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TREKWHO FINALE: Enter the Sandman by Mr Scirev

© Mr Scirev 2002-2019

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This work is copyrighted and may not be copied in any format without the express permission of the author and publisher.


Takes place straight after TREKWHO: Spock's Destiny

The Star Trek and Doctor Who (whoniverse) have merged into one - go here for the beginning of the story.
Yes, this is a multiple series crossover in that it crosses with Stargate SG-1,
Dark Angel (for Manticore and Sandman) and Battlestar Galactica (for the Kobollians. The
universe is the original classic BSG one not the 2003 remake).
MINOR SPOILER ALERT: The Hok'tar mentioned appear also in the Stargate SG-1 episode of Season 5 "Rite of Passage".

* * * * *
Disclaimer: This takes place in the TREKWHO universe where things are very, very different
from either our own universe as well as the Doctor's usual universe. For one thing, the Doctor in his first incarnation was a Starfleet officer.

24th Century
Captain Archer's Enterprise was a sleek vessel of advanced technological design. It
had encountered many alien races throughout its journey. This day would
be its last. The Doctor in his first regeneration had left the Enterprise on an extended
leave only a few days earlier.

"Prepare to be destroyed by the Gou'ald!" the announcement blared throughout
the bridge, relayed on the sound systems all over the ship, only moments before the Enterprise exploded
into billions of debris. There were no survivors.

< !–-more-–>
* * * * *

21st Century
The Doctor had regenerated six times since he left the Enterprise. He had not gone back.
In the Battlestar Galactica, an enormous starship, Ace and the Doctor, in his
jolly looking but dead serious seventh persona, had said their goodbyes to Apollo and
his father Adama. Adama did not lack anything in determination even though his very
old age was making it difficult for him to keep leading the human survivors of the
war with the Cylons. Ace clearly described him as a man with a dream and with good
values. Many times he had persuaded the Council of Twelve to allow the quest of the
Galactica to go on. To some the quest was some mythological ideal which could never
become reality. To look for Earth was a fool's quest - like trying to find the pot
of gold at the end of a rainbow. Ace told Apollo that he was no fool and clearly this
warrior would get there someday. The Doctor understood that Adama was hoping, no
preparing Apollo so that in future he would be the leader of the Galacticans. These
humans on the Battlestar were descendants of a civilisation known as Kobol. Their old
legends said the latter had gotten to earth by starships and built a doorway or
stargate back to their old homeworld Kobol. Indeed somebody had made it back many
years ago, for the legend of earth to have existed. The tattered fleet
including the Galactica were on the run from a reptilian race known as
the Cylons. Thanks to the Doctor, now they knew that Earth really existed. Not that Adama
had doubted the Book, but this convinced the Council and was Adama's greatest achievement.
The Doctor did give a few 'innocent' hints on where it was located. Not too much
information as that might alter their history.

* * * * *

21st Century
SGC - Cheyenne Mountain

In the rather dull briefing room in Stargate Command, the four members of the Stargate
SG-1 team and General Hammond were discussing some artifacts which had been found on
P1X-777, i.e. the fifth moon of Jupiter, called Amalthea. For once, Jack had said, they
had been to their own solar system. They had been given this Stargate coordinate
through unusual circumstances, but it had worked well. The MALP robot showed clearly
that there was an alien installation on the moon's surface. The team had gone there and
found it deserted. The artifacts were found inside the installation. Clearly they had been
left by the Ancients many, many years ago. Daniel Jackson, the team archaeologist, was
decoding the millennia-old inscriptions, with the help of Teal'c, the Jaffa member of SG-1.

"General, these inscriptions seem to contain the history of the Ancients. They recount
their departure from their homeworld which they called Kh'obol. It was almost a
garden of eden from the way they describe it. A lush thriving vegetation covered most
of the continents. Then they left for an uninhabited world called Earth."

"How did they know of Earth?" the General was curious. He was sure the President would
be very interested in this latest find. It could help ensure the existence of the SGC
in future.

"It seems that they sent various probes, generations earlier, looking for lives in many
different star systems. They reported back after many, many, years. We don't know how much
- we still don't understand their calendar with centons and other similar units. What we
know is that life had not developed on Earth, the atmosphere was not supportive of life.
They claim that they settled on Mars. General, according to this, on Mars there was/is an
advanced race, the Ice Warriors, and it was these who brought the Goa'uld to our solar
system. It mentions a Stargate on the moon called Europa. We are still decoding the rest."

