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Some klaxons began to sound throughout Cheyenne Mountain.. 
Something had happened.. An SG-1 GDO signal had been received and the Stargate had been opened, only a number of Cybermen came through the gate.. and Jacob – Sam Carter’s father – was one of them…  This was a foothold situation now.

This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring Rose from Doctor Who (the new BBC tv series) – and a new Sliders team.

Story (C) 2007-2015 Mr SciRev

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see WhoSliders 21. It occurs Post-Doomsday, probably contemporary to Smith and Jones.

rose's sliders
What you need to know:
What if you could go to different earths? Same planet, different dimension and universe. Rose Tyler has found the gateway.

The Doctor is currently travelling with Martha. He is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. He has lost Rose to Earth-776. Interdimensional travel seems impossible so he can never meet her again.
Rose Tyler has formed a Torchwood team of Who-Sliders – Computer specialist and expert Jade Wells, Quantum Physicists Professor Arthur Maximillian and Conn Mallory, Police Liason Jeff Slade, Medic Liz Parker plus Mickey Smith who came along for the ride quite willingly. Together they slide from parallel earth to parallel earth, trying to find Earth-777, where the Doctor is located…

The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey [Universe-777, the Stargate Universe] who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his tenth incarnation (9th regeneration). He is the survivor of the Time War which saw his homeworld Gallifrey destroyed completely.

The original who-Sliders, after having managed to travel back to Earth-001, have kept experimenting with dimensional travel. Years have passed since the Sliders returned. They are no longer able to slide and have lost contact with the Doctor.”

Earth-494, 2007

Some klaxons began to sound throughout Cheyenne Mountain.. cheyenne mountain
Something had happened.. An SG-1 GDO signal had been received and the Stargate had been opened, only a number of Cybermen came through the gate.. and Jacob – Sam Carter’s father – was one of them… He was more CyberJacob now.
This was a foothold situation.
General Teal’c was in the gate room at the time. He ordered a base lockdown, quickly, sections would be isolated until the situation was resolved. The Cybermen had taken a portable machine to cyberise people.. to make them into cybermen. Soon the soldiers ended up being cyberised, at least those who were still alive. Their humanity was drowned out of them.. what little remained was without emotion, without the heart that makes people human. What remained was a wheel in the cybermen machine…
Teal’c tried to use zat guns on them but the energy zats only made the metallic intruders stronger.
In a few moments the Cybermen surrounded Teal’c and began to turn him into one of them, a Cybermen. They began to chant together, in a haunting monotone voice, “We are One..We are One..We are One..”..
His symbiote fought back to resist the transformation and it was slowed down considerably.


Sam’s Laboratory

Meanwhile, in Sam’s laboratory, no longer a prisoner, Jade was now allowed to use Sam’s computer while Sam worked with her to prevent the Cybermen taking over the main server computer. They attempted to block the access points the Cybermen were using in the gate room, isolating them from the rest of the complex.
“You know, I just got married last week!” Sam told Jade.
“You should be on your honeymoon then..” Jade replied “definitely not here!”
“I had work to do..”
Suddenly Sam’s father, Jacob, who had been Cyberised back on the planet Dakara, entered the laboratory and tried to distract her.
“Sam, it’s me” he said.
The voice was his, it sounded human enough, though he didn’t look much like her father any more with the metallic chest plate and robotic face now.. somewhere inside this silvery humanoid figure, he was still there, Sam thought.
Jade tried to get her to notice it isn’t her dad anymore.. he’s pretending to be her father, to distract her.
Sam did not want to shoot her father. It was too late when Sam picked up her zat gun, aiming at the cyberman.. the system had been taken over already.
Jade told her “No, don’t use that, it only makes them stronger!”.
So Sam dropped it, being effectively useless, and left the room with Jade, to try and get another weapon. They managed to get to a weapons storage unit which thankfully was in this same section and opened it to get a P90 submachine gun and a staff weapon. “These should work”, Jade said.
“I hope so”, Sam said, pointing towards a cyberman who was rapidly approaching them. The cybermen had overridden the base lockdown, thanks to the cyberised Teal’c.

Briefing Room

Jeff, Rose, Mickey and Liz were hidden in the briefing room, trying to brainstorm a solution to get out of this nightmare. They couldn’t just find Jade, Conn and Arthur and slide out, as Rose’s mobile phone was indicating that they still had to spend a day on this world before they would have to leave.

“I hate this timing thing!” Mickey exclaimed.
“Well you followed us. You didn’t have to come”, Rose answered.

Liz flashed back to a day in Roswell when some aliens were defeated by an element outside of their body chemistry.
“But what might work to defeat these Cybermen”, she asked, looking at Rose who was next to her.
Rose looked back at Liz and said “Gold dust. It worked back in Universe-777, but the alternate universe cybermen I met were defeated by getting them in touch with their human emotions.”


