Stargate SG-1 fanfic – Phased To The Side (Part 1)

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This my first non-crossover fanfic featuring Stargate SG-1.

Story (C) 2002-2014 Mr Scirev.

This fanfic occurs a few weeks after the episode 2001 (Season 5 of SG-1)

Cheyenne Mountain
Cheyenne MountainIt was a quiet day at the SGC, Stargate Command, much like any other, when a GDO signal was received through the gate. It was Jacob Carter, Sam’s father. He came through the gate and was welcomed by General Hammond and Teal’c.
“Hello. Where’s Sam?”
“She took the day off, as did O’Neill and Jackson.”
“Has she recovered completely from the injuries she sustained from her last mission?”
“Yes, she is in active duty again now.”
“I’ve got something for you. We found this device on a Gou’ald ship we captured.
We think it is a perpetual energy power pack incorporating a cold plasma generator.
We believe it should be safe for you to examine and perhaps you might find a use of it for your defense against the Gou’ald. Of course we expect you to share the information on what you discover.”

“It sounds like a good idea, but I would need to check with SG-1 and Dr Frasier on the safety issues which may be involved. It’s not like we haven’t been bitten before.
We’d like to avoid that.”

“Definitely. I’ll try to reach Sam on her mobile phone. I still carry one with me when I get back to Earth.”

O’Neill immediately remembered the time when the Tok’ra woman named Anise had given them the armoured gloves. They had become “superhuman”, but until it wore out at the wrong moment. He disliked this behaviour and it was common among the Tok’ra. Jacob – being a human host – was different… or was it just a bit different?

In any case for sure he did not want to be the guinea pig for this machinery.

* * * * * *

Examining the power pack was a lengthy and tiring process. Sam wept the sweat from her brow and looked at the clock on the wall of the SG-1 laboratory. It looked like an ordinary Naquada power generator except for some different circuitry. She could not deduce what the circuitry was for and had to give up. She decided to take an experimental approach. “Try to power it up and measure all the relevant emissions”, she thought to
herself. She wired it to some electrical and other electronic equipment which could measure voltage, temperature, radioactivity and electromagnetic fields. She kept herself at a safe distance and the power pack itself was isolated within a sealed room. Sam kept thinking on how this power pack might turn out to be the equivalent of a power station if what her father had said was at all correct.

She looked at the instruments and noticed a surge in the electromagnetic field generated by the pack. Until from that, everything had seemed ok. The field was increasing when she felt something unusual pass over her. A tingling effect and she passed out. Doctor Frasier, who was close at hand, rushed to help Sam. Meanwhile Teal’c helped to switch off the equipment.

* * * * * *

Doctor Janet Frasier assured General Hammond, and the rest of SG-1, that Sam was not hurt or harmed.
Yet she could not explain how she had passed out.

Jack looked worried. He did not like this course of events. Why had it not been him?
Perhaps because she had to test the Tok’ra device, that’s why. When SG-1 tried to rewire a Gou’ald glider, Jack and Teal’c almost lost their life in outer space because it was booby trapped.

If anything happened to her he would have to blame the Tok’ra. It was her father’s fault. Jacob – where was he?

Jacob was not currently on the base, but a summons was sent to an uninhabited planet through the Stargate, where the encrypted message for Jacob could be transmitted.

* * * * * *

When Sam revived, she found herself surrounded by SG-1 and her father, who was holding her hand. She told them that she was ok, and Janet’s machines confirmed this. Everyone felt relief, until Sam mentioned that the writing on the monitor was wrong.

“What do you mean it’s wrong?” Janet thought that Sam might be in shock somehow.
“It’s written the wrong way round – in reverse!”
“Of course it isn’t!” Jack said.

* * * * * *

Further examination and tests by Janet made it clear that somehow, Sam’s left had become her right, somehow. For example a small scar she had on her left leg had now found itself on her right side. So it was not just a question of how her brain was processing the visual data she was seeing. Her body had been altered somehow.
Stargate sg-1

* * * * * *

In the briefing room, General Hammond held a meeting with all the team members of SG-1, as well as Dr Frasier and Jacob. Sam was still in the infirmary for further observation.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before.” General Hammond told Jacob. “Did you have the slightest idea this could have happened?”

“No. But I and Selmac will do my best to help.” Selmac was the Tok’ra creature living within Jacob, rather than a parasite this was a beneficial cooperation between Tok’ra and the human host – the opposite of what the Goa’uld did.

“It is possible that Sam might adapt and learn how to read once more. But it will be a difficult and tedious process.” Janet said.

“There are no guarantees” Jacob/Selmac said.

“I think we should be doing something” Jack thought aloud. “Oops sorry about that. But that’s how I feel. I don’t know what we could do however.”

Daniel Jackson was worried about what had happened. He had a feeling that it would not be that easy to solve and his knowledge might not be useful. He prayed that he might be more useful in future to the team. An idea came to his mind.

“We might start by examining any inscriptions left by the people who built the pack.” Daniel looked towards Jacob.

