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  1. 55lw6500

    Hey, friend your is a Great page. I like this, I have already shared it on facebook.

  2. This is a Jump Start Title – they make only the best! However, this one the Jump Start Animal Adventures – is very easy to use -I help at a day care cneetr – in the computer department – working with three, four and five year olds on the computers – they went wild over this title – the graphics are great the music is great – it still uses the mouse for picture taking but in the games the introduction to the use of the arrow keys and the space bar is a nice, very nice touch. It has got “just the right balance of knowledge learning and game fun – the three skill levels are great with this added touch all children can progress at their own speed – I have a five year old, girl, whos birthday came at the wrong time of the year last year for her to go to kindergarten this last year – she is playig it on level 3 and loves it – she really loves the “Animal Smarts” game at the end. I also have a four year old boy who is at the same level as my five year old girl. Yes, I must admit, I am the five year old girl’s Grandmother as well as I have her in my computer class at day care – Buy this – you will “NOT” be SORRY – Thank you!

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