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The outfit was a small group of surivors from Stargate Command. Their hq in Cheyenne Mountain- had been taken over and General Hammond was now dead. At first they did not notice that he had been replaced by a Kromagg. Many others had been replaced on the base. The group was now being led by Colonel Sam Carter. They had taken with them a very special alien mirror, one which could show you and even take you to different parallel realities. Many of them had indicated their worlds were being invaded by these Kromaggs or other parallel universe versions of them.

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Who Is Number Ten

I never continued this story.. WHO knows, I might!

Disclaimer: Dana Scully , Fox Mulder and the X-Files belong to Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, and Fox Broadcasting. No copyright infringement intended.
The Prisoner belongs to Everyman Films.

Who Is Number Ten, an X-Files / The Prisoner fanfic (fan fiction) (C) Mr Scirev 1999-2013

Who Is Number Ten…Trust No-One But Number Six.

By Mr Scirev

Rating: U (All Ages)
Summary: An X-Files/The Prisoner Crossover
Spoilers: None for the X-Files. Many Happy Returns for The Prisoner.
Archive: Archive only at Scirev.Net
Category: C – Crossover (with The Prisoner)
Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully belong to 1013 and Fox, no infringement intended. The Prisoner if you do not know was a classic sixties show with Patrick McGoohan as the lead actor. This man was a secret agent who resigned and subsequently found himself captured and taken to “The Village”.

How can one explain what happened to Number Ten? He’s one of the new arrivals in the Village. We have many new arrivals, after most of our population left, including the Butler, in our latest experiment on Number Six. Remember how most of the village people left, even Number Six, all thinking that they had regained their long lost freedom. Well some of them we did allow to remain in London, but the rest we brought back once the experiment was over. That includes Number Six. Pity that for the experiment, our Number Two had to retire. But we have promoted Number Three to Number Two now! Such a beautiful town we have, gentlemen. It’s a bright sunny day this morning. Yes. I was telling you about Number Ten. He was busy with one of his investigations one of these days, when he encountered our own Number Six. Number Six had once more managed to make an escape by hiding in an empty oil tank that was lined up to leave the village in the Potemkin. He had studied the sea operations quite carefully, the naughty fellow managed to slip away once more…
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