“Daniel, there was nothing left. However, Selmac thinks that Sam might have been phased to the side. Remember the Reetoos who were out of phase which made them cloaked or invisible?
This is similar, only it is just a 180 degree phase shift. Were it more Sam would have become invisible like the Reetoos.”

“My tests indicate that Sam cannot absorb any proteins or vitamins from her food. She has eaten lots of food but she cannot get any nourishment.” Janet clarified.

It was Selmac himself who spoke directly now. “You need to synthetise special food for her now. You must reverse the atoms in the food, from left to right, so produce food which she can metabolise.”

“This will be expensive.” Janet said. “It cannot be a permanent solution.”

“No but it will have to do for now.” General Hammond said.

* * * * * *

Senator Kinsey was eating a turkey sandwich on his office desk. Crumbs kept falling on the laptop keyboard. What did he care, he could just get a new one by just clicking his fingers. Suddenly his assistant entered and gave him a file of papers.

“The report you requested, Sir”

“Good. I will have a look at it.”

The assistant left abruptly and Kinsey examined the papers.

“Wasting money to synthetise special food? In this economy?” He shouted aloud as he picked up the phone to call the President. “My God”, he thought, “this might be the day I get the Stargate project shut down for good!”

* * * * * *

General Hammond called all the SG-1 team members and Dr Frasier. Janet was sure something was wrong. She was correct.

“I have been informed by the President that we should stop wasting money on synthetising food for Major Carter. I did try to explain that her life was at stake, but it was obvious that somebody else has been talking to him, filling him with lies.” General Hammond explained.

“Senator Kinsey, most definitely.” Jack made a disapproving gesture on his face, probably unvoluntary. “When I had tried to go to speak to the President, he corrupted my driver – is there a shred of decency in him? I mean, he paid him a few thousand bucks. My driver just told me himself.”

“That is illegal behaviour, Jack. I promise I’ll do my best to try and set up an official investigation. Meanwhile our investigation into the process that side-phased Major Carter has reached a new stage. Please do tell us, Doctor Frasier.”

“We believe that we are now able to reproduce the same precise conditions which resulted in the side-phasing of Major Carter.”

* * * * * *

Janet and the others wired up the power pack once more. The conditions, as much as they could ascertain, were identical. Sam sat down on a chair. They left the room and operated the equipment remotely.

The electromagnetic field increased as before, but the result was unexpected.

Sam was no longer in the room. She had disappeared.

“What is going on, Doctor Frasier?” General Hammond was as surprised as anyone else in the room.

“Something has gone wrong” Dr Frasier said, flabbergasted by this turn of events. “I must have made a mistake in my calculations.”

Daniel asked whether Sam could have become invisible now, like the Reetoos.
Jacob replied that this was more than likely but that there were other possibilities.
“We need to use the scan guns we gave you to view the Reetoos. Where did you store them?” Jacob asked.
Jack pointed towards a weapons locker and proceeded to get the guns. They would flag anything which was out of phase like the Reetoos.

Jack operated the gun and scanned the room. Nothing appeared.

“Wait a second”, Dr Frasier thought aloud. “There must have been another factor.”

Jacob said “Something we looked over but which was important”. He looked very worried now.

“Spatial movement. That was it.” he said.

“When I entered the room, Sam had passed out. She did not notice any spatial displacement.” Dr Frasier continued.

“Please don’t use this jargon. Can you paraphrase?” Jack queried.

“She disappeared and reappeared at a distance but within the same room when she was phased at 90 degrees.” Jacob explained.

“So why isn’t she here?” Daniel asked.

“She should be somewhere around. We just need to find where.” Dr Frasier replied.

“The worst case scenarios however would be two: she has been disintegrated, or she has been transported to a parallel universe.” Jacob added.

General Hammond, even more worried by now, ordered a full search of Cheyenne Mountain – no centimetre was to be spared. Military personnel scoured the place yet Sam was nowhere to be found.

Finally it dawned upon Hammond that a gate activation by SG-3 had been taking place around the same time when they attempted the reversal. She must have materialised right on the Stargate horizon! Or perhaps really close to it, and she must have found herself on the other side.

Jack asked Hammond what SG-3’s destination was. The gate’s wormhole led to planet PX2-202, a planet which they were going to explore for the first time. As far as they knew, it could be infested with Gou’ald or worse.

SG-3 had only sent through a robot MALP to get back information on whether the planet itself was inhabitable at all.

Hammond, Jack and Daniel were looking at the monitor showing the first transmissions sent by the MALP on PX2-202. If Sam had gone through the wormhole, then she should reasonably close and they should be able to see her, perhaps even communicate with her.
In fact they attempted to contact her yet their attempts failed. She was not carrying any communications device when she disappeared, not even a mobile, they remembered. It never hurt to try, Hammond thought.

The landscape of PX2-202 was that of a lush tropical planet. No inhabitants could be seen, in fact there was not the slightest hint that Sam was around.


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