Doctor Who and the X-Men: The Director’s Cut fanfic – Part 10

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Part 10.

(Back in the SOL)

Tom: [singing] Ain’t gonna sit through this again.

After a brief jaunt to the future timeline (Earth-9910) Bishop wanted to visit, the TARDIS rematerialised in the X-Men’s grounds, and the Doctor went out to give his goodbyes. Bishop had come back with the Doctor, this was his home now.

Having no more reason to stay on within the X-Men’s universe, the Doctor was preparing to enter the TARDIS again, together with Hindle and his companions, who were on the X-Men’s Mansion grounds, playing a little baseball game with the X-Men. The game had stopped as soon as the TARDIS had materialised.

The Doctor told the X-Men that now they were prepared for whenever they might meet the Adversary and the Mara. He hoped to be back there when this would happen someday.

(Back in the SOL)

Tom: [singing] Someday in Paris…

After the Doctor had computed the correct values to return to his normal universe, and corrected some faulty circuitry he decided it was time to leave.
Adric, Tegan, Nyssa, the Sliders and Hindle rejoined the Doctor in the TARDIS after all of them said their goodbyes to the X-Men. The Doctor went back out of the TARDIS and thanked Xavier for the last time. “No, I have to thank you for bringing us Roma’s message!” said a happy Xavier.

After entering the TARDIS, the Doctor told Hindle, “I presume you would wish me to attempt to return you back where you were abruptly taken from.”

Hindle replied “Yes. Though, Doctor, I remind you that Deva Loka is still stuck in a time-loop. Could you help solve it?”

“I can make an attempt. Our next destination should be Deva Loka if all goes well.” the Doctor commented, then looked towards the Sliders. “What about you Sliders, do you want to come along, or will you go your own way?”

“We would like to discuss among ourselves first, to make our decision, if you do not mind” Arturo told the Doctor.

Remmy said that he would prefer that the Doctor would attempt to take them home if it were possible.

Wade felt much in agreement with Remmy.

Arturo expressed that this might be a better idea than keeping on Sliding on their own. They had faced so many dangers. The prospect of the alternate future where Arturo would have died, was not something he liked. He would choose to go on with the Doctor and his TARDIS.

Quinn thought it would still be more reliable than their timer. With their timer they could not simply attempt to go back to their own parallel earth which they called Earth Prime. And should they meet the Kromaggs again, they would have the experienced help of the Doctor.

So it was decided that the Sliders would from now on join the Doctor. He would attempt to take them to their own universe. It was still not determined which one this way, so the Doctor decided to try and determine this. He brought out some other instruments and examined the Sliders.
The instrument indicated that the Sliders were from the Doctor’s own universe. “This simplifies things”, the Doctor commented.

“Our next stop is: Deva Loka, to stop the time-loop!” the Doctor said and set the co-ordinates for his own universe.

The Doctor operated the central console. The central column rose slowly and the TARDIS dematerialised promptly. A familiar demodulating, wheezing, groaning and pulsating noise could be heard before it dematerialised and slided through the vortex again.

“Farewell Doctor” said Rogue looking at the spot where the TARDIS was.

“and good luck.”

(Back in the SOL)

Crow: Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease say it’s the end.mst3ksilhouette

Tom: Huzzah! We’ve to returned to HTML 5! It’s almost over!

Crow: It is I think.

Tom: Come on, fellas, we are *outta here!*

All: Woo-hoo!


[SOL. Everyone is visibly tired. Even Cambot is slumping a little, meaning our view is lower than normal.]

Mike: Wow, that was a tough one.

Crow: Yes.

Tom: Yes.

Mike: Yes.

Crow: Yes.

Tom: Yes.

Mike: Ye – hey, wait a minute! What’s going on?

Tom: It’s as if the will to live has been sucked from me.

Crow: I’m disapp.. [ Crow promptly disappears ]

Mike: Where did Crow go?

Tom: I don’t know.

Mike: Huh, I guess Doctor Forrester finally won.

Tom: What’s going on? Why is everything going… [ Tom promptly disappears as does Mike ]

[Dr F enters the room]

Dr F: Where is everyone? [ and disappears! ]
Continued in the Postscriptum

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