Parallel Earths Page 3


This is a list of parallel earths, provided for reference, from my fanfics as well as from Doctor Who,Star Trek,Marvel,DC and Sliders.

Compilation (C) 2002-2015 Mr SciRev

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Earth-10005 X-Men Movie Adaptation Universe, seen in the X-Men, X2, X-Men 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: First Class movies.

Earth-10081 – Alternate Arkon, Polemachus Alternate Earth with natural laws more similar to ours – JLA/Avengers.

Earth-10101 – Exiles #12 (known)
Home world of Vision from Weapon X.
First numbered in Exiles #83 (2006).
Earth-10102 Machine World. Exiles v4 #4 (2009).

Earth-11052 – X-Men Evolution Earth. (X-Men Evolution tv series)

Earth-11113 Fantastic Four vol. 3 #47 (2001)
Home world of the Five for the Future.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-11993 What If? vol. 2 #45 (1993)
Barbara Ketch became Ghost Rider; Dan Ketch killed.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.

Earth-12498 (Upper Dimensional Space) (FF#570)

Earth-15104 X-Men vol. 2 #150 (2004)
Here Comes Tomorrow storyline in which Sublime/Beast resurrects Jean Grey 150 years in the future.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-15731 Exiles #72 (2005)
An alternate (but very close approximation to the original) New Universe visited by the Exiles while chasing
the Proteus of Earth-58163 through the multiverse in Exiles #72-74. Divergent events include the disappearance
of Justice (taken as a host by Proteus, later dying on Earth-6375), and alterations in the histories of
Star Brand wielder Ken Connell and the D.P.7.

Earth-20051 – Marvel Adventures earth (according to MA: Fantastic Four #25 –

Earth-20152 Marvel Comics Super Special #1 (1977)
Homeworld of a superheroic version of Kiss.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #4 (“Elf with a Gun” entry).
Earth-20476 Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #204 (1976)
Bruce Banner of Earth-616 attempted to travel back in time in a machine of Dr. Kerwin Kronus, his efforts to
prevent himself from becoming the Hulk resulted in a divergent reality in which he succeeded, but Rick Jones had died;
Banner went back into the past and attempted to reverse these events, returning him to Earth-616.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-21989 Marvel Tales #219 (1989)
Home world of Marvel Babies.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-21993 What If? vol. 2 #46 (1993)
Cable destroys the X-Men.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-23238 Excalibur vol. 1 #23 (1990)
Home world of Justicer Bull, the Justicers and Lord High Justicer.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.

Earth-23895 – storm’s earth (exiles #83)

Earth-27536 – Exiles v1 #89 (2007)
Reality where the Exiles battled the Sinister Six.
First numbered in Exiles #89 (2007).
Earth-27537 – Exiles v1 #89 (2007)
Reality where the Exiles battled the Serpent Society.
First numbered in Exiles #89 (2007).
Earth-27538 – Exiles v1 #89 (2007)
Reality where the Exiles battled the Hellfire Club.
First numbered in Exiles #89 (2007).
Earth-26749 – Marville #1
Great Lakes Avengers reality-warp.
This Earth could be first seen in Marville mini-series and later seen in GLA mini-series (which included KalAOL of Marville in a cameo appearance).

Earth-29007 – Peaceful Earth – all heroes and villains were transported to Battleworld, not a secret war. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#3)

also known as the Supremeverse Supreme Power #1 (2003)
Alternate version of the Squadron Supreme.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-32000 X-Men Unlimited vol. 1 #26 (2000)
Ages of Apocalypse; Apocalypse reality warps Earth-616 using the Twelve; set in the future.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-33629 Exiles Annual #1 (2006)
World where a disgruntled alternate Grandmaster formed his own team of the original Exiles lineup to combat the actual Exiles.
Earth-40800 – Red Raven Comics #1 (1940)
Home world of Comet Pierce and Avis Jort. Occurs in 2150 A.D. where humanity spread throughout planets and moons of the solar system.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.

Earth-41001 – X-Men: The End Earth. GeNext is in this reality too.
Earth-41483 Female Punisher Earth (mentioned in Exiles: Days of Then and Now (2008))

also known as Earth-Razorline Razorline: The First Cut #1 (Sept. 1993)
Clive Barker’s Razorline imprint, home world of Ectokid, Saint Sinner, Hyperkind and Hokum & Hex.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.

Earth-51977 Peter Parker Nova Earth (What If? #15 (Vol 1))
After being bitten by a radioactive spider and ending up in hospital, his aunt dies. Then Parker who can’t walk anymore becomes Nova.
He saves Uncle Ben from being shot by a thug but ends up killing the thief as the latter’s bullet ricochets. The embittered Parker can’t live with this
and throws the Nova costume away.

Earth-56330 IDW Infestation Earth AKA Dimension Z. (Arbitrary number assigned)

Earth-57780 Spidey Super Stories #1 (1974)
Home world of Jennifer of the Jungle, Captain Mighty, Mad Scientist, Wall and Blowhard.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-58163 Morph’s Earth. Exiles #98
also known as House of M House of M #2 (2005)
Magneto began a mutant movement which caused human mutants to be the majority and baseline humans to be the minority. An altered Earth-616.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #6 (“Justice” entry).

