. They had taken over the entire country.

WILL the Doctor and the SG-1 team find Quinn and the other sliders? Or are they lost again? What will happen to Gabriel Law and Carl Weathers?


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 11 “DAYS OF FUTURE SLIDES”

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