"The one on Europa, like the one on Amalthea, was not on our Abydos cartouche. Clearly
the Ancients did not want to reveal their existence." Sam deduced. Sam's thoughts were
correct. Europa and much more Amalthea contained artifacts on the history of the race of
the Ancients. The heritage of the Ancients was preserved there, waiting for man to arise.

A thought formed in Hammond's mind. "Were the Ancients humanoid?"

"They were, but with two hearts before they altered themselves genetically. They were
our ancestors, it seems."

"Keep me informed of anything else which you discover."

* * * * *

(over 10,000 years ago)
It was ugly. An almost ape-like creature with no intelligence of its own. It was called an Unas. It lived on the planet P3X-888 (the name was given by Stargate SG-1 many years later).

One day, an expedition of the Ice Warriors, a reptilian and scaly race from the planet Mars, ventured to the moon called Europa, where it discovered a Stargate, built by the Kobollians. The gate was not close to an installation
of the Ancients, thankfully, so the Ice Warriors did not encounter the Ancients who were guarding it. The Ancients did not guard their Stargates, but they guarded their installations. Their heritage, they felt, was more important than a transportation device. Hissing loudly, almost rudely, the Ice Warriors managed to get it to work and went through it. By chance, they found themselves on the planet P3X-888. Some
snake-like creatures were living in the seas of P3X-888. They also found quite a few of the Unas, whom they captured also.
They brought them back through the Stargate, and then by starship to their planet for further investigation. Egotistically, they hoped they would serve their warlike interests. They wondered who had built the Stargate.
The builders were a danger to the Ice Warriors. Worried, they returned home. Some 5000 years ago they had begun the exploration of the solar
system, yet they had not found anything like this gate. Even Earth had been explored.

The snake creatures called themselves the  Gou'ald, but the Warriors did not know that. They escaped into the wild after failing to parasitically join with an Ice Warrior, not least due to the armour it was wearing.
That was when one of the Gou'ald snake parasite joined with an Unas.
This led to the joined Unas taking the other creatures, an encouragement for the rest of his kind to do the same. Yet not all of them were evil.

* * * * *

Back on Earth
The huge starship of the Kobollians had just arrived. Earth was their promised land, yet there was a problem. It could not support them
because the atmosphere contained too much carbon dioxide, and they needed oxygen. Thus, on the surface they placed many plants, trees and other
machines which convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. They left them there, and after placing two stargates in two different locations, they departed once more. The next planet, Mars, was very inhabitable. It had some water, and
the atmosphere was perfect for them. Thus they decided to establish themselves over there. Earth could be colonised many years later, when its atmosphere would be corrected.

* * * *

Mars was not a lonely place. The Kobollians had many years back, built their first Stargate in the city of Eden on Kobol, hidden in an ancient tomb.
From Mars, the Kobollians built spaceprobes and colonised other planets in the galaxy. They put Stargates there, to build a network of gates which could be used for instantaneous planetary transport which would not require spacecraft. The Kobollians came to be called "the Ancients"
by some other races in the galaxy. Their descendants were mostly the humans on earth, and the humans on the colonies they built. Once time
travel was possible and safe, some Kobollians did get to settle on Gallifrey, the Doctor's homeworld. Gallifrey was chosen because it had the same length of day and year, same gravity as well as the same distance from the same type
of sun. Rassilon, a Kobollian on a colony of theirs, had devised the first Kobollian time machine which did not work properly. He would later manage to solve the secret of time travel, and this led to the settlement of Gallifrey. To avoid enslavement by the Gou'ald,
they travelled back in time to Gallifrey in the past. The Gou'ald would need to travel through
time, not just space, to find them. While some said this was cowardice, there was no other way to remain alive.

Kobollians always had two hearts but the past few years had shown them that the incidence of heart disease was increasing, so they had used
advanced genetic technology to alter their descendants' dna. The modifications
resulted in future humans being born with only one heart.

This alteration, however was a controversial one. While it affected all humans who were born on Earth later, people who lived on their colonies such as Ultron or those who were about to leave for Gallifrey refused to go ahead with the
genetic alterations, saying that it was an affront to God. It was as if the
Kobollians thought they had become gods. The Doctor thought of himself as
half-human, being the son of a human from Earth and an unaltered Kobollian
who was going to emigrate to Gallifrey. The latter already called himself
a Gallifreyan. It was true that not all Time Lords are Gallifreyans,
and the Doctor was a hybrid, half Kobollian and half Gallifreyan, yet still a
Time Lord. The other major advantage of not going through the alteration was
the belief that one day their scientists would develop a way for them to regenerate
into different bodies. One day this was developed, but on Gallifrey itself.

