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FANFIC: Doctor Who and The X-Men II The Sequel

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Doctor Who and The X-Men II The Sequel by Mr Scirev


The first Doctor Who – X-Men crossover was written by yours truly for
the Scrolls of Gallifrey newsletter a real while ago. It was published
in 24th December 1995.
The original version which also involved quite a bit of X-Men backhistory,
including the X-Traitor saga, was even MSTified
with my permission. I even had a thought about a sequel to it at the time.
Little did I think that the sequel would take this form, thus I think it is
a better story.

Originally I wrote it as a second version of the original story, but it
ended up becoming a sequel. I didn’t even recall all the
plot details of the first version, so excuse me if it is different.
It IS supposed to be different.
It is written at a different time, after all. I’ve seen more Who, the
X-Men have been changed countless times, I’ve seen the great X-Men movie,
and I will choose that particular version of the X-Men for this story.
They came across in a realistic and straightforward manner. Also, this
fanfic features a brief Cameo by The Sliders.
They have a greater part in the Director’s Cut version of the original Doctor
Who and The X-Men. Adric does not appear in this story (he died in Earthshock
after all), instead Turlough appears.
It occurs after Mawdryn Undead but before Terminus in Classic Doctor Who.

This story is written in a Catholic Christian style, so excuse me if you don’t like it.
Well the villains – the first version preassumed, indeed was a follow-up of sorts to a Doctor Who story (Kinda) and this one will too. It also required knowledge of another X-Men villain (The Adversary) and the long-winded saga where the X-Men had, to the knowledge of the world,
died to defeat this villain, when in reality they had moved to Australia thanks to the Omnimajestrix Roma from Otherworld.
This story presumes this has happened in a parallel universe (i.e. regular continuity in Marvel’s X-Men comic books) and the story takes place in the X-Men movie universe (pre – Days of Future Past, since that changes the timeline), whose X-Men have never met the villain.

Doctor Who is owned by the BBC, X-Men are owned by Marvel Comics,
This is just a fan-fiction story.
Enough with the bla bla and on with the story.

Two defeats of evil creatures happened in different worlds. In one of them, an evil creature lurking inside an indigeneous people on the planet called Kinda, emerged due to an unsuspecting visitor to the planet.

The creature known as the Mara (which coincidentally meant woman in some earth language – Maltese, no disrespect meant!), took control of her because what she did was an open invitation to it. The playing of the dreaming notes was a dangerous activity in itself, how it was done by the natives was anybody’s guess. The Doctor made a guess about being trained, in the sense that this would not have happened to a ‘trained’ person but everyone suspected that this was not in actual fact correct. A ‘trained’ person might be even more vulnerable.
Aris was ‘trained’. But did it help him at all? Nothing.

Eventually it was destroyed, or so the Doctor thought. Until Manussa, when it did resurface again, hidden within the same person. It was defeated once more, definitely the Doctor hoped. But it was not to be.

It was not dead in a final sense. It was imprisoned in a dimension of small sizes, a small pocket universe the Time Lords might call it.

Consider a different parallel universe, in one Earth populated by many mutants – people born with a gene which makes them different from normal people.
A world full of hatred. Anti-mutant hysteria was an at all-time high.
The X-Men were the anti-heroes of that time. They defended a world which wanted to get rid of them, basically. Even the police force would not look well on them. The police preferred, for instance, to work with Freedom Force, led by the blue-skinned mutant, Mystique, rather than the X-Men.

Until The Adversary made his move. The Adversary was a kind of evil creature, more intelligent than the Mara and no less dangerous. First he used the Dire Wraiths to attack faraway planets – the devastation wrought by these black creatures was terrible. How can I describe these alien destroyers?
Form was not so important to them. They were like some kind of shadow.

There was a valiant knight from a faraway planet, whose people tried to fight back against the Dire Wraiths. It was a lost struggle, I believe. ROM was permanently bonded with his armour, don’t ask how. ROM’s kind are secretive on the details of their culture’s technology. Ultimately he came to earth, and the Dire Wraiths attacked Earth.

Eventually The Adversary was revealed as the force behind them. He tricked Storm into losing her powers for some time. But the concluding battle eventually resulted in a great problem. One of the X-Men himself was responsible for The Adversary’s being there, because of way back in Vietnam.

