Parallel Earths


This is a list of parallel earths, provided for reference, from my fanfics as well as from Doctor Who,Star Trek,Marvel,DC and Sliders.

Compilation (C) 2002-2015 Mr SciRev

Please note I have my own consistent numbering eg Earth-004. Typically I take the Marvel multiverse number, for DC multiverse there are some changes.
My universe designation number is shown on the left.
Updates from Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse series.
Added Earth-770 for Stargate Atlantis’Eidolon Earth.

New Earth-56330 for IDW’s Infestation arc.
Updates to DC’s Vertigo and Wildstorm earths. Added Earth-102 – A version of DC Earth-1 where the “CRISIS ERA” or “ALLEN ERA” continues as if Flashpoint never happened or the proper timeline WAS restored.
Updated Black Lama’s Earth (Earth-7511).
List is now split in two pages. 2nd page lists earths-10000 onwards.
Earth-660 is the Hades Universe Penal Colony used by the Multiverse Agency (THE ONE movie with Jet Lee). Number has just been invented as it will be referred to in WHOSLIDERS reposts.
DC Earth-0 is now the mainstream DC comics earth before the Sept 2011 reboot.
Earth-619 – Multiverse Magazine.
Green Lantern v4 #25 and other DC issues of the month featured a DC multiverse map, so I updated with this data.

Earth-000 – Gabriel Law’s home Earth (“The One” movie, WhoSliders#10)
Earth-001 – Sliders’ Parallel Earth (Earth Prime in Sliders). Has a Clark Kent (similar to Smallville up to yr 6) who may be the one from DC’s new Earth-One GN.
Earth-002 – DC’s Earth-2 (DCnU). Assuming this is JSA Annual 1, timeline flux has happened and as a result this is now the new Earth-2 from the new “Earth-2″ by DC Comics.
Before Pandora’s timeline meddling, this was DC’s old (pre-crisis) Earth-2, home of the original golden age Justice Society (Green Lantern v4 #25). Archer is from this earth. This earth never had superboy.