* * * * *

A few more years later...

The Unas, now slaves of the Gou'ald, now took to hiding in the vast plains
of the planet Mars. Crashni was one of the Unas. His mind was clouded by
the evil symbiote within him. The days passed. When an Ice Warrior patrol
would attempt to capture them, they would be defeated easily. The Gou'ald
were growing in strength and intelligence. One day, Crashni saw a faraway
city. Observing it, he saw great craft rise from it towards the horizon. He
knew now that not even the Ice Warriors would dare there. Perhaps the
Gou'ald could conquer it. The others followed him at a distance.

* * * * *

The planet Mars was being studied by the Kobollians. They discovered that
the Ice Warriors lived there, but so far no direct contact had been
established. While the Ice Warriors were intelligent, having developed
starships, they were potentially dangerous since they were very warlike.
The Kobollians built underground tunnels which were shielded with their
advanced technological defenses. Such precautions were necessary.

Crashni walked as much as he could. Eventually he saw what could be
an entrance to the golden city. People went out of the entrance. That
was his cue. He went close to them and made funny sounds. The Unas had
not yet learnt speech, nor language. The Kobollians were curious and
examined Crashni. Crashni was old, or his host body was, and his
parasite was looking for a new host. Crashni's parasite left him and
attacked one of the Kobollians at the throat. The Gou'ald entered him
through the throat and became the first human host of a Gou'ald. All
the advanced knowledge was his! The other Gou'ald came, slowly, and
did the same to the other Kobollians who were nearby. Nobody was left
to witness this event. Undetected, they reentered the city. While they
looked unchanged, everything was different. Whereas before they were
peaceful, God-loving people, now they became selfish individuals, seeking
their own glory rather than helping others. They enjoyed the Egyptian
style surroundings of the Kobollians. At this point in time, the
Kobollians had made a pact with three other intelligent and peaceful
races in the galaxy which would in the future become the basis for the
galactic Federation. Fortunately for the Kobollians, the Ice Warriors began a
hibernation period of a number of years.

* * * * *
Years later, on Earth

Earth's terraforming was complete. Now the Kobollians could go there,
before the Ice Warriors would wake up from their slumber. Also, there
was another planet where today we can find the asteroid belt, and it
was too close to Mars. It caused huge worldwide floods on Mars, yet
fortunately the Kobollians managed to leave before. While many of
the Gou'ald who stayed behind did die in the Flood, those who survived
began calling themselves Osirans and began building pyramids on Mars.

The Kobollians did not even suspect that they had been invaded from within.
The blue planet would be the new home of the Gou'ald.
The Kobollians were for the most part, people who had a good relationship with
God, even though it was clear that the human race had fallen from grace.
From that moment, things got worse: mankind became more and more evil -
the Kobollians on Earth became known as arrogant, self-loving,
individuals who wanted to put God aside because they claimed to be gods
themselves. Their major city with its large spaceport was called Numar,
or Numenosa. After its downfall it began to be called Atalante. Some of them
repented of their evil servitude and rebelled against the other Gou'ald.
In future they would only join voluntary human hosts.

Some humans were left alive, to live as slaves. As the years went by,
these forgot of the advanced Kobollian technology. It became just
myth. Much was lost and destroyed. The Gou'ald defeated most of
the Kobollians, taking them as their newest hosts. Some Kobollians
managed to access the two Stargates, and escaped to nearby Mars
and some other colonies, including two planets called Krypton and Ultron.
The Gou'ald assimilated all the Kobollian knowledge quickly. They learnt
of the other worlds with Stargates. They would take their slaves there
and put them in use. Those who escaped had no time to waste: they
destroyed the Stargates on their planets so the Gou'ald would not
attack them through it. Thus they could not contact the other
races in the pact and the latter did not know of what was going on.

Meanwhile the Gou'ald began doing genetic experiments on humans. One
branch of the experimentation was called Manticore. Their purpose was
to genetically improve human hosts for themselves besides possibly to
produce better Jaffa as they called them. Of course a Jaffa should not
be stronger than a Gou'ald, so they preferred the former possibility.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

North Africa, 8000 BC

Ra, one of the last survivors of the Gou'ald race, comes to earth
using a pyramid-like spacecraft, and lands in the North African

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Egypt, 4000 years ago (around 2000 BC)

A human Jaffa worked feverishly in the complex. His DNA was
used for most of the experiments. He was called the Sandman. He felt
as if he was the father of all the newly born soldiers. The Jaffa were
the soldier slaves of the Gou'ald.