This X-Man called Forge was a US soldier, he, a red indian, had abandoned his tribe. But one day in Vietnam, he did something which was taken from his tribe’s culture – something which killed all the attacking VietCongs but at the price of killing the men in his squadron in cold blood.
It was a nightmare for him. He vowed he would never do such a thing again. What he did, ensured that The Adversary would be able to do what he eventually did. Probably even the Dire Wraiths.
So it would have been a valid reason not do this type of dangerous thing.

But to defeat The Adversary he had to do something similar but with the voluntary sacrifice of all the X-Men present in Dallas, Texas. Which they accepted to. But they did not in actual fact die due to the help of a friend called Roma. Omniversal Guardian Roma who was the Caretaker of Reality, took them to Australia where they stayed for a while. All their friends and families thought they had died. But can man himself defeat this type of evil ? Not really.

The Adversary was not dead, just trapped in a parallel Einstein-Rosenberg bridge. Apologies to Sliders – he did meet four humans, known as The Sliders, Quinn, Wade, Arturo and ‘Crying Man’ Rembrandt in this bridge. While they eventually escaped, the vortex they created with their Sliding technology, left a temporary ‘hole’ in the space-time continuum which the Adversary could – and DID – use to escape his imprisonment. As a result of the X-Men’s actions, the Adversary had ended up in the pocket universe where the Mara was trapped. The trap of the pocket universe was simply programmed, to keep the Mara out. It was not made to keep other things out. The pocket universe was empty initially before the Mara was trapped there. Perhaps it was made by a high level civilisation as a prison in previous times. The Adversary could free the Mara thus, and they made it to a different parallel world in the same Sliding fashion as the Sliders did, having learnt of this mode of travel through parallel universes. Later, some of the X-Men who were not present, having recovered from previous injuries, set out to form a new team, called Excalibur. Excalibur went through a period of cross-time jaunting, similar to the Sliders, but they made it back to their home universe safely in comparison.

The Adversary and the Mara encountered a parallel Earth where the X-Men had just formed themselves. This was good news, few meddling mutants would stop them. There was no Forge here it seemed, or
he had not joined the X-Men yet. Many of the X-Men The Adversary met were missing, either still training or without much experience.
[ author’s note: To make this more clear, these X-Men were the ones seen in the first X-Men movie. ] These X-Men had NOT yet met The Adversary.

Shocked. Fear. Words. Don’t come easy. Mutant? Killed him?
These thoughts raged through Rogue’s mind after she kissed her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend was wearing a beautiful yellow shirt with white stripes, hey how was she to know what would have happened. You see the trouble was, the kiss left him plain comatose. He looked as dead as a statue would look.
She plain sucked the life out of him. Was he dead? She screamed as much as her lungs would allow. Her adoptive parents entered the room, then.
She was a mutant and decided to run away.

Time passed. She met another mutant, Wolverine, who had lost much of his memory. He had a fast-healing ability and an adamantium skeleton. Had he not had this ability, the adamantium which is an indestructible metal, would have killed him. Eventually they joined the newly formed X-Men team of Professor Charles Xavier.

A large vast expanse of greenery marked the area where the School for the Gifted was located. It was there that a humming sound could be heard.
A shimmering of the air, as if it were being heated by some unseen flame, marked the strange event. It was enough to trigger the X-Men’s outside sensor alarms. The unusual temporal event could not go unnoticed.
Many subatomic particles were rising to abnormal levels in the spot.
Chroniton and tachyon particles abounded, too. Finally the familiar telephone box appeared. Sorry, it is really a police box. No, it looks like one, but it is a type 40 TARDIS from Gallifrey. Out of it, came the Doctor, in the form of his fifth regeneration, Tegan Jovanka and Nyssa of Traken and Turlough who has recently stowed away on the TARDIS.
To the Doctor and companions, Turlough was just a red-haired teenager from Brendon Public School with an air of superiority. Tegan still looked upon him with suspicion, often thinking ‘How does he know that?‘ whenever they encounter some strange alien or futuristic technology, and he manages to do something useful for a change.

The Professor looked upon the visitors on his monitor. “Should we attack the invaders, after all they are on our turf!” asked an inexperienced Cyclops. Cyclops could open his eye and fire deadly laser blasts from them.
That’s why he wore a visor. To control this ability. His eyelids, however, were naturally immune to this. “Don’t be silly!” the Professor reprimanded him. “Do you think this is some comic book? This is real life. Let’s go there and see who they are and what their intentions are. We’re here to avoid violence and to fight discrimination through education. We’re not a fighting circus show.”