Batman of the Future (need to confirm this). Possibly Post-Zero Hour Legion.
Earth-003 – DC’s Earth-3 Crime Society of America Earth. The Jokester is a villain. Resembles pre-crisis Earth-Three and the Antimatter Earth.
Reversed Moralities. Home of Duela Dent. (52 week 52, Countdown#32)
Earth-004 – DC’s Earth-4 Charlton Earth / Captain Allen Adam’s earth, the Quantum Superman.Physics is different here. (Final Crisis – Superman Beyond 3D#1, 52 #52)
Earth-005 – DC’s Earth-5 Shazam/Fawcett Earth / Captain Marvel’s earth. A simpler Marvel family than in Earth-100 (DC Earth-1)
(52 #52, Final Crisis #7)
Earth-006 – DC’s Earth-6 – Ray Palmer calls himself the Ray. (Final Crisis-Superman Beyond 3D 01, Countdown Arena #2)
Earth-007 – DC’s Earth-7 Starwoman Earth (Countdown:Arena#2)
Earth-008 – DC’s Earth-8 Angor – Lord Havok’s Earth (Countdown to Final Crisis #29). Monitor-8 is Solomon
Earth-009 – Saturnyne’s Earth (Mighty World of Marvel # 13-issued in 1984). Saturnyne should not be confused with her alternate duplicate Courtney Ross from Earth-616.
Earth-010 – DC’s Earth-10 – Overman’s earth. Nazi’s won WWII. Home of the Quality (Freedom Fighters) characters.
English is a dead language. (52 #52, Final Crisis – Superman Beyond 3D#1)
Earth-011 – DC’s Earth-11 – Reverse Gender Earth (Arena #1;Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman Batwoman Wonderman)
Earth-012 – Exiles’ Mimic Home earth (Exiles #1). Also Reed-12’s Earth (FF#570)
Earth-013 – DC’s Earth-13 – Vertigo Earth, a world of dark and arcane heroes (Countdown:Arena#1), was recreated post-Infinite Crisis. The USA was destroyed by Monarch in Countdown:Arena issue 1.  Lately duplicates of these heroes have been shown to exist on the main DC earth (Flashpoint crossover, Flashpoint #5). Earth-013 is the earth where these heroes still exist as they did in Vertigo comics apart from the rest of the DC comics.
Earth-014 – DC’s Earth-14 – reserved for future usage
Earth-015 – Weapon X’s Spider Earth (psychotic criminal Peter Parker had combined with Carnage to become “the Spider”).. Also DC’s Earth-15 Utopian earth (world of heroes realized.. Donna Troy, Wonder Woman), Destroyed by Superman-prime who killed Superman-Zod (yes Zod was this world’s Superman) of this world. Jason Todd is the Batman (Countdown 30)
Earth-016 – DC’s Earth-16 – Super-Sons Earth (Super-Sons are Superman Jr and Batman Jr, children of the original heroes) (Countdown:Arena#1). Also purported to be the earth of Animated Young Justice, broadcast on Cartoon Network.
Earth-017 – DC’s Earth-17 – Post WWIII Apocalyptic Earth – (radioactive/wolves – Final Crisis – Superman Beyond 3D#1). Atomic Knights.
Also Earth overrun with Tripodal Daleks (imagined by Lawrence Miles on his blog in an imaginary version of Journey’s End in Doctor Who).
Timeline of this earth was altered by Mister Mind! This world was populated by many apes (so perhaps the Daleks overran the apes at some point). In fact Starman was an ape, and was killed in Countdown.(52 week 52)
This Earth has Rad-Zones(Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #1).  The Evil Agent of the anti-monitor is from this earth – he is a Dalekised Two Face. (Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #3).
Earth-018 – DC’s Earth-18 – Justice Riders Earth (ELSEWORLD Justice Riders one-shot, Countdown:Arena#1)
Earth-019 – DC’s Earth-19 – Victorian Earth or The Gaslight Earth (Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer;ELSEWORLD Gotham by Gaslight;Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #1)
Earth-020 – DC’s Earth-20 – Doc Fate and Kent Nelson’s Earth, this earth has a Society of Superheroes (Final Crisis – Superman Beyond 3D#1) with heroes styled from classic pulp fiction. Has Death Pits.(Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #1)
Earth-021 – DC’s Earth-21 – New Frontier Earth (Countdown:Arena#1). A post-coldwar earth. Monarch killed Steve Trevor of Earth-21 when recruiting Wonder Woman.
Earth-022 – Maggie’s Earth (was completely destroyed by the evil Kromaggs) (Sliders episode 3×16-17: The Exodus parts 1 & 2)
Earth-023 – DC’s Earth-23 – Batman: The Brave and the Bold’s Earth (given in the Batman:The Brave and the Bold animated series ‘Deep Cover for Batman!’)
Earth-024 – DC’s Earth-24 – reserved
Earth-025 – DC’s Earth-25 – reserved
Earth-026 – Reed Richard’s device removed powers from all Superhumans, thus there was no need for the “Initiative”. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#2)
Earth-027 – Magnus’ Earth (Exiles #1 & 83)
Earth-028 – DC’s Earth-28 – reserved
Earth-029 – DC’s Earth-29 – reserved
Earth-030 – DC’s Earth-30 – Red Son Earth – Superman is Russian. (Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer:Red Son #32)
Earth-031 – DC’s Earth-31 – Older Batman (Final Crisis #7)
Earth-032 – DC’s Earth-32 – Darkest Knight Earth. Bruce Wayne is Green Lantern. (Countdown:Arena#1)
Earth-033 – Unstable Molecules FF Earth
Earth-034 – DC’s Earth-34 – Amazonia Earth (Wonder Woman: Amazonia, British Empire under sadistical rule of King Jack, Countdown to Adventure#1)
Earth-035 – DC’s Earth-35 – Animals Earth (Final Crisis #7)
Earth-036 – Hazel Donovan Earth (yancy street)
Earth-037 – Quinn’s parents claimed to be from this earth (but weren’t) (Sliders)
Earth-038 – DC’s Earth-38 – reserved
Earth-039 – Slave Kromagg Earth (final ep of 4th season of Sliders)
Earth-040 – DC’s Earth-40 – LIBERTY FILES Earth (Arena #1)
Earth-041 – DC’s Earth-41 –  Contains Scraper Tops(Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #1)
Earth-042 – DC’s Earth-42 – reserved
Earth-043 – DC’s Earth-43 – Vampire Earth (Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain #1)
Earth-044 – DC movie and tv universe – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.
Earth-045 – Ahab creates Mondas and moves it to Uni-777 (WhoSliders #17).
Universe-45 – Council keeps all the parallel Dr Doom’s in a vegetative state, in “The Hole” (FF #571)
Earth-046 – Smallville Earth (reserved for DC – until an official number is given if ever)
Earth-047 – DC’s Earth-47 (just mentioned in JSA#22)
Earth-048 – DC’s Earth-48 – Forerunners’ Earth (Countdown to Adventure #1;Countdown #46). Harbinger’s Universe was ravaged in Infinite Crisis Fight For The Multiverse #1.
Earth-049 – DC’s Earth-49 – reserved
Earth-050 – DC’s Earth-50 – Wildstorm Universe (Wildstorm comics & Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm;52 #52). Apollo is this earth’s Superman.
Duplicates of the Wildstorm heroes such as Grifter now exist in the new DCnU. (Flashpoint) Earth-50 keeps existing as per Wildstorm comics and its appearances in DC comics before DCnU.
Earth-051 – DC’s Earth-51 Originally the Perfect Earth (Countdown to Final Crisis #19) – no crime, no disease.
Also Kamandi’s earth.
Also Sonny Sumo’s Earth (Final Crisis #7). Has Time Dilation.
Now, New New Gods live here on New Genesis, on this reconstructed Earth. (Final Crisis #7)
Earth-052 – DC’s Earth-52 – reserved
Earth-053 – DC’s Earth-2 – similar (identical?) to DC’s precrisis Earth-Two (Earth-002), JSA has merged with Infinity,Inc, known as Justice Society Infinity.
Superman is missing. Power Girl searched for him before finding her duplicate from Earth-002.
(52 week 52, Countdown:Arena,JSA Annual#1)
Earth-065 – Brother Britman’s Earth (Excalibur vol 1 #44)
Earth-066 – Negative Zone (first appeared in FF #51,1966) – arbitrary number
Earth-070 – PTSS Earth (Sliders season 2, Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome)
Earth-076 – Evil Nazi Doctor’s Earth (Lawrence Miles’ Blog, post removed)
Earth-077 – Apokalupsis Webcomics Earth
Home of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids (RRK Evangelisti Webcomic), as well as the Genemorphs, Ariya & Koron (in the 90th Century)
Earth-078 – Evil CE Doctor created the Daleks (inspired by
Earth-079 – What If v1 #14,roughly – WWII was fought in space,alphans vs betans,Sgt Nick Fury. Betans are alternates of Draconians in Dr Who.
Economical collapse of Postspacewar Germany allowed Interdimensional Space Hitler to arise to power in the first place
Earth-080 – DC Donner Superman Movies (I,II, III and IV) – does not include Superman Returns
Earth-081 – DC Superman Returns Movie – diverges from Earth-80 after Superman II, Superman had a baby…
Earth-082 – DC Flash tv series (1990-1991)

