FANFIC: First Voyage

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“Is this a starship again? Which race built this thing? The Vulcans?”

“Amy, Amy! This is the first Starship Enterprise! It was a human starship, a Declaration Class vessel. It was launched in the year 2123, which is… the year we are in now. We are close to Alpha Centauri.” The Doctor answered.

“We haven’t met anyone since we’ve been walking. Which is unusual”, Rory commented.

“Yes because there were only two crew members onboard the XCV 330 Enterprise – Captain Alzas Benhattel and a Vulcan called T’Pan. And of course the very advanced artificial life system Computer. Advanced for its time anyway.” Enterprise_XCV-330
“Does it belong to Starfleet?” Amy asked.
“No, there is no Starfleet yet. It belongs to the United Earth Space Probe Agency”, the Doctor replied.
Suddenly the ground and all around them shook violently.

“We’ve been hit!” Rory said.

“I can see that! Let’s find the bridge, quickly” the Doctor answered.

After some time the three managed to come across the bridge location. Artificial gravity meant that they almost fell down when they got to the Bridge’s door, which opened as soon as they got close.

“Intruders! Arrest them, T’Pan.” the captain shouted.

“Captain Alzas Benhattel I presume!” the Doctor replied. “I’m the Doctor. No need to welcome us. ¬†This area of space you are passing through, I can tell you it is a dangerous one.”

“Threatening us?” Benhattel asked.
“They may have boarded us”, T’Pan said.

“Boarded you? We are friends and we are just.. passing..” Rory replied.

“What’s happening? The ship was shaking, did something attack you?” the Doctor asked. T’Pan got out his Vulcan stun gun.

“I don’t like weapons. There’s no need. I’m here to help you.” the Doctor said. “Incoming transmission, captain.” the Vulcan said while keeping his aim towards the Doctor.

On the system speakers, the following was heard.

“We-are-the-Daleks. Prepare-to-be-destroyed”

“But you promised not to kill me!” T’Pan replied.

“What?” Captain Benhattel looked at T’Pan.¬†“Traitor”.

So T’Pan was in league with the Daleks.

“What did they promise you, T’Pan?”, the Doctor asked, “Leadership of Earth, or Vulcan itself?”

“If they allow you to live, you will be their slave”, Amy said.

“Nobody can be an equal with these pepper pots”, Rory added.

“I was going to be given leadership of both worlds”, T’Pan admitted. On the screen were a number of spaceships – derelict – and one Dalek saucer. This was the Sargasso of space, an area feared in most universes.

The Daleks had lured the Enterprise through T’Pan here to destroy it. The Daleks fired some missiles towards the Enterprise and hit the engines.

“We must eject the engine core before it explodes”, Captain Benhattel exclaimed. In the meantime he kept his weapon pointed towards T’Pan. “Do not think of escaping, T’Pan”, he added.
“Yes jettisoning the core is your only choice now” the Doctor added while T’Pan dropped his weapon.

The core was ejected and in the meantime the Doctor, Amy and Rory observed what the Dalek saucer started doing. The saucer docked with one of the derelict ships and the Daleks poured into the dead ship. A loud noise could be heard and lots of shrieks. Daleks dying. Something dangerous had killed them. All of the Daleks who had boarded were dead.
“What could have done that?” Rory asked. “What could kill a dalek so easily?”
“There are monstrous tentacled carnivorous aliens which live upon those abandoned vessels. We should leave this place while we can”, the Doctor explained.
“We can’t go to warp now! We are stuck here!” the Captain exclaimed. “We can only use the sublight engines, if they still work”.
“You can always abandon ship and come with us. We have our own ship.”
“I’m the Captain. I can’t abandon my ship. I’ve always thought no ship should go down without her captain with her.”
“You are really stubborn, Captain”, the Doctor commented. “Well if any Daleks will be left alive, they will board us soon. And they will steal your technology. Is this what you want? Isn’t it better for you to escape with us and trigger the self-destruct mechanism? You do have one on board, right?”

“I.. don’t have one. But I have some explosive charges we can use and get the interior and external structures to lose integrity. Everything will blow up. I’m sorry there seems to be no other way” the Captain answered.
“Let’s do this. Use your remote to trigger the explosions as soon as we get to our ship, it’s called the TARDIS. Then we will take you back to Earth.”

“What will I tell the Agency? How could I have returned to earth? They won’t believe I met you Doctor..”
“Is UNIT a branch of the Agency now?” the Doctor asked. “I used to work for them.”
“Yes, it is now” the Captain replied.
“I will come with you when you give your report.”

The story takes place in the Doctor’s universe-777 which is the same universe in which JJ Abrams’ Star Trek (2009) movies occur. The story of the first Enterprise may have happened differently in the original Star Trek universe.
The Sargasso sea of Space with its derelict spacecraft is taken from Space:1999 (The Cellini episode) “Dragon’s Domain”. Thanks for that great episode.
Star Trek is (C) by Paramount, Doctor Who, Amy, Rory, the Daleks are (C) the BBC.
Captain Alzas Benhattel and T’Pan (this is not the T’Pan in TNG but a different one) are (C) Mr Scirev.