In a corridor, Professor Arthur and Conn opened an armoury which was inside the wall on their left. They took some weapons and left the zat guns there as they were useless against the cybermen.

protocybersSome cybermen came down the corridor, and Conn and Arthur hid themselves down a side passage. Conn fired a P90 at the first of the group of five, and brought it down. Arthur had an enhanced grenade, which he threw at the rest. With a good explosion, those cybermen were quite damaged. Still moving and trying to fire their Cyberweapons at Conn, who managed to evade their blasts and blew them up completely. A large smudge of foamy stuff came out of the cybermen and it filled the floor. Conn noted that their artificial bodies were made of gold. The two kept walking on, in an attempt to find their friends.
Soon they encountered Sam and Jade. The Professor with Sam decided to go and set up an EM pulse generator, which they surmised might stop the cybermen. In the meantime Jade and Conn would try to find the others.

Briefing Room

Mickey, Jeff, Rose and Liz heard some steps and the door was about to be opened, so they crouched under the desk. Turns out it was Jade and Conn!
Conn made a reference to the fact that these cybermen were made of gold, so Rose said “Gold dust would not work then”, and she explained the whole gold dust theory.
Conn got an idea. “Perhaps we can use another element, such as oil, silver, water or some other metal.”

Other Laboratory

Sam and the Professor were hard at work. They had set up the generator, and set up a routine pulse for it to emit. This might play havoc with electronic equipment for some time, until it would be switched off.
They heard steps and their hearts began to beat faster. Who was it now?
Agent Kerry Johnson entered the laboratory. She had just taken a few steps when a blast struck her…
Bleeding, she fell to the floor, dead. It was a cyberman who had shot her. Sam switched on the device, but it had no effect at all on the cyberman.
“We surrender! We surrender!” Professor Arthur shouted.

Briefing Room

Liz carried some oil on her in a bottle, while Jeff carried some strips of silver. Jade carried some drinking water in a small bottle. Conn was carrying some strips of platinum and Rose had decided to take some sand with her. The sand was a sample which had been obtained from the planet Abydos by SG-1. They did not know what would work. But they had to try.
They left the room and set for the corridors. Soon they encountered a couple of cybermen and Jade threw some of her water at one of them. It had no effect. Jade ran back and in the meantime Conn threw a strip of platinum at the other cyberman. Still no effect. The cyberman started to take aim, so Rose talked to it, trying to stall it.
“I order you cybermen to stop NOW in the name of the intergalactic Shadow Proclamation treaty.”
Jeff threw a strip of silver at the cybermen, which did not even tickle them.

The Cybermen, on hearing of this treaty, stopped to think. They looked at Rose and said:
“Human. How do you know of the Shadow Proclamation?”

“I’ve travelled with the Doctor. I’ve been to the end of the world and more.
I’ve defeated your kind before. I’ll do it again” she said as she threw some of the sand into their chestplates. They started screaming and yelling.. death screams.. green liquid and foam started coming out of their mechanical bodies and they fell down promptly, dying.

“Good choice, Rose! The sand has corrupted their breathing filters, which made them suffocate.” Conn explained.

“Time to find more sand..” Jeff said.

Sam’s Laboratory

Sam and Professor Arthur had been taken to Sam’s Laboratory. The cyberman, who had been Teal’c, had done a scan and determined for sure that Arthur was not from this universe. Thus there was technology that allowed interdimensional travel, and the Cybermen did not have this. They had to obtain it. So they began interrogating them. Sam was not going to talk but Arthur was not strong enough to resist.
Arthur soon gave the details away and the Cybermen took them out of the room.
Rose and the others had been joined by Daniel who had been wounded by a cyberman earlier.
They were all carrying small bags of sand, as a weapon against the cybermen. It was very effective and would kill them practically instantly.

CyberTeal’c looked at them quizzingly as Rose threw some sand onto his chestplate. There was no way to restore their humanity, Rose had explained, so they had no choice… Another cyberman came in as the other cyberman lay dying. He had been Jacob. Sam took some sand and aimed it at this cyberman – CyberJacob.
Sam soon got the idea to remove the air from rooms only cybermen were in and to put sand through the air filters of the base. All that handled the remaining cybermen, and the foothold was over.

Gateroom, Cheyenne Mountain, Earth-494, 2007

It was time now for the WhoSliders team to leave. Rose and the others said their goodbyes to Sam and Daniel. This world, unfortunately, had not met the Doctor – any Doctor.

They went via the gate again to P10X-920-494, which was where they had gated from. Then they opened a wormhole back to P10X-920-776, the same world in the universe the team came from.

Their main sliding device with a naquadha generator was located there. It was their link to back home.

If they didn’t go there, they would end up lost, which was not something they wanted to try.

P10X-920-776, 2007

After some time, the team decided to try to find another reality to go to. Perhaps they would find Earth-777 and the Doctor this time.

Rose set her smartphone, run the sliding app and a wormhole opened. They leapt through it and…

P10X-920-231, 2007

.. when they landed, they could see they were on Conaxia. The signs littered across the landscape said so, at least. ‘Conaxia, the land of plenty‘.

Only it was quite barren and cold now.
“Hello, Rose!” Rose and the others heard this voice quite clearly.
“Welcome to Conaxia! I am the White Guardian!”


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 23 “KEYQUEST” begins with “HAZY SHADE OF WINTER” !

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These cybermen are NOT the ones from Mondas-777 or Earth-776! They are not affected by Zat Gun blasts. 777 universe Cybermen are susceptible to electricity blasts like zats, energy weapons, such as lasers and high voltage electrocution…