Earth-089 – DC Watchmen Comic Universe
Earth-090 – DC Watchmen Movie Universe

Earth-092 – DC’s New 52 Earth-2. After The three die in battle with Darkseid (Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman) new heroes (Flash, Green Lantern) are born. Supergirl and Robin escape to Earth-100 becoming Power Girl and the Huntress respectively there. (Earth-2 #1, World’s Finest #1)

Earth-098 – FF4 Annual 1998, diverges from Earth-616
Earth-099 – DC’s pre-Flashpoint Earth-Prime (21st century Dc superheroes are fictional except for Superman-Prime & Superboy-Prime).
(Waid/Kitson) 3boot legion is from this earth. Earth-Prime was reborn during the 2nd crisis. (Legion of 3 Worlds#5)
A powerless Superboy-Prime has returned, but the evil things he did were seen by his family in comics. (Legion of 3 Worlds#5)
Earth-100 – DC’s Earth-1 or “Prime Earth” (post-Flashpoint) of the DCnU (new 52). (PREVIOUSLY New Earth, Earth-0 or Earth-1) – mainstream DCU as per countdown,tangent. Now Post-Flashpoint.
Original “Lightning Saga” Legion 1.5 in 31st Century.
Tangent Superman’s Reign#1 called this erroneously as Earth-1. Adult legion (see Legion of 3 Worlds#3)

XS and Gates have stayed on this earth (Legion of 3 Worlds#5)
Not to be confused with the new Earth-One in graphic novels started recently.
Timeline has been altered to include Vertigo and Wildstorm heroes, Superman’s history has changed. (Flashpoint 5 etc).
Now this has become the new DC 52’s main Earth

Earth-101 – DC’s Earth-0 (Bizzarro Earth) (IC#6)
Earth-102 – A version of DC Earth-1 where the “CRISIS ERA” or “ALLEN ERA” continues as if Flashpoint never happened or possibly the proper timeline WAS restored.

Earth-103 – DC’s Earth-36 (reserved for DC)
Earth-104 – DC’s Earth-37 – THRILLKILLER Earth. Quantum-Storm’s Earth. (Batman:ELSEWORLDS Thrillkeeper,Countdown:Arena#1)
Earth-105 – DC’s Earth-39 (reserved for DC)
Earth-109 – DC’s Earth-9 (Tangent Earth) Liberated from dictator Superman. (Tangent:Superman’s Reign #1)
Earth-110 – FF-Big Town Earth
Earth-111 – Challengers of Doom Earth
Earth-112 – DC’s Earth-12 The Next Generation, Batman Beyond animated series (Countdown#21, Countdown:Arena#1)
Earth-113 – Sliders Invasion.. Sliders were captured here (Sliders: Common Ground)
Earth-123 – DC’s Earth-22 – KINGDOM COME Earth (KC Superman’s earth in JSA). Starboy had ended up here (JSA#6). JSA #22.Has a Legion in 31st century with a descendant of Superman & Wonder Woman. (New “First” appearance: 52 #52)
Earth-126 – DC’s Earth-26 – Captain Carrot earth (previously Earth-C). (Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1)
Earth-127 – Brother Mutant Earth (Exiles)
Earth-133 – DC’s Earth-33 Magical DC Earth (Countdown to Adventure #3)
Earth-144 – DC’s Earth-44 (Final Crisis#7): Metal Men (JLA) with their human leader “Doc” Tornado
Earth-145 – DC’s Earth-45 – reserved
Earth-146 – DC’s Earth-46 – reserved
Earth-147 – Kromanus’ Base Earth (Sliders Common Ground)
Earth-148 – Kylun’s Earth (Excalibur)
Earth-151 – unused
Earth-154 – Infinite Crisis 6 .. combined&destroyed
Earth-155 – Peaceful Superhero Civil War Earth. Henry Pym died of aneurism after instituting registration act with Reed Richards.
Only one major skirmish. (Dark Reign – Fantastic Four#2)
Earth-161 – X-Men Forever Earth (X-Men Forever Alpha, X-Men Forever #1-)
Earth-172 – Weapon X’s Wolverine’s Earth (exiles #83)
Earth-181 – Weapon X’s Daredevil’s Earth (exiles #83)

Earth-227 – DC’s Earth-27 – reserved

Earth-231 – Reed Richards killed Illuminati to avoid evil future. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#3)
Limbo (earth is limbo?)
P10X-920-231 – Conaxia (WhoSliders 22-23), the land of plenty, limbo?

