Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut fanfic – Part 9

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Part 9.


(Back in the SOL)
Crow: Oh, for a landmine.

An angry man entered the room in the TARDIS where the X-Men, the Sliders, Hindle, the Doctor and his companions were. “Another parallel version of myself”, he said looking at
Hindle. He was wearing military garb, his hand crouched behind him holding some deadly gun.

(Back in the SOL)
Tom: Who’s this guy now?
Mike: How should I know?

“Hindle!” Adric shouted.
There were two Hindles in the room. The one who just came in had a military beret, but one with some unrecognisable insignia. The new Hindle looked at the Professor – “You! But you were dead.”
“It seems you have mistaken me for somebody else.” Arturo looked untrustingly at the Hindle lookalike. “No, no, I’m Colonel Rickman and I killed you, Arturo a few hours ago! You can’t be alive!” Rickman said.

“I think he killed another Arturo from a parallel world”, Quinn commented.
“He’s a parallel world version of Hindle, but his name is Colonel Rickman, NOT Hindle.” the Doctor clarified.

(Back in the SOL)
Crow: This is giving me robot headaches!

“Take him in custody”, the Doctor said to the X-Men. “Not so fast!” Rickman said. “You Sliders have tricked me! Our world was going to be struck by a pulsar, and you didn’t help us! I will make you pay!”
“What a liar” Wade commented, “first of all we never met you, secondly we would help you if we could.”
But what had happened? How come the Sliders did not remember meeting Rickman?
The Doctor thought of a possibility. Remote, but it was the one which made most sense.
“You have met a parallel world version of the Sliders, Rickman. It seems that the Sliders had a future history, prior to their encounter with us, which now no longer exists. And it is for the better. Professor Arturo would have died in it. I think that a Blinovitch limitation corollary can explain that this previously existing parallel history has just been obliterated due to Colonel Rickman’s breaking of the TARDIS’s dimensional barriers.
He has just slid into the TARDIS. Funny, Professor, you have him to thank for being alive, it seems.”

The Doctor thought it was just as well that the Professor’s death was not a fixed point in time, or he would still die just the same, perhaps in a different way.
“You realise”, Adric explained, “that this means that back on his world,
Rickman has not met the Sliders. How is this paradox possible? Wouldn’t
he simply disappear from here? And how can he and Hindle stay here without exploding due to the Blinovitch limitation?”

(Back in the SOL)
Crow: (Majel Barret voice) Warning! I am about to explode!
Mike: No you’re not!

The Doctor remarked that it would be the same person from a past or future timeline who would trigger such an effect, not a parallel world version of that person. And in reply to the first question, he simply said, “he’s stranded here now. He can’t go back, there’s no back to go to. His world has exploded. Without the Sliders’ help nobody Slid out of his parallel world and there are no survivors. He’s the sole survivor now.”

“You forget, gentlemen, that I can kill all of you!” Rickman shouted.
“Oh no, not the crazy bit again like on Deva Loka!” Tegan put her hands to her head.

(Back in the SOL)
Crow: Ricky Martin, doing the deva loka! Doing the deva loka!
Mike: That was doing the veeda loka! Doing the veeda loka!

Adric thought of when Hindle went all crazy and was about to simply
blow the place to smithereens. It was not long ago, indeed. Hindle had
changed, of course. Rickman seemed far worse. More like the reptilian
Terileptils which they had just met, rather than the crazy way Hindle was.
A different kind of evil. The Doctor thought of how Rickman reminded him of Davros, the creator of the genocidal machines known as the Daleks.
“You don’t need to kill anybody”, the Doctor calmly talked to Rickman.
“You can start afresh here.”
“No! I will kill you all right here!” Rickman yelled at all of them.

(Back in the SOL)
Crow: Good Lord! It’s the Big Bad Wolf, Glenn, and Stephen Thorne all rolled into one!

“You’re the classic mad colonel! Very mad colonel!” the Doctor exclaimed.
Before anyone could react, Rickman grabbed Storm by the shoulders and pushed her aside, then he grabbed the Doctor by the neck, attempting to strangle him!
The Doctor struggled, and he could feel Rickman’s hands tighten around his throat; he could not breathe properly. Suddenly Bishop gave the Doctor a hand, pulling Rickman aside. Meanwhile, Storm started a snowstorm right on Rickman; it starting snowing over his head. He was shocked at the fact that the mutants had superpowers, and quickly triggered his timer. He slid out of there straight away, surprising the X-Men. Most of the X-Men were astonished that he managed to outwit them this easily. They would most likely never meet him again.

(Back in the SOL)
Crow: Well, that’s all right. We don’t know what’s going on either since this fanfic has changed on us suddenly. I’m afraid we might lose our control of the situation.

Continued in part 10
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