The Doctor and The Enterprise D (Chapters 3 & 4)

Story content and all other characters in The Doctor And The Enterprise D are (c) Rob Cowell. 1995
EXCEPT the article 110 section, from the story The Doctor and
The Enterprise by Jean Airey.

The Doctor And The Enterprise D

Chapter 3

Out in the infinite reaches of space there is life. Not all
life is the same, some lifeforms are limited by intelligence and
technology. Some are not. The smiling figure sitting on the saucer
section was from a race with no limits. Q smiled. Time to pay a
visit on some old friends.

Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise, sat in his ready
room. He had just finished a report to Starfleet command, and was
trying, for the fourth time, to get into Beverly’s book. This time he
was having some success, the book was indeed getting good. The door
chimed and Picard groaned inwardly.
“Enter.” he called out. The doors stayed shut. He repeated the
word, the doors stayed closed. He got up and went to the doors, which
opened at his presence. There was no-one at the door and Picard
stepped back, the doors closing. Strange, he thought, and turned back
to the couch…

…to find somebody sitting reading his book. The figure had
his back to the captain, but when he spoke Jean-Luc felt icy fingers
crawl up his back.
“Mon Capitan. I’ve missed you.” said the all-too-familiar voice
of Q.
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