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The segment was located in the Tahwid building.
Jade Wells checked out the latest news and read about what had happened in that very building. They would have to go there even though it would be very dangerous for sure.
After entering, the team separated to try and find the segment in the fastest time possible.
However, Professor Maximillian got struck by a laser. He was hurt but not severely injured.
At the same time, elsewhere, Captain Jack was electrocuted after touching the door. He died shouting from the pain.

This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring Rose from Doctor Who (the new BBC tv series) – and a new Sliders team.

Story (C) 2007-2015 Mr SciRev

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see WhoSliders 25. It occurs during the 3rd series of the new Dr Who
SPOILER: the Key to Time arc (season 16 of Doctor Who’s classic series), X-Files: Ghost In The Machine (season 1)

What you need to know:
What if you could go to different earths? Same planet, different dimension and universe. Rose Tyler has found the gateway.

The Doctor in his tenth incarnation is currently travelling with Donna. He is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. He has lost Rose to Earth-776. Interdimensional travel seems impossible so he can never meet her again.
Rose Tyler has formed a Torchwood team of Who-Sliders – Computer specialist and expert Jade Wells, Quantum Physicists Professor Arthur Maximillian and Conn Mallory, Captain Jack Harkness (of Earth-777), Max Evans and his girlfriend and Medic Liz Parker – all from Earth-776. Together they slide from parallel earth to parallel earth, trying to find Earth-777, where the Doctor is located… but for the time being they have been entrusted with a special mission to locate the six segments of the Key To Time, once located by the Doctor himself, or the Multiverse will be at risk from the Black Guardian.
Lassar, a bloodthirsty Krillitane alien, is leading the Black Guardian’s Sliding team. The team includes Logan St Claire (a Quinn duplicate from an alternate reality), Suzie Costello (used to be second in command of Torchwood on earth-777, died a number of times too), Bilis Manger (the team’s historian) and the “Editor” (expert on transmat and technology).

The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey [Universe-777, the Stargate Universe] who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his tenth incarnation (9th regeneration). He is the survivor of the Time War which saw his homeworld Gallifrey destroyed completely.

The original who-Sliders, after having managed to travel back to Earth-001, have kept experimenting with dimensional travel. Years have passed since the Sliders returned. They are no longer able to slide and have lost contact with the Doctor.

The Federation in Universe-001 has developed starships capable of sliding. Parships can Slide across parallel universes using ParTravel, based on Sliding technology. Captain Jefferson Archer of the Federation Parship U.S.S. Enterprise is himself from Earth-002 however which has disappeared from existence. The Federation exists at least 200 years in the future. The original WhoSliders’ timer was given to them by Archer. Professor Justine Robson is the Science Officer on the Enterprise. ”

Earth-501 (Trust No One Earth), 2007

Charles Del Montiere was smoking a Morley cigarette. The man was wearing a dark jacket and was sitting down, looking at the latest sales figures for Retcon. After making massive profits on bachelor and hens parties, the man had spearheaded the development of this latest entertainment fad. Retcon was everywhere these days. Even the Queen used it. Retcon was a drug which would wipe off your last 24 hours worth of memories. It was being sold as a way for you to do something and then never feel the guit for doing it, as you would simply not remember doing it! He had become quite the billionaire and his company Tahwid had been going from success to success.

Tahwid’s Executive Manager Benjamin Drake had been found dead a few hours ago in the company building. The building was a very sophisticated automation system, allowing doors to be used to browse the Internet, and everything was computer controlled, from lists to doors and toilets. Drake had just been to the toilet when the door had been locked, and he was electrocuted when he washed his hands. Naturally, the prime suspect was Eddie Nambulous, the man who had developed the system, which was called RISCA – Remote Internet System Control Automation. Eddie was jokingly called Crazy Eddie, as he believed in ufos and all sorts of stuff.

Detective Lamana had been sent to arrest him, but upon entering the main building’s lift, he found he could not operate the lift controls, and the lift kept rising and falling like crazy, which killed him.

Lassar was trying to locate Rose’s team of sliders. He knew they had to be on this world.
Yes! He had found them. So now his team could follow them, straight to the segment! Just like stealing candy from a child!


Rose and the other Sliders in her team came out of the Stargate. Where had they ended up on this latest parallel earth? It seemed like an abandoned warehouse. There were a couple of NID agents – NID was the National Intelligence Department on this earth – and they were not too happy with the newcomers. The two “men in black” pointed their weapons – mostly normal guns – at Rose and the others. Captain Jack fired at them using a stun weapon before they could shoot. Rose took the opportunity now to operate her mobile, to determine the location of the next segment of the Key to Time. The segment was located in the Tahwid building.
Jade Wells checked out the latest news and read about what had happened in that very building. They would have to go there even though it would be very dangerous for sure.
After entering, the team separated to try and find the segment in the fastest time possible.
However, Professor Maximillian got struck by a laser. He was hurt but not severely injured.
At the same time, elsewhere, Captain Jack was electrocuted after touching the door. He died shouting from the pain.
He woke up soon afterwards as usual.


Jade is trapped in a room, rapidly drained of its oxygen. She faints whispering Conn’s name. But Conn does not hear her.
Max Evans and Liz Parker were trapped under some rubble, after a small bomb exploded.
Rose and Conn are faced by Lassar and Logan St Claire. Logan is ready with a weapon and draws it towards Rose. “Hello Rose. Time for you to meet your maker. You’ll never meet your Doctor again”
Meanwhile, Suzie Costello entered the lift to go to another level. A camera turned to look towards her and a laser thin beam fired at her. She was killed in the lift, like Lamana had been.
Not far away, Bilis Manger and the Editor heard her screams. They entered an adjacent room, trying to find Suzie, but were fired at by some security lasers. Nevertheless, their enhanced senses enabled them to escape death.
Who was behind all this death and destruction? An individual who had been brought to this parallel earth, by the Black Guardian himself.