Earth-58470 – Howard the Duck movie universe.

Earth-59462 Uncanny X-Men #462 (2005) (mentioned)
Home world of the Sky Captain of the Captain Britain Corps.
Earth-60672 Strange Tales #72 (1960)
World managed by the super-computer Colossus.
First numbered in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.
Earth-61067 Star Trek Mirror Mirror Universe.

Earth-74101 Fantastic Four vol. 1 #151 (1974)
Machus reality before merging with Femizonia.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-77105 What If? v1 #5 (What if Captain America & Bucky had not disappeared at end of WWII)
Earth-78127 What If? v1 #7 (Captain Spider)
also known as Dinosaur World Devil Dinosaur vol. 1 #1 (1978)
Home world of Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy.
First numbered in Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters #1 (November 2005)

Earth-79715 Helen Taylor Nova Earth – Helen Taylor is granted the powers of Nova and becomes a vigilante. The Fantastic Four take her down and trap her in the Negative Zone. (What If #15 Vol 1)

Earth-80510 – New Star Trek Federation Earth Mirror Universe (Star Trek 2009 onwards)
Vulcan destroyed in TOS time.
Earth-82432 What If? vol. 1 #32 (1982)
Korvac defeats the Avengers (diverges from Avengers I#177) and continues with his plans for universal domination.
Thwarted, he ultimately ends up erasing this entire reality and himself using the Ultimate Nullifier.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #6 (“Korvac” entry).
Earth-82801 What If? vol. 1 #34 (1982)
The Fantastic Four are literally bananas.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-83234 Bizarre Adventures #34 (1983)
Howard the Duck never arrived on Earth.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #5 (“Howard the Duck” entry).
also known as Earth-Shadowline Dr. Zero #1 (1988)
On this Earth, there are no superhuman beings save for “shadows” – they are similar to humankind, but
are a completely distinct species in terms of abilities (and occasionally) appearance. This is also the
homeworld of Terror.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.

Earth-89112 What If? vol. 2 #6 (1989)
S’ym and the hordes of Limbo succeed in conquering and corrupting Earth. The Living Tribunal nearly erases
this reality, but the sacrifice of the Phoenix Force – which purges the demons – stays his hand.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #6 (“Living Tribunal” entry).
Earth-89947 Excalibur vol. 1 #44 (1991)
Home world of Enforcer Capone.
Noted in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-90110 What If? vol. 2 #19 (1990)
The Ultravision’s Utopia; home world of the Cosmic Avengers.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-90111 What If? vol. 2 #19 (1990)
The Ultravision’s Dystopia; Genoshan bombing of U.S.A. sends world into chaos, Ultravision prepares to conquer universe.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-90210 – Old Man Logan Earth. Wolverine #66 (2008)
Earth-90651 Marvel Fanfare #51 (1990)
Reality where Silver Surfer stayed on earth with Mantis and her son Sprout.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #8 (“Quoi” entry).
Earth-91111 What If? vol. 2 #30 (1991)
Invisible Woman dies in second childbirth; baby Suzy becomes a monstrous creature and is banished to the Negative Zone by her brother, Franklin Richards.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-91112 What If? vol. 2 #30 (1991)
Mary, the daughter of Susan Storm and Reed Richards, brings about a new age of peace.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
also known as the Ultraverse Hardcase #1 (1993)
Home of most Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse characters (including Prime, Hardcase and others) centered around an Alderson disk concept known as the Godwheel.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-93091 Avengers: Terminatrix Objective #1 (1993)
Odexis, set in 9999 A.D.; home of Revelation.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #11 (“Terminatrix” entry).
Earth-93112 Warlock and the Infinity Watch #12 (1993)
Alternate future dominated by the Magus; home world of Maxam.
First numbered in Marvel Legacy: The 1970s Handbook.
Earth-93122 Death Wreck #2 (1994)
Set in 2053 A.D.; home world of Dredge.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005 (“2020 A.D.” entry).
Earth-93411 Motormouth & Killpower #11 (1993)
World of CARE (Citizen’s Assistance Resource Executive) and the Electro-Vampires; visited by Motormouth and Killpower.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #7 (“Motormouth” entry).
Earth-95121 Fantastic Force #12 (1995)
Alternate world where the Red Ghost and the Super-Apes became the Fantastic Four; possibly destroyed by Vangaard.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-95122 Fantastic Force #12 (1995)
Fantastic Four had alternate powers; Ben is human in appearance with super-strength;
Reed is Modok-like; Johnny X-rays and Sue has energy powers. This reality was possibly destroyed by Vangaard.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.

Earth-96020 Avengers: Timeslide (1996)
Home of a teenaged Tony Stark who replaced Earth-616’s Iron Man for a short period before Onslaught’s attack.
After returning from the pocket universe created by young Franklin Richards, Tony’s memories were merged with
the original Earth-616 Tony plus the young Tony from this earth.
First numbered in Marvel Legacy: The 1990s Handbook.