A tall blue box appeared out of nowhere in the Sandman's quarters.
An elegant humanoid-like but not quite human figure came out of it, followed by another.

"Hi", the first figure said," I'm known as the Doctor." He was now in his seventh
regeneration. He carried an umbrella which a "question mark" tip.
"And this is Ace" he pointed towards her. "And you are...?" he looked
towards the Jaffa. "I am a Jaffa, I am Sandman."

The Doctor was intrigued at the high level of technology this place
had, very Osiran-like.

"Is this your home, your office, or something else?" The Doctor
was sure this was out of place. He had believed this era to have
been nothing special technologically, but what was this alien doing

"This is the Manticore Base. I work here for Apophis."

Manticore. Why was the name familiar? Why? The Doctor wondered. This
civilisation would come to an end, soon. And it would not leave any
trace of its existence. Then he remembered that he knew of this,
many, many years ago.

"Who is Apophis?"

"He is the creator."

"Hmmm of course he is not!! He can die like everyone else!
He's just a false god!" the Doctor exclaimed.

"Blasphemer! You will die for your insolence!"

Suddenly an enormous mothership hovered over the Base. The ship
was an Asgard ship and it announced itself as such, as well
as one of the Alliance of four races, announced its presence over some
kind of intercom. Other Asgard ships appeared all over the earth at the
same time. Ace asked the Doctor whether he had ever met these races
before. Of course he had. Many years back it was during this time when
he had been sent back in time by the Gallifreyan council to contact the
race known as the Asgards.
He encouraged them to help free the enslaved Earth. The Gou'ald
impersonated false gods from mythology (well they said they were)
to enslave humans and shipped them off through the Stargate as
slaves to mine minerals such as Naquada. The result of the Doctor's
intervention had been that the Gou'ald had to leave quickly via
the Stargate. The Kobollians had been one of the races in the
Alliance, yet they had been defeated dismally by the Gou'ald.
It was the Doctor who had given them the information they needed
to begin the defeat of the Gou'ald on earth.

Ace just said "Professor, this is something else you set up a long
time ago, isn't it?"

"You can say so. It was a long time ago when I was sent by the
Gallifreyan council to inform the Asgards. The Gou'ald will never
conquer Earth again. The Asgards are sending out an audio signal which
will be heard by everyone on Earth, informing them that the Gou'ald
are false gods and that they are to rebel against them. The Kobollians
were known as the Ancients before the Gou'ald took them over parasitically.
Now some of them were among the first settlers on Gallifrey. A few days
ago, when you asked me who I am, well the answer is that I was one of
those who settled on Gallifrey. Gallifreyans have two hearts just like
the Kobollians had."

"But if normal humans are their descendants how come they don't have two
hearts?" asked an inquistive Ace.

"Genetic engineering. It was a perverse intrusion. Early Kobollians felt that
one heart was enough. Come on Ace, we've got to go
before this place gets buried."

While they were looking outside a wide window at the hovering mothership,
Sandman made his way inside the Doctor's TARDIS, whose doors were left open.
The Doctor and Ace left in a hurry, unaware of their guest.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The experiments with the Hok'tar had not been too successful. It would take
two millennia before the desired results would appear. In the meantime no evolution
would really take place since the genetically altered children would all
die out at a young age without becoming Hok'tar. But a form of Manticore kept
existing throughout the ages and kept working for this purpose.

The Gouald named Nirrti since long ago had decided to call the soldiers she
wanted to create the Hok'tar - enhanced Tauri or human. The Hok'tar would be
able to blow up lights and disrupt computers and other technological equipment
using EM pulses which they were genetically able to emit. It would be 2005 when
the Hok'tar or transgenics would unleash the pulse on an unsuspecting humanity.
The Gou'ald had put Madame X, a number of years ago, in charge of Manticore;
and she had been the architect behind the development of the pulse abilities.
The majority of the people at Manticore by now, including the X series soldiers,
did not know of the Gou'ald. On the other hand a parallel group to Manticore,
basically a cult, was being used by the Gou'ald to develop stronger Jaffa
through other means without genetic augmentation. Madame X was not human -
she was a Gou'ald System Lord who was called Clytemnestra by the greeks millennia
before. Years afterwards, when an X5 called Max managed to
free all the transgenics from Manticore, Madame X would lie dying. But since
she was a Gou'ald, she would be revived using a Gou'ald Sarcophagus.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

America, 1982

The TARDIS brought the Doctor to this time and place rather than the
Eye of Orion. It was irritating when it did this, as it implied a
certain loss of control. The reason was quite serious, however, a tear
in the fabric of space-time. Setting the controls to monitor the
emitted chronotron particles was no fun, but it helped the Doctor
determine that from this point onwards in time, many things existed
with a double quantum signature. The Doctor knew that there should
be only one, and that would refer to the universe they lived in. But
how come most things had a double signature from this time onwards?