Earth-234 – Nazi’s won WWII and millions are dead.
Earth-238 – Crooked World. Home of Captain UK, the Fury and Captain Jim Jaspers
Earth-247 – (pre-Infinite Crisis) 2nd Legion of Superheroes Earth (Post-Zero hour Reboot Legion).
XS wasn’t born on this earth (Legion of 3 Worlds#3). Archie Legion ?
Byrne’s Superman likely from this earth.
1st Series L.E.G.I.O.N & R.E.B.E.L.S.(no longer exists after 52)
All mages of this universe have lost their powers, stolen by Mordru. Kinetix is from this earth. (Legion of 3 Worlds#5)
*** This earth and its universe no longer exists in the future. (Legion of 3 Worlds#3)
Earth-253 – Protectorate Earth (X-Man)
Earth-295 – Age of Apocalypse Earth
Earth-300 – WhoSliders #25 (Rosemary;Romyne Loup & Protector’s earth)
Earth-305 – Captain Angleterre’s Earth
Earth-311 – 1602 Earth
Earth-312 – Slower timeline (Exiles)
Earth-313 – Lemurians Earth (Knights of Pendragon)
Earth-333 – Stargate SG-1 is Jack O’Neill, Rodney McKay, Indiana Jones and Teal’c. Kromaggs invade this earth (WhoSliders#27)
Earth-355 – Coal Tiger’s Earth (Avengers)
Earth-371 – Weapon X’s Gambit’s Earth (exiles)
Earth-374 – Proctor/Sersi/Ute’s Earth
Earth-398 – Morgan Le Fey’s Earth (Avengers)
Earth-400 – Inferno earth (Doctor Who: Inferno)
Earth-409 – Slidecage earth (Sliders 4×9 – Slidecage) – Thomas & Jules were left here. With the wrong equations sliding to earth-37 sends you here
Earth-444 – Black SG-1’s earth (Ripple Effect – Stargate SG-1)
Earth-445 – SGA Earth (There But For The Grace of God – Stargate SG-1) – Daniel is dead. Hammond & Jack are Generals. Stargate hq is known
as SGA.
Earth-450 – Blue Tiger Stripes SG-1’s earth (Ripple Effect – Stargate SG-1)
Earth-460 – Divergent earth (1602 series)
Earth-462 – Infinite Crisis 6 .. combined&destroyed
Earth-494 – General Teal’c’s Earth (WhoSliders 20-22). Also 1994 Elseworld a pirate world… hmmm…
Earth-501 – Trust No One Earth (WhoSliders 26)
Earth-520 – Alt.Wolverine Earth (exiles)
Earth-522 – Captain England’s Earth (Daredevils)
Earth-523 – Captain Albion’s Earth (Daredevils)

Earth-538 – Beyonder Worship Earth (remade the world into one where he is worshipped). (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#3)

Earth-541 – Star Brand Earth
Earth-552 – Blight universe (exiles #087)
Earth-555 – 2006 relaunch of newuniverse
Earth-597 – Nazi Earth (Excalibur)
Earth-602 – Il-Kaptan (Kaptan Brittanniku)’s Earth. England sought integration with Malta, becoming the Maltese Isles. Il-Kaptan is a member of the Captain Britain Corps. (Dr Who and the X-Men Post Scriptum)
Earth-612 – Japan Earth – WWII was won by the allies earlier, but the Japanese defeated the allies.

Earth-615 – One Dimension Away Earth (FF#563)
Earth-616 – Marvel Universe (the main one) – includes Asgard-616 (artificial city)
Earth-617 – Doc Samson earth
Earth-618 – unknown
Earth-619 – Multiverse Magazine’s Earth. An earth where a magazine about comics is published and was voted the best comics related magazine there.
Earth-653 – Mesmero’s earth (exiles #83)
Earth-660 – Hades Universe. Contains Stygian Penal Colony Planet used by the Multiverse Agency (THE ONE movie with Jet Lee)
Earth-665 – Forbush man’s earth
Earth-666 – Marvel Zombies earth
Earth-686 – Days of Future Past Earth
Originally my old numeration for this earth, until I found the numbering of Earth-811.
Diverges from Earth-811 when Ahab tracks down the Exiles, taking them over and makes them his
hounds. (future fic)

Earth-689 – Scarlet Centurion’s earth (then becomes Kang the conqueror) (Avengers v1 #56, Avengers Annual #2)
Earth-691 – Killraven Earth; All earth’s heroes were killed or driven off world in 2001 by the Martians – Also Guardians of the Galaxy future.
Earth-700 – A-Space or Space:1999 Earth. Also: Cassandra Locke’s earth (Marvel Lost Generation) –
skrull covert activities are exposed in the 22nd century by evidence unearthed by Locke in the past