Earth-97102 What If? vol. 2 #100 (1997)
Fantastic Four sent to Oz-like world after space flight.
First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-98120 Avengers Forever #1 (1998)
Genis-Vell and Songbird marry and have a son, Ely. However, the Council of Aligned Planets exterminate
90% of Earth’s population, including Songbird, in an attempt to slay Genis (they only succeed in crippling him).
Ely grows up to become a destroyer of worlds under the guidance of the imprisoned Magus, dark side of Adam Warlock.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #6 (“Magus” entry).
Earth-98125 Marvel Vision #25 (1998)
Home world of a Captain Britain who chose both the Amulet of Life and the Sword of Death.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-98151 Marvel Team-Up vol. 2 #5 (1998)
A reality where the villainous Authority used the Globe of Ultimate Knowledge to absorb all known information,
thus eventually controlling the entire universe.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #1 (“Authority” entry).
also known as Dino-World Excalibur vol. 1 #9 (1989) (mentioned)
Home of Britannicus Rex and the Dinosaur People.
First seen in Excalibur vol. 1 #51 (1992). First numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four.
Earth-105709 What If? vol. 2 #9 (1990)
X-Men died on their mission against Krakoa; one of the worlds where the Living Laser escaped via
Uatu’s alternate Earths portals in Quasar #6 and Quasar #30.
First numbered in Quasar #30.

Earth-120185 Transformers #1 (1984)
The reality encompassing the Marvel UK incarnation of the Transformers, Action Force and others.
Notably, it is not the same reality featured in the Marvel U.S. Transformers comic book series,
but rather an expanded version of it. The first UK-originated story is printed in UK issue #9.
This Earth’s numerical designation is a reference to the date of publication of this issue, the 12th of January, 1985.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #3 (“Death’s Head” entry).
Also known as the New Universe Star Brand #1 (1986)
Jim Shooter created a line of Marvel comics taking place in a separate universe based in a “more realistic setting.”
Superpowers were given to several people in a deus ex machina called the White Event.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-187319 Destroyed in Exiles #98 by Reed Richards
Exiles #95 (2007)
Reality where Victor von Doom is the leader of the Four Fantastic. This earth (only earth, not the reality)
was destroyed by Reed Richards – Mole Man.
First numbered in Exiles #96.

Earth-199999 – Marvel Studios Movie Adaptation Universe, as seen in the Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man (1 & 2), The Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor 2 movies and related games and extras.

Earth-200902 – Spider-Ma’am Earth (my earth designation, as not numbered anywhere) (Amazing Spider-Family #3)

Earth-701306 – Darevil and Elektra Movie Adaptations Earth.

Also known as Army of Darkness Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes #1 (2004)
Reality encompassing the Dynamite Army of Darkness comics. Ash Williams of this universe visited Earth-2149 and
battled the Marvel Zombies in Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness (2007).
First numbered in Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities.
So named after the release dates of the Evil Dead Trilogy (1981, 1987 and 1993).

X-Men: The Animated Series.
Was destroyed by the shattering of the M’Kraan Crystal. Officially named in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Volume 5.

Earth-1789002 – Initiative succeeded & Superhero Civil War averted because of enhanced ability serum. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#2)

Center Dimensions (Universes with Potentially Different Natural Laws): (as stated in Sorcerer Supreme #21)
Negative Zone-616 – Universe parallel to Earth-616’s. All matter though is negatively charged. Negative Zone Prison Alpha can be found here.
Home of Blastaar and Annihilus. (there are other Negative Zone-‘s paired with a corresponding universe)

Polemachus – Arkon’s Universe.

Pocket Dimensions (Top-Most Universes):
Asgard – Thor’s Dimension (but not in the Marvel movies)
Apokolips-A – Darkseid’s Parallel Universe – the one in the main DC comics
Apokolips-B – The one from ANOTHER NAIL where Darkseid died
Apokolips-C – Darkseid raised Superman in THE DARK SIDE
Apokolips-D – Kingdom Come Apokolips
Piradell – Justice League of America’s Vibe. Hasn’t been numbered.
Microverse – Sub-Atomica, also Micronauts Homeworld
Mojoverse – Longshot, Mojo’s Parallel Universe
Panoptichron – Monitors and allows passage to any reality
Heroes Reborn Counter-Earth – Pocket dimension where Franklin Richards stored many of Earth’s
superheroes after the appearance of Onslaught.
Avalon – Mythical place also known as Otherworld. Home of Merlyn, Roma and the Captain Britain Corps.

Dimensions With “Irrational” Number of Spatial Dimensions:
Tiboro’s Sixth Dimension
Tazza’s Domain
Nightmare’s Dimension of Dreams
Dark Dimension (originally ruled by the Dread Dormannu, later by his sister Umar and later by Clea). The Mindless Ones exist in one pocket of this universe.

All Marks are owned by their owners.

Doctor Who is the BBC’s
Star Trek is Paramount’s

This list may not be posted or printed elsewhere without the
consent of the author.


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