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Welcome to the new version of Scirev.Net’s fanfic site.

Fanfics are the Webmaster’s – Mr Scirev is my pseudonym – and they will be posted here (both previously posted and new ones).

For the time being to view all the previously posted fanfics click here.

Fanfic Categories:

Series still being written:
Star Trek 2009


Not currently being written, but more fics are likely to be written still!
7th Doctor Adventures
8th Doctor Adventures
9th Doctor Adventures
10th Doctor Adventures

Alternate Doctor Adventures
Stargate Adventures
Other Crossovers

Completed series:
WhoSliders Volume 2 – Rose’s Sliders

5th Doctor Adventures (Pre-WhoSliders)
WhoSliders Volume 1
5th Doctor Adventures (Post-WhoSliders v1)


Fanfics by others hosted on this website

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