Earth-702 – Parallel Space:1999 Earth, shown in “Another Time Another Place” and in AlphaGate #5
Earth-712 – Earth-S – Squadron Supreme’s Earth
Earth-714 – Weapon X’s Angel’s earth (exiles #83)
Earth-715 – Savage tales earth
Earth-717 – 2005 Marvel What If Universe
Earth-720 – Fifth Dimension – FF earth (Strange Tales #103, FF#162) – no is my designation as none was given)
Earth-721 – Earth-A – FF earth (FF#118, 160, 161-163;Uncanny X-Men #435-436;She Hulk II #21)
Earth-723 – Starbrand earth
Earth-741 – Captain Empire’s earth.. british empire still rules
Earth-744 – Captain Airstrip-One’s earth
Earth-763 – Avenger Beast’s Earth. Exiles v4 #1 (2009)
Earth-770 – Eidolon Earth (Stargate Atlantis Novel #6 – Entanglement)
Earth-771 – Atlantis Drowned Earth (Stargate Atlantis 1×15 – Before I Sleep) – Old Elizabeth is from this earth,her actions in the past caused her reality to diverge to 777
Earth-772 – Fantastic Five’s earth (What If v1 #1)
Earth-773 – Alternate McKay’s earth (Stargate Atlantis 3×8 – McKay and Mrs Miller)
Earth-774 – Hulk Alt.reality earth (What If v1 #1)
Earth-775 – 4-D X-Files earth (monica reyes is dead, doggett is paralysed)
Earth-776 – Rose’s Torchwood Earth
Earth-777 – Doctor Who/Stargate Universe, also main Roswell Universe, X-Files earth
Earth-778 – Alternate Max Evans’s earth. Max was the sole survivor of an alien invasion. (WhoSliders #14)
Earth-779 – Point of View SG-1’s earth (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View)
Earth-780 – Goa’uld Earth (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View) – earth ruled by the Goa’uld. Quantum mirror at SGC
Earth-781 – Goa’uld Earth 2 (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View) – earth ruled by the Goa’uld. Quantum mirror at SGC
Earth-782 – Goa’uld Earth 3 (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View) – earth ruled by the Goa’uld. Quantum mirror at Area 51
Earth-783 – Earth lab (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View)
Earth-784 – Unknown Earth (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View) – quantum mirror lies on an alien beach
Earth-785 – Captain Carter’s Earth (Stargate SG-1 – Point of View) – reality very similar to 777
Earth-786 – Black SG-1’s Earth (Stargate SG-1 – Ripple Effect) – Prometheus lost in battle, Sam married and has been
on a honeymoon, Selmak/Jacob still alive, Ori destroyed dakara,Earth does not have
a ZPM, attempted to steal Earth-777’s ZPM
Earth-787 – Camo-Desert SG-1’s Earth (Stargate SG-1 – Ripple Effect) – Sam is on maternity
leave and had been in a relationship with Martouf, Janet & Martouf are alive, SG-1 is Martouf,Daniel and Cameron. Fraiser accompanies
them wearing an SGC patch.General O’Neil is commander.

Earth-788 – Thordis Earth (What If? v1 #10)
Earth-789 – Red SG-1’s Earth (Stargate SG-1 – Ripple Effect)

Earth-790 – Dead Sheppard’s Earth (Stargate Atlantis – Daedalus Variations). His team found the empty Daedalus, went aboard via Jumper and died on board.
Earth-791 – 2nd reality jumped to in Stargate Atlantis – Daedalus Variations. Atlantis is under attack by aliens.

Earth-794 – Kaptain Briton & Opul Lun Sat-yr-nin’s Earth.
Earth-797 – Mystiq’s earth (exiles #99, new exiles #2)

Earth-800 – Original Sliding Daedalus Earth (Stargate Atlantis – Daedalus Variations). This earth’s McKay developed Sliding technology and fitted it on the Daedalus. They did not manage to get back.

Earth-808 – What if earth (Doc doom)
Earth-811 – Days of Future Past Earth (numbered in Marvel Encyclopedia-Fantastic Four)
Earth-812 – BeretWorld / Nowhere A Nexus Point. (WhoSliders #27)
Earth-813 – Creationist Earth (Sliders 4×2)
Earth-819 – Consumeristic Earth (WhoSliders #12)
Earth-820 – WHOSLIDERS’ (Tv show) earth. Remmy was left behind here.
Earth-829 – Hercules in 24th century earth
Earth-839 – Captain UK was reassigned here before being almost killed in Excalibur v2 Sword of Power#1. Opa-Lun Sat-Yr^9 was deposed here as a tyrant.
Earth-846 – Nazi won WW1 earth

Earth-861 – The earth Gabriel Law went to live on
Earth-873 – Weapon X’s Hulk earth
Earth-877 – TrekWho Earth (where the Doctor did not manage to reconstitute the two separate universes in TrekWho:Enter The Sandman)
Earth-878 – Red Giant Sun (Stargate Atlantis – Daedalus Variations)

Earth-881 – F-Space or Star Trek Federation Earth (the one seen on the original Star Trek up to ST: Nemesis)
Earth-886 – female Star Brand’s earth
Earth-889 – Steampunk Earth, pre-digital. Has X-Society instead of X-Men. Homo Mutandis=mutants. Sentinels introduced.
Canada is called New Albion.(Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes#1)

Earth-892 – Chaos engine earth
Earth-904 – X-Men remained on Asgard earth (X-Men-The End)
Earth-907 – What if earth
Earth-909 – Brief appearance in Dark Avengers-X-Men-Utopia 01 (2009).
Earth-912 – Fantastic five earth
Earth-917 – Fantastic five earth
Earth-920 – Diana’s Earth. Home of Captain Commonwealth. Commonwealth is major world power, Great Britain did not join EU
Earth-921 – Swordsman earth
Earth-924 – Calibur’s earth. also Spider-Girl’s earth.
Earth-928 – Marvel 2099 earth
Earth-929 – What if earth
Earth-932 – Anti-Vision earth
Earth-938 – What if earth
Earth-943 – Jocasta’s earth
Earth-944 – Dark Raider’s earth
Earth-952 – Silver Surfer earth
Earth-967 – Hyperstorm earth
Earth-969 – What if earth