“This place smells clean. It is not very polluted. That’s a help for my allergy.” Turlough commented.
“It’s not polluted, but the grass won’t help you I think!” Tegan said with a sneer.
“Shut up both of you” Nyssa looked carefully around them. “Could this be some hunting grounds? We could get in trouble for being here, or get shot by someone easily”
“I don’t think so.” the fair-skinned Doctor said. With a celery plant on his lapel, he said the place looked familiar for a moment. ‘Deja vu’ for a moment.
The way history sometimes could change could even affect a Time Lord’s previously established history. History rewrites, indeed. ‘Of course’, he said, ‘this is a parallel universe version of the X-Men we met some time ago. So they don’t know us.’ [ Author’s note. This is a reference to the original story, but specifically the Director’s Cut version. The updated version is available
on this same site. ]

Professor Xavier, Dr Jean Grey and Rogue arrived near the uninvited guests in the Mansion gardens. The Professor was restricted to a wheelchair, but his mental abilities more than made up for that. He could easily read your mind.

He tried to read the minds of the guests. Turlough was an alien, but the others did not know this. Professor X respected this. Turlough was homesick for his planet, also. Tegan was confused, but something inside her mind was painful, hurt, he sensed fear and dislike of some violence she had seen and experienced in the past. She was still recovering indeed. Nyssa was suffering a great
loss, the loss of her father. The other one was difficult to probe. Impossible. How could anyone be so trained? Maybe he was not human then? Were they aliens?
He sensed ‘Gatwick’ and ‘Heathrow’ when he looked at Tegan’s mind. She was human for sure. But a certain resonance was incorrect. She was not from the reality of the X-Men, then.

‘Hi, I am the Doctor. And you are?’

‘I am the Professor. You might say. You can call me Professor X, or Charles.
These are two of my X-Men: Rogue and Dr Jean Grey.’

‘These are Turlough, Tegan and Nyssa. X-Men, yes I think I’ve heard of them.
Didn’t they.., well,.. in Dallas, Texas ? Is this a new team? Dr Jean Grey?’ asked the Doctor, curious.

‘Dallas? Texas? You’ve got me confused now’ Professor X could not understand that the Doctor had heard of the mainstream universe X-Men.. Had he met them? Yes, and for the details you have to read the Director’s Cut of that story.
He had been in the mainstream X-Men’s universe, the ones with a really long history, some would say, too long. How could you not hear of them? They became living legends so to speak after Dallas, Texas. It defined them.

In the Briefing Room, Professor X assembled the team – Dr Jean Grey, Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue and Storm – together with the guests.

Dr Grey was the team telepath after Professor X, not as refined, not yet as powerful. Storm was a powerful mutant with the ability to control the weather. She could bring up a dark cloud and make it strike you with deadly lightening. It wouldn’t come out of her hands, just like that. It would come out of the cloud, naturally.

The Doctor explained how the Mara and the Adversary had escaped to their universe. That was why he came there. He had followed their tracks, so to speak. But would they be enough to stop them? Using the same strategies that were used before would not stop either of them, let alone both together. He was certain that nothing they could do would be enough to solve the problem permanently.

‘We need something more efficient’ the Doctor said. ‘You can use all the raw power you have, but it will not be enough. You see this is a different type of adversary. I once thought: was is the one thing evil fears? The answer I thought was itself. A fudged solution, but it worked at the time. Smoke and mirrors won’t work again. Data structures are just information although with some sugar coating. Jelly babies anyone?’

‘I have a solution’ somebody said. It was a man with blue skin.
‘An alien?’ thought the Doctor. ‘No, probably another mutant. He’s got a tail, too’.

‘I believe this evil can be defeated with the help of God’ Nightcrawler said. Nightcrawler was a newcomer to the X-Men. He was studying to become a catholic priest. ‘We should get a priest with us.’

Nightcrawler in X2
Nighcrawler. Source: X-Men Movie Wikia

The Doctor agreed with Nightcrawler. It was providential of him to be there and at that time. They did not go looking for the Mara and the Adversary. Rather they waited for them to make the first move.

‘The power of the Cross of Jesus by His death and resurrection is powerful against evil’ Nightcrawler had said.
Storm made a point that there are evil people which you can’t just stop by sprinkling holy water on them. Nightcrawler explained that God does not force people to obey him, we would be only robots then!

