Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut fanfic – Post Scriptum

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Meanwhile the Doctor looked at the spatial directional stabiliser which was indicating an unusual influx of fractal chronitons. “This should be Deva Loka”, he said. Once the TARDIS dematerialised, he operated the scanner controls and looked at the viewscreen. “No, this can’t be right. This can’t be our Deva Loka.
That looks green. As a jungle would. This is something brighter. Could this be Kobol?”

“It’s colourful, for sure, blue mountains, tall towers, blue trees.”, Tegan commented. The Doctor determined the current time. “This is OtherWorld, Roma’s home planet, within a special parallel flux beyond the normal parallel universes. Only we have arrived here a couple of years early. She has not met us yet. Let’s go and have a look, perhaps we can determine what went wrong and why we got here instead of Deva Loka.”

Quinn commented that from what the X-Men and Roma had said earlier, during this time, the Excalibur team was lost in the Cross-Time Caper and was on OtherWorld straight before returning back to Earth-616.

Author: At this point in time, Excalibur had lost Shadowcat, Alistaire and the rest of the members of the superhero team Excalibur were on OtherWorld. See Excalibur #24

The Doctor noted that some dimensional portals were just opening. Through them some very strange individuals could be seen appearing.

Arturo noted that some of them looked like robots. Quinn said “Hey, those are the guys from that space station we Slid to before we met the Doctor!”

In fact on the viewscreen, Tom, Mike, Crow and Dr Forrester could be seen. The four of them looked at Alistaire – a member of the superhero team Excalibur – who happened to be walking about; they presumed that he was responsible for their being swept out of their time and space. They ran after him, ready to beat him up. Fearing for his life, Alistaire attempted to outrun his weird pursuers. Suddenly he failed to see a small hole in the ground, and tripped over it.

The Doctor commented on how the same anomalous flux of chronitons which brought the TARDIS here, had opened the portals which dragged the four to this place.
Quickly the Doctor operated the TARDIS door control, and the TARDIS doors opened.
He left the TARDIS quickly and ran towards Alistaire and his pursuers.

He regulated a small torch-like artifact which he removed from his pocket. “Stop! Leave him alone. Who are you four?” he asked.

“We? We’re just the SOL crew. We were commenting on what you were doing. We really liked how you dealt with all those bad guys…” Mike said.

“Oh really? What makes you think you can play these twisted games with other people?” the Doctor said. “You’re sick! And what is your name?” he said, looking towards Alistaire.

“I’m Alistaire Stuart, of Excalibur and WHO. Excalibur is a mutant superhero team formed after the X-Men recently died battling the Adversary.”

“So I see…” the Doctor managed to say before he introduced himself. “Of course this must be the time when they were still hidden in the Australian outback.” the Doctor thought to himself. “Do not give up hope for the X-Men, Alistaire” he told him.

Alistaire was confounded by this comment, until he bursted out sneezing, and his sinuses started hurting him again. “You suffer quite a bit from allergy, don’t you, Alistaire?” “I really do, can’t seem to handle it well, seen lots of docs.” Alistaire waited and looked as the Doctor got out a square device.

“Here it is, a Federation anti-histamine injector unit. Just touch it to your skin once a year and you should be all right. You can keep it.”

Alistaire was grateful since the unit had worked straight away and his allergy just disappeared instantly! “I don’t how how I can thank you enough.” Alistaire told the Doctor. “No need”, the Doctor replied.

Suddenly, a member of the Captain Britain Corps arrived on the scene. It was Kaptan Brittanniku from Earth-602, a tall superhero with a Maltese name from a parallel world where Britain had sought integration with Malta, becoming known as the new Maltese Isles.

Kaptan Brittanniku asked the SOL crew “What is this strange guy, with the cricket jacket, doing to you?”.

The SOL crew invented some excuse, “He was attacking us! Please help us.” Il-Kaptan, as the other Corp members called him, politely asked the Doctor to stay away from them or he would use brute force.

The Doctor said he would always stand against the use of force, such as Il-Kaptan was threatening to use, and after all the SOL crew was attacking Alistaire.

Il-Kaptan would not reason and for some strange reason, he believed the SOL crew rather than the others. He attempted to take the Doctor into custody, while the Doctor complained that he was making a great mistake. The Doctor thought “He will take me to Roma. This is not good, it will mess up the timeline. When I met her earlier she did not know me beforehand. Thus I must not meet her now, years before our first meeting.”

The Doctor evaded Il-Kaptan, and aimed the artifact towards the SOL crew. He pressed a button on the artifact, and energy fractures formed themselves. “Cover your eyes, Alistaire!” the Doctor said. A trans-temporal anomaly formed itself and the four SOL crew members disappeared promptly. The Doctor could have engineered it to take them as far away as possible, to the ultimate reaches of time and space, as far from here and now as it is possible to travel. But instead he had pity on them, he settled on sending them back to where they came from, in other words, in their satellite, and in their own time.

After the Doctor and Alistaire had evaded Il-Kaptan, they started a discussion of Trans-Temporal Relativity Dynamics. Alistaire, being a scientist, was really interested in these advanced concepts, himself travelling crosstime with Excalibur.
The Doctor decided to leave him the torch-like artifact as a gift, which he would end up using in Excalibur #25 against Galactus, a deadly world-eating and space-travelling giant. The next stop of the TARDIS would be Deva Loka.