Earth-976 – United Illuminati Earth – include Magneto, Doom, Namor, Iron Man, Reed, Black Bold. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#3)

Earth-982 – MC2 Universe by Marvel (Spidergirl,Richard Rider – alternate future counterpart, continues to act as hero in New York City)
(Amazing Spider-Man Family #1-2 – “Family Ties”)

Earth-989 – Ben Grimm earth
Earth-990 – Evil Aliens’ Earth (Stargate Atlantis – Daedalus Variations)
Earth-991 – Europe and North Africa overrun by Mongols,Vikings settled in North America,interbreeding as Amerindians. (New Exiles#18)
Earth-998 – Red Queen earth
Earth-999 – Post-Crisis DC Earth, Earth-Sigma; Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #9 (2006) Special Legion of Machine Avengers’ earth
Earth-1000 – Knorda earth
Earth-1001 – WhoSliders #23,24,25 (Lazarus Earth)
Earth-1002 – Sliders 1x Fever (penicillin discovered by Arturo)
Earth-1009 – Rogue’s earth (exiles #99, new exiles #2)
Earth-1081 – Morph’s earth (new exiles #2)
Earth-1090 – group mind humanity earth
Earth-1100 – Thunderbird’s Earth (Exiles #1-2001),numbered in Exiles#99
Earth-1112 – malice kills FF
Earth-1115 – susan storm is queen of atlantis
Earth-1116 – Atlanterra. FF v3 #47 (2001)
Earth-1119 – L-10 (Robot lion) and Black Panther’s Earth. Exiles v4 #1 (2009)
Earth-1120 – Genis-Vell-616 met this earth’s Captain Mar-Vell
Earth-1121 – alt ver of earth-712
Earth-1122 – Spider-Girl’s earth
Earth-1123 – Brute’s earth
Earth-1124 – ar of earth-794
Earth-1287 – maverick’s earth (exiles #83)
Earth-1136 – Protectors earth
Earth-1137 – Insect Earth (New Exiles #18)
Earth-1189 – Captain Britain Meggan earth
Earth-1191 – Bishop’s alternate future timeline (XSE) – Fitzroy, Mountjoy
Earth-1193 – Captain Marshall’s earth
Earth-1218 – Our Earth. New exiles #1
Earth-1228 – What if vol 1 #11 Stan Lee, Sol Brodsky, Jack Kirby and Flo Steinberg become the Fantastic Four
Earth-1241 – Captain Dash and Marmon’s earth
Earth-1282 – Captain Cymru’s earth
Earth-1287 – Morituri’s earth (error in exiles #83 corrected in Alt.Universes 2005)
Earth-1289 – Lockheed and Kymri’s earth,sharing role of Captain Britain
Earth-1298 – Home of the Six
Earth-1508 – Chevalier Bretagne’s earth
Earth-1610 – Ultimate Universe (Marvel’s Ultimate line)
Earth-1629 – Dr Henry P Stanton chosen by Merlyn
Earth-1720 – Destroyed. exiles #91. Empress Hydra,(rogue versions) Wolverine & Slaymaster. (New Exiles #11)

Earth-1735 – Reed Richard’s earth – Initiative goes unopposed due to absense of Tony Stark & late recovery of Captain America after
Initiative was already operating (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#2)

Earth-1812 – Captain Granbretan’s earth
Earth-1880 – James Howlett (wolverine)’s earth
Earth-1917 – Weapon X’s colossus’ earth
Earth-1975 – Goldrake’s earth (from date of beginning of series)

Earth-1983 – Original V Miniseries Earth (up to miniseries)
Earth-1984 – Original V The Final Battle (diverges post Original V Mini)
Earth-1985 – Original V Tv Series Earth (ignored novels)
Earth-1986 – Original V Miniseries + Final Battle + novels Earth (diverges post-mini)

Earth-1987 – Alt-FF visted by Exiles
Earth-1991 – Rahne of Terra earth
Earth-2000 – Traffic Light earth (Sliders 1×1)
Earth-2001 – Leisure Centre Earth (WhoSliders #1). Deva Loka’s people were captured from earth a
long time ago by Aponolophis of the Gua

Earth-2008 – V The Second Generation Earth (diverges post-mini)
Earth-2009 – New V Miniseries Earth (2009)
Earth-2010 – New V Movie Earth (2009 ?)

Earth-2012 – Invaded by Galactus (FF#570)

Earth-2020 – Iron Man’s earth (exiles v1 #83)
Earth-2023 – Nova’s earth (marvel universe millennial visions 2001)
Earth-2055 – X-Force: Shatterstar#1
Earth-2098 – X-Man #68. destroyed by merging with Earth-998
Earth-2120 – Alt-Killraven
Earth-2122 – Crusader-X’s earth (Excalibur #21). uk still rules america
Earth-2149 – Marvel Zombie World
Earth-2189 – Namora’s earth
Earth-2301 – Marvel Mangaverse
Earth-2600 – Exiles v1 #12
Earth-2814 – Forge is Storm’s husband. He sacrifices himself to defeat all the invading Skrulls. Likes Johnny Cash.
Apparently Gandhi was a nazi dictator. Exiles v4 #1 (2009)