"Ace, something must have gone badly wrong - this can mean only that
two universes have been merged into one, crisis style!"

"Can't we do something, Doctor?"


While the Doctor and Ace left to investigate their surroundings,
the Sandman carefully found the console room. He managed to open
the TARDIS doors and leave. He found himself in a world he never
imagined. Ultimately, some descendants of the original earth jaffa
had rebuilt Manticore for the same evil purposes, waiting for the
time when they would contact the Gou'ald again. He ended up working
for them, as they worked under a cover of mapping the human genome
and performing genetic experiments.

Since it was the only thing he had known so far, and by then without
much of a choice, he would prepare genetically engineered jaffa,
trained as weapons, starting with the X1. Then the X2, the X3, the X4
and the X5. He kept attempting to engineer actual Hok'tars. Most of
the X's were not yet Hok'tars in the proper sense of the word but
they were genetically enhanced just the same. They were strong weapons
which was good.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Ace carefully searched for the focal
point of the universe merging. This was the place. But the time was wrong.
They had to go a few more years in the future, when terrorists
would set off a destructive EM pulse. They entered the TARDIS again,
and left for the 21st century. Only the pulse was not emitted by terrorists,
but by a few Hok'tar. Little did the world know.

The Doctor checked some instruments and found out that they had just had
an intruder on board. But the Doctor suspected this already. He knew it.
He recalled how Sandman was the father of Odo, but in the far away
24th Century! He knew that Sandman must have travelled through time, perhaps
by stealing the TARDIS from the Doctor. He remembered the precise words he
heard on that day long ago, on the Enterprise commanded by Archer:

'My name is Odo. I am a shapeshifter who was adopted by a Gallifreyan
years ago. I took this TARDIS as my own after my adoptive father, the
previous occupant, who died due to radiation burns. Before dying he gave it
to me. We were travelling because both us were fed up with our decadent
Gallifreyan society and I wanted to explore the universe and perhaps
find others of my kind. That is, until it developed systematic troubles.
My TARDIS needs urgent repairs. My father was called Sandman.'

Sandman, an Unas, must have stolen the TARDIS at this point in time. But the Doctor,
while prepared for the eventuality, could no longer prevent this unless
he wanted to risk the stability of space-time. On the other hand the combined
universe would probably change this event. Sandman must have later on gone to live
on Gallifrey. Of all the things he could have done, he went to settle on Gallifrey!

The TARDIS emitted a vworp sound after it materialised. A team of Manticore
X1 soldiers, actually kids, and a few X5's were ready for the Doctor. A Manticore specialist
had detected a sequence of emissions from the space-time vortex, corresponding
to the future arrival of the TARDIS. This meant that Sandman knew that the
Doctor had arrived. The Manticore soldiers easily took control of the TARDIS.
The Doctor had to give them the key, or they would easily kill Ace. Their
genetically augmented capabilities made them impossible to defeat. They would
introduce Ace to their little breeding programs. They would force the Doctor
to be their Scientific Advisor. So the Doctor could understand how Sandman
could have obtained the TARDIS. He would have gone to the future, to Gallifrey.
But the Doctor did not just know this. He knew that the moment had arrived.
This would be Manticore's attempt to destabilise civilisation using the Hok'tar
EM pulse. This would have left Earth defenseless against an eventual attack of
the Gou'ald.

The Doctor calibrated a quantum dimensional stabiliser, which he had kept
hidden in his pocket, and triggered it at the appropriate moment when the
pulse struck. The effect of the combined beams, split the two Universes from
that point onwards back in two as they were before. The TREKWHO universe
had split back in two. Everything faded and changed. All was as it had been

* * * * * *

Sandman still hitched a ride in the TARDIS, in the Doctor's universe (but
not in the Star Trek universe, of course). But Manticore (the Earth-777
version) did not have the technological capabilities of detecting
chronitron particles, so Sandman did not steal the TARDIS. He remained
with Manticore for some time.