This “non-computation” has been the most important advancement of Time Lord science.
The story of how the Doctor stops the Deva Loka time loop will be told in another fanfic.

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Meanwhile you can read the sequel to this story, involving the
final showdown with the Mara and the Adversary

This fanfic (this new version) may not be freely archived on other websites. Permission only granted to

Notes, Crossovers between Doctor Who and X-Men and Excalibur

Quoting myself from 1995 – I believe it is the first and only Doctor Who/X-Men crossover. It is done not for profit, as an homage to all the series involved.

Of course originally it was an alternate parallel version of the Kirk
we know, but combined with Captain Archer of the Enterprise series. It was an alternate version of Kirk within the Doctor’s universe or should I say, whoverse (Universe-777). Now this is Captain Archer and the “new” Trek movie timeline is in Universe-777 too.

It was rumoured that Kirk had a female second officer from Vulcan who mistrusted Earth humans (see Star Trek Series V rumours for the origin of this second officer).

My original thoughts on the version of the Federation in Universe-777 was that Federation technology was comparable to the Federation technology of a 100 years pre-TOS (The Original Series):
They only had staple gun type lasers, so no phasers, and what weaponry they had was vastly ineffective. They always had to defend their life support system from aliens who wanted to steal it. They had no Prime Directive compared to the ‘other Federation’ and were mostly concerned with Earth’s survival in the tough whoverse. The Vulcan of that time was populated in the whoverse by inhabitants similar to the Trek universe Vulcans, also, before dying out and being replaced by Earth colonists (this was the pre-time war history of Vulcan-777).

Of course post-time war, Vulcan was destroyed by the Romulan villain Nero as shown in the 2009 Trek JJ Abrams movie. And it is Captain Archer who defeats the Mara now, not Kirk, and they do have a rudimentary Prime Directive (established in the Star Trek Enterprise episode Dear Doctor.
The Doctor says this in the first part of the episode Snakedance which features the return of the Mara. This story fits nicely still in its present form, more than the previous one.

This is a small reference to the Sliders Season One episode Prince of Slides.

Breaking news – somebody has written a (Shadowcat) Pryde and Wisdom (i.e. two members of
Excalibur) / Doctor Who crossover where Alistaire Stuart is the nephew of
Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge Stewart and UNIT has become WHO.
You can get to that here.

Some other Doctor Who cameos in the X-Men books: in Marvel’s Excalibur #25 (August 1990),
Cover of Excalibur #25
Alistaire Stuart of WHO recalls having met somebody from Gallifrey (clearly the Doctor), during the CrossTime Saga where Excalibur travelled
through parallel dimensions (much like the Sliders) and discussing trans-temporal relativity dynamics with him. The Doctor left him a torch-like device which can generate trans-temporal anomalies with resulting energy fractures. A version of this encounter has been added to this fanfic since it was never actually shown in the x-books, only referenced.
Mention of Dr Who

You may click here to view a scan of the page of Excalibur #25 where the afore-mentioned device was used by Alistaire to try and save Phoenix from Galactus.

Another reference/crossover occurred in Excalibur #14,”Too Many Heroes”, when Kitty runs into a Dalek while waiting in line (it’s part of the Cross-Time Caper issues). Thanks to Zoltar for the reference, posted in the GallifreyOne forums.

For a while Shadowcat was missing in the current X-Men books. If you’re asking how she is in this fanfic, well in the books nobody is looking for her too. I do not think this is a coincidence. Perhaps Alistaire’s duplicate in Doctor Who’s universe is Jayne Nicola Stuart, niece
of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart! UPDATE: Shadowcat appears in a new Claremont book,
more info later on.

In the Plastic Masks fanfic, Shadowcat recalls meeting a gallifreyan with an umbrella (the seventh doctor) during the CrossTime Saga. This may be a reference to Excalibur #25 or an encounter which is not canon.

In Uncanny X-Men #218 (June 1987) “Charge of the Light Brigade” by Chris Claremont
and Mark Silvestri, apparently Brigadier General Lethbridge Stewart and
Captain Benton from Doctor Who make a cameo appearance. Does this mean
they are from the same universe (as implied in the fanfic Plastic Masks)? Or, are these parallel world versions from Universe 616? If so, they would not recognise the Doctor.

Another fanfic features a very old Eight Doctor (with a good summary of all his history),
Alistaire Stuart and Inspector Dai Thomas from the Excalibur comic books. In this fanfic
again they are from the same universe and Alistaire has a ‘relative’ who used to work with UNIT. The fic makes a reference to Alistaire’s encounter with the Doctor mentioned in Excalibur #25.

In The Return of the Phoenix fanfic, the Sliders materialise in the Marvel dimension and meet Phoenix.

In Brian Doyle’s En Passant, a fanfic in progress, Wisdom and Shadowcat meet Steed and Mrs Peel. The villains: the autons from Doctor Who.

In Random Fiction #139 – Persecution Factor, the Fifth Doctor (him again!) and Peri meet the X-Men. This must be the third fanfic where all the X-Men meet the Doctor. Because the second is the sequel to the story you just read. Also when the story begins, the Doctor does know of Charles Xavier but has not met or heard of the X-Men. Seems odd when you consider the reference to the Doctor in Excalibur #25.

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