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Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut fanfic – Post Scriptum


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Meanwhile the Doctor looked at the spatial directional stabiliser which was indicating an unusual influx of fractal chronitons. “This should be Deva Loka”, he said. Once the TARDIS dematerialised, he operated the scanner controls and looked at the viewscreen. “No, this can’t be right. This can’t be our Deva Loka.
That looks green. As a jungle would. This is something brighter. Could this be Kobol?”

“It’s colourful, for sure, blue mountains, tall towers, blue trees.”, Tegan commented. The Doctor determined the current time. “This is OtherWorld, Roma’s home planet, within a special parallel flux beyond the normal parallel universes. Only we have arrived here a couple of years early. She has not met us yet. Let’s go and have a look, perhaps we can determine what went wrong and why we got here instead of Deva Loka.”

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Doctor Who and The X-Men II The Sequel


Doctor Who and The X-Men II The Sequel by Mr Scirev


The first Doctor Who – X-Men crossover was written by yours truly for
the Scrolls of Gallifrey newsletter a real while ago. It was published
in 24th December 1995.
The original version which also involved quite a bit of X-Men backhistory,
including the X-Traitor saga, was even MSTified
with my permission. I even had a thought about a sequel to it at the time.
Little did I think that the sequel would take this form, thus I think it is
a better story.

Originally I wrote it as a second version of the original story, but it
ended up becoming a sequel. I didn’t even recall all the
plot details of the first version, so excuse me if it is different.
It IS supposed to be different.
It is written at a different time, after all. I’ve seen more Who, the
X-Men have been changed countless times, I’ve seen the great X-Men movie,
and I will choose that particular version of the X-Men for this story.
They came across in a realistic and straightforward manner. Also, this
fanfic features a brief Cameo by The Sliders.
They have a greater part in the Director’s Cut version of the original Doctor
Who and The X-Men. Adric does not appear in this story (he died in Earthshock
after all), instead Turlough appears.
It occurs after Mawdryn Undead but before Terminus.
The conclusion is perhaps surprising to some and different from your typical comic book story.

Well the villains – the first version preassumed, indeed was a follow-up of sorts to a Doctor Who story (Kinda) and this one will too. It also
required knowledge of another X-Men villain (The Adversary) and the long-winded saga where the X-Men had, to the knowledge of the world,
died to defeat this villain, when in reality they had moved to australia.
This story presumes this has happened in a parallel universe (Earth-616 i.e. regular continuity in Marvel’s X-Men comic books) and the
story takes place in the X-Men movie universe (their earth is Earth-10005), whose X-Men have never met the villain or indeed the Doctor, after the second X-Men movie X2 (but I wrote it before X2 was released in cinemas).

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