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FANFIC PREVIEW: WhoSliders v3 – Immortal Squad #0 (Happy new year 2017!)

Welcome to this new CROSSOVER FANFIC Preview for Immortal Squad which is the Third Volume of WhoSliders. It follows the Doctor Who Season 10 ending ¬†where the immortals Clara and Me are left to roam the universe in their stolen TARDIS. ¬†Clara having been taken from the moment before her death, is now an immortal. Me is an immortal (previously called Ashildr) thanks to the Doctor’s intervention in the past.

This story occurs after the last episode of Season 10 of the new Doctor Who.

The Timelords of Gallifrey have gathered a team to handle this situation. They are a ‘Suicide Squad’ of sorts, the majority being mostly evil beings; or an ‘Immortal Squad’, as the members are all immortals. They have been implanted with a bomb in their head which, should they fail to obey the Timelords, will be exploded, resulting in their death.

The Team will be led by Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. (from the tv series). It consists of:

  • Sabretooth
  • Angel (from Buffy)
  • The Elseworlds Vampire Batman
  • A Cyberman
  • Owen Harper (removed from time too before his death like Clara)
  • Dr Leekie (from the series Orphan Black, just before his death)
  • Kilgrave (from the series Jessica Jones, just before his death)

This is still being written and will be posted later in this new year 2017. Happy new year!