Review Flashback: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”, “Prophecy Girl” and “When She Was Bad”

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I continued my viewing of Buffy episodes. I tend not to watch in one go but I prefer to post a flashback summary.

1×11 “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”buffy-season1

An ok episode about an invisible girl who tries to kill Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) and her friends. Not vampire related. Could have been more interesting as I’m not sure why she wanted to take revenge. It wasn’t their fault she became invisible in the first place.


1×12 “Prophecy Girl” is the final episode of year one. It shows the trio – Buffy, Willow and Xander – starting to unravel, the way I see it. SPOILERS for this part:




Xander is attracted to Buffy, and perhaps she is too, but she turned him down when he asked her out for the prom. Perhaps it’s because she will be putting him in danger if they start a relationship. Or perhaps she prefers Angel – a Vampire who doesn’t want to kill anymore – to Xander. I don’t know at this point.

There’s this Prophecy about Buffy ending up dead when she tries to kill the Master, and how she will be led by the little one (that part was a rather unique interpretation of Isaiah from the bible, I thought). She overhears this, and as soon as she sees the Vampire child, she follows him. Very silly on her part. The Master is one of the oldest Vampires in the Buffyverse and stays underground usually. Is he the equivalent of Dracula? She isn’t exactly winning against the Master.

Meanwhile Xander wants Angel to take him to the Master. He’s got guts. The Vampires are gathering, and they will do that at the Prom, Giles thinks. Only he’s wrong. Buffy’s going to the Master is what sets him free. The Master bites Buffy’s neck and he comments on her dress leaving her. Xander and Angel arrive too late. Buffy is apparently dead.

Xander doesn’t give up, and Buffy revives. The first thing she sees is Xander. Meanwhile the Vampires attack the school and the library. My thought is she could have started to become a Vampire but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

To make things worse the hideous Hellmouth attacks the library too. With lots of tentacles. The effects aren’t too super here, reminiscent of some old Doctor Who effects, yet the story works fine. Ms Calendar helps Giles and Willow. Cordelia is there too.

Buffy comes back. “You were supposed to die” the Master tells her. “What can I say? I flunked the written”, is her response. The hellmouth is closed, the Master dead  – left as a skeleton – and the Vampires are defeated.

Too bad we don’t see the school Prom at all.

2×1 – “When She Was Bad”

Yay, a Planet of the Apes reference, a Star Wars one and a Cibo Matto one. Xander is over Buffy, he claims.

Xander is about to kiss Willow, when a Vampire crops up just between them. Then Buffy returns from her holidays. She didn’t slay anything in the holidays. Her father comments to her mum that Buffy was “distant”.

Mr Snyder, the new Principal, refers to students as “locusts”. And Xander calls Giles “G-Man”. Buffy reminds us that Giles is the Watcher and she is the Slayer.

Later, Buffy is with Willow and Xander when Giles comes because there is some invasion by vampires.

Giles says he has killed her once and he can do it again. It turn out that Giles is really the Master, and Buffy wakes up from a dream.

Angel warns Buffy about the anointed one, the vampire child. She treats him coldly, he tells her he missed her before he leaves.

Buffy is distant to everyone and mean to Cordelia. I think this will lead to something eventually.

Cordelia knows about Buffy and Vampires but their secret is safe with her.

The anointed one is digging up the Master’s skeleton. Cibo Matto plays..

Buffy asks Xander to dance with her. “Okayy” he says, while Angel and Willow look at them. They dance, then she just leaves.

Cordelia calls her a bitch, Buffy leaves again, then Cordelia is captured.

I thought Cordelia finds Ms Calendar dead at this point but she isn’t.

Then Buffy sees a vampire, plus the Master’s grave is empty.

Willow thinks Buffy may be possessed. Giles doesn’t think so. She may have “issues”. Then she comes and tells them “The Master’s gone”.

To revive him the vampires need his bones and Buffy’s blood. She leaves but the others get trapped in the meantime – Giles, Willow, Cordelia and Jenny Calendar have been captured.

At the end we see Buffy destroy the Master’s bones completely making any return impossible.

So, is she attracted to Xander or not? Hmmm.