‘These are not people, Storm’ the Doctor pointed out. ‘They are malignant entities, evil spirits. That is why the priest, Fr Stan, will succeed where …others.. have failed before to stop them permanently. Believe it if you want, if you don’t want to, don’t. No-one is forcing you.’

‘Well said, Doctor’ Nightcrawler and the Profesor said in unison.

‘Also, Tegan in the past, was well, the technical word I believe is oppressed by the Mara’ the Doctor warned. ‘We must avoid this happening again – it could happen if we are not able to fight this battle on a spiritual level. And other pseudo-techniques can be just as dangerous if not worse.’ The Doctor was alluding to Forge from the other universe, indeed.

‘You could say I was possessed by it. I still have nightmares.’ Tegan said.
‘If you like, being an exorcist priest, Fr Stan can say special prayers for you.’ Nightcrawler suggested.
‘I would appreciate it. Not even the Doctor could help me get rid of them, with all his advanced science!’ Tegan appreciated Nightcrawler’s advice.

The priest carried a sprinkler of holy water, blessed with special prayers against evil, to it was added salt which was blessed too, with similar prayers, as well as a large cross.

The evil duo appeared over New York city, and made a mockery of the Statue of Liberty. They made it look like, well, a Dire Wraith version of the Statue, and it was not a nice sight. People who were close to it looked, different and plain evil. It was effecting them. Not in a complete way, but in a minor way.

The X-Men, the Doctor, his companions and Fr Stan flew over in their blackbird to the Statue of Liberty. It was the time to act.
Fr Stan said to everyone that they had to keep a safe distance. Praying to God would help too. He was ejected close to the statue, and he parachuted safely down while saying the Rosary. He found the Rosary effective in this kind of situation. Was it a prayer to the Mother of God? It was the prayer of the Mother of God to God, he liked to say.

He could see some change in the Statue of Liberty’s appearance, flashes of light, changes of colour. The black was not all black now.

Suddenly the Adversary appeared, looking like a red indian, but a giant one and with ugly blackish eyes. ‘Not so quick’ he shouted at the priest ‘what do you think you can do with your silly prayers. They are useless and ineffective against us!’

The Professor was afraid at hearing these words. Would they be true?
Would such an evil entity say something which is true? Logic indicates it would not be.

Fr Stan found the Adversary’s hands gripping at him. Suddenly the Mara appeared in the form of a giant snake which came dangerously close to him! He felt the grip tighten, then he thought ‘Lord Jesus! Help me! Send your Holy Spirit on me for protection!’ The words were sincerely thought, Fr Stan gripped the cross in his hand and suddenly it was as if something electric had struck the Adversary. Was it Storm?

No, Storm and the X-Men could not themselves get close to the action.
This was one battle they could NOT WIN physically.

Meanwhile the Doctor, Turlough, Tegan and the X-Men set out doing what they could do best: stop the affected people from endangering themselves or others. Fr Stan’s help might eventually be needed there too, afterwards.

For now they did what they could.

‘I learned a lot of things’ Turlough said ‘thanks to Nightcrawler.’ He had asked a lot about God to Nightcrawler.

Nyssa explained how her race, Traken, believed in God too. Many of her kind were Christians, in fact as some of the first colonisers to her planet were Christians. Their faith was what sustained the Keeper’s abilities. The Keeper was the ruler of their planet with vast abilities that one could call him a mutant if he were from Earth.

The Doctor said something to the effect that many of his kind were so conceited that they would not think God existed at all. They were so wrong, indeed.

Fr Stan set to do what he was to do. He sprinkled the Holy Water all over the nearby area, close to the Statue, on the Statue of Liberty.

As he sprinkled it, he could see an evaporation and a hissing sound.

He said more prayers, and suddenly a deafening shriek could be heard.

The Mara and the Adversary were in the hands of God now, and were never seen again throughout the whole multiverse.

It was then that the Doctor took to the practice of keeping a book where he would write all the names of those who had travelled with him, to remind him to pray for them. He did not take them on board willingly sometimes, like Turlough who stowed himself on the TARDIS!

‘Won’t we say our goodbyes?’ Tegan asked?

‘No, I never like to say them’ the Doctor replied as he entered the TARDIS with Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough. It was larger inside than outside due to varying temporal and spatial dimensions. The TARDIS dematerialised to new adventures in time and space…

T H E E N D?