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The Doctor And The Enterprise (Part 1)

Presenting once more this classic archived story by Jean Airey, the Doctor and the Enterprise. What would happen if the Doctor ended up in the Star Trek universe?

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Prologue: In 1979 I started writing a *fanzine* story in which the
Doctor (from the “Doctor Who” universe) met up with the crew of the
“original” “Star Trek” series. It was the first thing I’d written
since graduating from college fifteen years before, and, with the
assistance of an excellent author and very good friend, Jacqueline
Lichtenberg, was able to finish it. The result turned out to be an
enjoyable reading experience to a number of people. The story was not
intended to be a satire, it was intended to be an honest
representation of what might happen if these two particular universes
met. It was intended as a fanzine in the most classic tradition of
that particular genre. Continue reading The Doctor And The Enterprise (Part 1)