Earth-2819 – Remade Earth – Beyonder remakes earth after incinerating it upon being attacked by Illuminati. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#3)

Earth-2992 – alt-2099 AD
Earth-3031 – kane’s earth (exiles v1 #83)
Earth-3131 – kalAOL’s earth (Marville #1)
Earth-3123 – Aunt May bitten by a spider

Earth-3181 – An incursion force from this universe invaded Earth-100 (Listed as ‘Dimension-jsa #45)

Earth-3290 – Earth surrenders to Skrulls. (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#3)

Earth-3470 – Heather Hudson’s earth (exiles v1 #33,57,84,95 – unchecked)
Earth-3490 – Iron Woman (Natasha Stark)’s Earth, romantically involved with Captain America steve rogers. Reed Richards successfully
completed the Superhero Registration Program, (Dark Reign Fantastic Four#2)

Earth-3515 – Thor the Reigning
Earth-3752 – Monster Planet (exiles v1 #66)
Earth-3913 – Alt-capt britain’s earth
Earth-4023 – exiles v1 #38 (mentioned)
Earth-4040 – Breeze Barton’s earth
Earth-4096 – Space Rangers’ earth
Earth-4100 – Excalibur #24 – Centurion brittannus’ earth
Earth-4210 – exiles #22, magik’s earth

Earth-4263 – Daring Mystery Comics #8 (1942)
Home world of Captain Daring. Occurs in 3050 A.D. where worldwide peace is threatened by a revived Hitler.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.

Earth-4280 – Celestials of Earth-4280 (FF#570)

Earth-4321 also New Exiles #11 (2008)
also known as Marvel: The End Marvel Universe: The End #1 (2003)
A reality where the pharaoh Akhenaten became cosmically powered and annihilated most heroes in the Marvel Universe.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #1.
Earth-4400 – Exiles #43 (2004)
Exiles battled Hyperion-led Weapon X. Home of a Fantastic Five.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-4732 – Exiles #38 (known)
Home world of Ms. Marvel from Weapon X.
First numbered in Exiles #83 (2006).
Earth-4871 – X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (2003)
Threatened to be destroyed by the World Ripper of the Skrulls of Earth-4872, but was revealed to have been destroyed in
X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two.
Earth-4872 – X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine (2003)
This reality was manipulated by Merlyn. Damage done to the World Ripper destroyed the Skrull home world and
then threatened the “adjacent” realities, forcing Merlyn to destroy this reality.
Noted in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-4873 X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two (2003)
Threatened to be destroyed by the World Ripper of the Skrulls of Earth-4872, but was revealed to have been destroyed in
X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine: Book Two.
also known as Earth Askani X-Factor vol. 1 #67 (1991)
Future reality ruled by Apocalypse where Nathan Summers was sent to, to save his life, where he became Cable, Home reality of Stryfe
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-5012 Marvel Team-up vol. 3 #2 (2005) (mentioned)
Home reality of Iron Maniac (Anthony Stark of that reality) who killed Black Widow and Wolverine of that reality before he was sent to Earth-616.
First numbered in All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z – Update #2.
Earth-5106 Space Squadron #1 (1951)
Home world of Jet Dixon, Dawn Revere, Rusty Blake, and LLA 38; a futuristic reality set in 2000 A.D.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-5127 X-Men/Red Skull: Chaos Engine: Book Three (2003) (mentioned)
Roma as the goddess Dallentré of the House of Fallon.
Noted in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-5200 Marvel Knights: 4 #16 (2005)
An alternate future ruled by Doctor Doom. Visited by Earth-616’s Human Torch.
Noted in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-5211 Exiles #85 (2006)
Home world of Albert, an android copy of Wolverine, and his android companion, Elsie-Dee, who were both programmed to kill Wolverine.
First numbered in Exiles #85 (2006).
Earth-5311 Uncanny X-Men #153 (1982)
Kitty’s Fairy Tale reality; home to Lockheed and Bamfs.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-5391 Spaceman Speed Carter (1953)
Home world of Speed Carter, Crash Morgan, Stellar Stone, and General Stone. Takes place in 2075 A.D.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.
Earth-5464 Daring Mystery Comics #4 (1940)
Home world of Whirlwind Carter. Humanity has spread to Venus and elsewhere.
Earth is threatened by aliens, but protected by interplanetary Secret Service.
First numbered in Alternate Universes 2005.


Continued in Parallel Earths page 2

All Marks are owned by their owners.

Doctor Who is the BBC’s
Star Trek is Paramount’s

This list may not be posted or printed elsewhere without the
consent of the author.


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  1. There are many actors who have ptryraoed the Joker over the years. He’s been dubbed the Clown Prince of Crime. As a result, the laugh is everything. Looking through the pages of any of the comics the Joker is constantly laughing. It’s supposed to be extremely psychotic and unsettling. Everyone has an idea in their head of what a psychotic laugh sounds like. Romero did a laugh, but it was just a laugh, nothing special. Nickolson’s version was plain sad. Hearing Mark Hamill’s laugh always gave me chills and Ledger was the only other guy that ever got to that level.

  2. Fantastic points altogether, you just won a brand new reader. What would you suggest about your publish that you made some days ago? Any sure?