In orbit over Earth-001, 23rd Century

Captain Jefferson Archer of the Parship Enterprise decided to call his senior staff. The Enterprise was a Parship – a ship capable of travelling parallel through dimensions, or Sliding, as the ancestors had put it, besides of course deep space travel. They met in the Ready Room as they always did. This was no normal circumstance. Archer began to explain what the situation was. Time itself was under attack. A few minutes ago, a man from the future wearing a wrist strap had materialised onboard the ship. His name was Tavlar and had claimed he was from the Time Agency. Was that a part of the Federation? Tavlar had claimed that, but Archer was not sure. He had said that a temporal cold war was going on and the Enterprise (or was it Archer himself) was right in the middle of it! Time had been changed and some things were never going to be the same. Little things, or greater things, perhaps. They would need to check that.
Yes, the Enterprise had been shielded from the changes, like Tavlar had said. Earlier interventions had ensured that the Enterprise featured shielding which incorporated temporal protection to timeline changes. Archer hadn’t fully believed him at first. Various worlds and parallel earths were gone. According to some reports which were received from some other Parships, the Daleks had seen to the destruction of some of them in Universe-777 and even some other parallel earths, and other earths had been enveloped by a strange anti-matter cloud which had kept growing. Archer communicated with Federation HQ and tried to determine a few of the changes. HQ denied that anything had happened and ordered Archer to ignore it. He needed a holiday, they said. But it was not just Archer who knew things were different. Professor Justine Robson, Science Officer, on the Enterprise, had been one of the first to find out that her loved ones were no longer. The man she loved, Tonquil Adams, no longer existed on Earth-001. History – well the Timeline itself – had been altered from some point onwards, and no, it was not going to be possible for them to reverse the change. Not by themselves, definitely. Archer’s own homeworld, Earth-002, had even vanished completely, at least from their point of view. Soon nothing was left of it. Not even the anti-matter cloud remained.
Archer was very worried now. There was little they could do. So Archer thought of the one man who could help them. Only the champion of Time could have a chance of doing something. If he could, indeed. If he still existed.
Using an advanced dimensional pinpointer device, Justine scanned and scanned various parallel earths, trying to determine traces of the Doctor. Where was he? No traces could be found except for a single blind spot which existed. The Parship tried getting there but something prevented it. Something beyond their comprehension.
Instead Justine located the traces of some sliding team with some members emitting artron energy! They may have been companions of the Doctor! Or the Doctor might have been travelling with them at some point. Only two centuries had passed on Earth-777!

Earth-100 (DC New Earth), 2006

Tavlar materialises in a desert bunker, in a flash of white light. “Interesting”, Tavlar said to himself.
“Who are you?” a brown haired man wearing futuristic garb asked.
“My name is Tavlar. I’m from the Time Agency in the future” then he turns and opens his eyes wide. “Rory?”
“Who’s Rory? I was afraid my time experiments might draw the attention of such an agency. So it really exists?”
“You look like someone I met in the past, I mean my past. Perhaps he is your alternate on my earth. I know you have found a means of travelling through time and rather safely. What is your name?”.
“Rip Hunter. So what brings you here?” (Rip Hunter was his alias. He was not going to reveal his identity to Tavlar)
“I’m from a parallel alternate future earth actually. I have determined that you will, no must, save countless worlds in the multiverse.”
“There is no such thing as a multiverse!”
“Rip your world’s timeline has been altered quite a bit. A number of parallel earth’s histories have been combined your world’s history actually. Those earths at the moment no longer exist due to a Crisis initiated by the Anti-Monitor. To tell the truth that was most likely connected to the last great Time War too. The Anti-Monitor was just a pawn in a larger battle.”
“So what are you implying I should do?”
“I will tell you. You will help bring about a new beginning. But at first, I need your help with something else.”

In orbit over Earth-501 (Trust No One Earth), 23rd Century

A wormhole appeared in orbit space and the Parship Enterprise came out of it. Suddenly on the Enterprise itself Justine noticed that Earth-002 could be seen again. It had popped back into existence, just like that. But the other timeline changes on Earth-001 and possibly more earths, were still there.
They could only check the present day of course, and the history books, to notice these modifications.

Captain Archer planned to take the Enterprise back into the past, so they would meet these sliders. It was not a simple thing to do. Or safe either. Justine’s idea involved a slingshot maneuver – speeding the Enterprise to warp speed towards the sun. The gravitational pull was theorised to send the Parship back through time. Justine’s calculations were set so that they would end up in the past. The concept was inspired in part on a maneuver proposed many years ago by a certain Freeman Dyson.

They attempted the maneuver but failed to go back in time, due to the Enterprise not being able to reach the required warp speed. Or did the technique not work at all? They did not know.
They had failed. Archer was thinking of any alternatives. Nothing came to his mind. But he recalled the Doctor had once, connected a Starfleet issue communicator to his TARDIS. And this communicator was Archer’s. So he had to try to connect to the Doctor’s TARDIS through it.

Earth-501 (Trust No One Earth), 21st Century

Logan St Claire was about to fire her weapon at Rose and Conn when a shimmering light appeared at once.


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 27 “KEYQUEST”: “GOING DOWN TO LIVERPOOL” – The Kromaggs invade Liverpool. Featuring UNIT, Stargate SG-1 and some special guest stars!

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Part of the changes Tavlar had mentioned, started from CRISIS in DC Comics. But it was not just that. Gallifrey’s destruction – indeed the Time War – had to do with the rest of the changes too.