* * * * * *

Sandman in the Star Trek universe was only born some time late in the 20th Century,
and so far he never met the Doctor. He is still associated with Manticore.

* * * * * *

In the Star Trek universe, there are no Goa'ulds around, so the Enterprise was
*not* destroyed in the 24th Century. At least, not by a Goa'uld. The Doctor never
was a starfleet officer (in his first incarnation at least).

* * * * * *

The Doctor found himself in his original fifth body, however knowing that the
two universes were once more separated. He had a deep memory of the events in the
other timeline - perhaps it was stored in his biodata after all. Next to him was
Chief O'Brien. He looked around, noticed the combination of Cardassian and Federation
equipment, thus he deduced that he was in the Star Trek universe, or F-Space, on the
space station Deep Space Nine, in orbit around the planet Bajor.

"How did you know of the merging of the two universes?" the Doctor asked ex-Voyager crew member Ensign Ballard.

"A certain Sandman was dying from radiation burns, in the merged universe. He was placed
by some Gallifreyans in an experimental transdimensional trasmat device. His atoms were
spread across multiple universes, until through the principle of anti-time, they arrived
in this universe (the Star Trek one) and we attempted to reintegrate him. Our attempt
was unsuccessful, though now I do not know if this has changed due to the separation
of the two universes once more."

"And what caused the merging effect? I mean, I know it occurred during the Manticore
EM blast, but it was designed by the Gou'ald to weaken earth, not to merge universes!"

"What's a Gou'ald? And a Manticore?" Chief O'Brien was getting dizzy now.

"Goa'ulds are very nasty aliens who do not exist in your universe. Though you have a species
which is similar, the parasitical Trill race. But Trills only take hosts from their own world and
voluntarily, not like the warlike Goa'ulds. And they share memories from one host to the next,
reminds me of my own regeneration process. Manticore is one organisation which was set up by their
croneys, in my universe. I'm not sure if it existed in yours. Possibly, quite so." the Doctor clarified.

"The merging was induced by the dissipating atoms travelling cross-universe. The transit
caused the merging effect."

"A Corollary to Blinovitch." the Doctor looked at O'Brien, who commented "So we've got
nobody to blame the merging on, just some Gallifreyans in the merged universe which
does not exist any more! Why don't we go to Quark's and play a game of darts? We'll
find Julian there."

"I'm more into cricket, but why not?"


COMMENT: Once the two universes separated, everything in this
fanfic occurred as before, except for the destruction of the Enterprise
in the 24th Century.

All Marks are owned by their owners.

Numar, Numenosa and Atalante are (C) Mr Scirev 2002-2003.

Stargate SG-1, Gou'ald, Unas, Jaffa, P3X-888, Hok'tar mentioned in this fic are
property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions and
Gekko Productions.
Sandman, X1/2/3/4/5, Manticore are taken from Dark Angel,
which belongs to Cameron and Eglee
Kobol is Universal's (from Battlestar Galactica)
Planet Krypton is from DC Comics' Superman
The story is written for entertainment purposes only.
Doctor Who, Gallifrey and Ultron (My Hero) are the BBC's

Enterprise, is Paramount's

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FANFIC: First Voyage

“Is this a starship again? Which race built this thing? The Vulcans?”

“Amy, Amy! This is the first Starship Enterprise! It was a human starship, a Declaration Class vessel. It was launched in the year 2123, which is… the year we are in now. We are close to Alpha Centauri.” The Doctor answered.

“We haven’t met anyone since we’ve been walking. Which is unusual”, Rory commented.
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The Doctor And The Enterprise (Part 1)

Presenting once more this classic archived story by Jean Airey, the Doctor and the Enterprise. What would happen if the Doctor ended up in the Star Trek universe?

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Subject: The Doctor And The Enterprise Pt1
Keywords: text
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Date: 8 Nov 91 16:58:12 GMT
Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories
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Prologue: In 1979 I started writing a *fanzine* story in which the
Doctor (from the “Doctor Who” universe) met up with the crew of the
“original” “Star Trek” series. It was the first thing I’d written
since graduating from college fifteen years before, and, with the
assistance of an excellent author and very good friend, Jacqueline
Lichtenberg, was able to finish it. The result turned out to be an
enjoyable reading experience to a number of people. The story was not
intended to be a satire, it was intended to be an honest
representation of what might happen if these two particular universes
met. It was intended as a fanzine in the most classic tradition of
that particular genre. Continue reading The Doctor And The Enterprise (Part 1)