Character Profile: Remmy aka Rembrandt Lee Brown

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Remmy aka Rembrandt Lee Brown was played by Cleavant Derricks on the tv show Sliders.

The musician Rembrandt whose stage name was “Crying Man” lived in San Francisco in 1994.
Wade in “Summer of Love” says that Rembrandt is a Gemini, however a “slide online” feature of the SciFi Channel’s Sliders website listed Rembrandt’s birthdate to be March 4, 1955.
He has served time in the US Navy, and appears throughout the five year run of the tv show.

Remmy was trapped into Quinn’s sliding vortex together with his car, and ended up joining the Sliders’ adventures through multiple parallel universes.

At a point during the tv series, Wade and Remmy could slide back to Earth-Prime (Earth-001 as enumerated by this site), and the Kromaggs enslaved that earth. However, that earth does have a Clark Kent (similar to Smallville up to yr 6) who may be the one from DC’s new Earth-One GN.
Wade was sent to a Kromagg breeding camp since Rembrandt couldn’t tell the Kromaggs what he did not know. He was liberated from Kromagg prison by Sliders Quinn and Maggie Beckett about a month after Wade was taken. This experience had left him with strong guilt feelings towards what happened to Wade, as well as anger toward the Kromaggs.

Thankfully, Remmy and the others’ encounter with the Doctor resulted in timeline changes which meant that the original sliders were all still alive. He still remembers the original timeline because Alt-Rembrandt was merged with Rembrandt. His guilt feelings have now faded since the timeline change and merging of the two Remmys.

The story of Remmy continues in the fanfic series WhoSliders volume 1.

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