  3. Yes, I can agree with you, but only slightly. Tim Burton is preefct to tackle such a property with his style.However, I cannot say that Batman was a good movie. Nothing upsets me more than bad casting. Jack Nicholson is NO Joker by any stretch of the imagination. His casting was nothing but star f***ing. Making the Joker the killer of his parents?! SERIOUSLY?! I’m all about changing history if it helps the story, but this move seriously undermines Batman as a character and what he truly represents. I will say that the Tim Burton films made good comic book movies. They were good for their time, but unfortunately will not stand the test of time. Nolan, on the other hand, did not just create a good comic book movie, he created a good movie period. When making comic book films its important to give the fans what they want without alienating the newbies. Nolan achieved this in way that Burton could only dream of. Because of the Nolan films, makers of the comic book film properties are looking beyond making a comic book movie. They are staying true to the material and the themes and making these unbelievable characters and stories available to a whole new audience.

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  11. Cheers, it’s a way of making the card colceltions a little more interesting when mounting them in a frame. Of course the stand alone cards are generally pretty cool too, I’m doing some Archie cards which will be stand alone. Reply

  12. Suela

    I am a big fan of SGU (though not really of the other two shows in the fhciarnse). It had a great premise, to be lost on an ancient but powerful ship in a far off galaxy. The writing possibilities with such a foundation could be really great.Except huge mistakes were made that ultimately doomed the show, in my opinion. Personally, I don’t think those mistakes should have caused the cancellation, because the show had a lot still going for it. With a rating of 8/10 by over 5000 votes on, it sounded like the show was popular. The Save Stargate Universe Facebook page has 26,549 fans.1) The main cast of 14 people was way too big. Yes, ensemble shows do work sometimes (a most recent example is Lost). But it’s difficult, and why start a new show with difficult. At least cut it in half, 7: Young, Rush, Eli, Scott, Chloe, Johansen, and Greer (a possible eighth is Camille, but, though I like the portrayal of her homosexual relationship, I don’t like her or her conflict with Young). The two most successful science fiction shows also had 7 main characters each: i) Star Trek (7: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, & Checkov); and ii) Star Trek: The Next Generation (7: Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, Dr. Crusher, La Forge, & Worf).2) The big advantage of being in a galaxy at the far end of the universe is that they are so far from Earth that they can neither get any help from Earth nor probably ever see home again (they would be looking at a generation ship). This adds a lot of suspense and angst to the show. The long-range communication stones ruined this, especially by their over-use. Very, very bad mistake. I can guess that the producers were trying to replicate the television show Lost’s time & location jumps between the island and back in the States. I’m not even sure this worked as well as J.J. Abrams et al. wanted, since it confused the heck out of their audience, not always in a good way. But the circumstances and setting of Lost was hugely different from SGU. The stones should never have existed on the Destiny. Mark Wilson, the science fiction journalist, calls it a deterrestrialized existence .3) I’m not a fan of battles, especially ongoing ones (i.e. war). I like the style of the original Star Trek series: it’s mostly about exploration and character development, with the occasional battle scene or battle episode. But to put your characters into a war, when it’s not a series about war, is, first of all, very lazy on the part of the writers, and secondly, very boring for at least the intelligent and more mature viewer. For kids, it’s probably great. There was way too much war and battling on SGU. That’s not what the show was suppose to be about. Of course, they should come into contact with hostile aliens along the way. But not episode after episode after episode. It’s certainly not the way to save a show, which I’m sure was their intention with all the space battles. Yuck! Also, maybe a little too American (no offense). If I had to watch all about the two wars America is currently fighting on CNN every single day, then maybe I don’t want to see nothing but fighting on SGU once a week. By the way, I’m Canadian and we are also in the Afghanistan war, so the same goes for Canadian viewers of SGU.4) There were some major story opportunities that were skipped. Before the nothing but battles streak occurred, SGU was in kind of a monster of the week style of writing. What that means is in each episode, you have some kind of conflict arise (usually either on the Destiny or on a planet), you have the characters struggle and then finally resolve the conflict. By conflict I’m not talking about violence or a battle, just some kind of problem that they have to solve or overcome. Every good story needs that. This is not a bad way of writing a television series. But if you are too strict on keeping that framework all the time, you miss great opportunities for making the conflict, if it’s a good one, spread out over a multiple-episode arc.The best example of an opportunity missed was in Season 1, Episode 15: Lost, where Scott, Greer, Chloe, and Eli are first trapped in an underground cave, Greer is caught in another cave in, and the other three end up having to blindly jump from planet to planet hoping to pick up a signal from Destiny before it jumps into FTL and the inter-galactic void before them. Greer digs himself out and gets rescued by the Destiny crew through the gate. The producers missed a great side storyline, with Scott, Chloe and Eli stranded after the Destiny went back into FTL, and blindly jumping from planet to planet through the gate, first in search of water, food and shelter, and then, who knows. I think it would have been cool to see them do this. Heck, you also had the writers strand together three particular people that formed a love triangle. That couldn’t have been by accident. Yet, the producers axed it. Oh, and eventually some technology or event in the inter-galactic void could have reunited the three back with Destiny (in a better way than was written in the following episode, Sabotage).Another good example of an opportunity provided by the writers for all kinds of exploration and conflict: that aforementioned void between galaxies could have been stretched over several episodes. There have been voids of one kind or another in the Star Trek fhciarnse, but never an inter-galactic void, so this had new possibilities. But, no, the producers abruptly ended the void experience almost before it started. Not too bright!

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