Who Sliders 5 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: Of Dimensional Invasions and Alternate Future Refugees

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This is a crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – as played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series Doctor Who) – and the Sliders. Currently, I’m reposting my older WhoSliders volume 1 series which features mainly the Doctor (pre-time war) and the Sliders plus the 5th Doctor’s companions.

Story (C) 2001-2016 Mr SciRev.

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see Who Sliders 4. The story could also be seen as a prequel to ’48 Hours’ (an episode from Season 5 of Stargate SG-1).

What you need to know:
The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home universe?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an Australian hostess named Tegan, young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime. Fixing these holes is an important task of the Doctor which has been sanctioned by an angel of God called the White Guardian.

Cheyenne Mountain
Jack O’Neil had just informed General Hammond. Earth was about to be invaded by Kromaggs from another dimension. Sam clarified that they were not aliens in the usual sense but the rightful inhabitants of a parallel earth where humanity had not evolved.Stargate sg-1

Soon afterwards, the Tok’ra had been contacted. The Tok’ra were very similar to the Gou’ald themselves in the physical sense, but they could not be more different in the spiritual one. The Tok’ra were people with a (healthy) fear of God. A respectful and loving fear not the kind of fear when you are afraid, Anise used to emphasise. (Anise was one of the Tok’ra Stargate SG-1 had met) They had good moral values, just the opposite of the Gou’alds. The Gou’alds would have no compulsion to execute genocide, and wipe out whole races and planets. The Tok’ra attempted to keep the Gou’alds at bay, but it was very difficult. The Tok’ra and Earth had an alliance. Sometimes some of the Tok’ra were a bit secretive or did not exactly help as one might expect, but it was always for a very good reason. One would note that the Tok’ra host would mostly be in control, unlike the Gou’ald.

A Tok’ra GDO (Garage Door Opener) signal had been sent through the gate and Stargate Command was ready to welcome the Tok’ra who were coming through the gate.
Jacob Carter stepped through the Stargate. General Hammond, and of course Jacob’s daughter – Sam – were very happy to see him again. “Hi, dad!”
“How’s my favourite SG-1 member doing?”

Briefing Room
The usual briefing took place, and everyone present was brought up to date on all the information which was known about the Kromaggs. The Sliders had been to this earth (Earth-777, a parallel one for them since they came from Earth-001 except for Maggie) some time ago, and since Wade was still being tracked by the Kromaggs at that time, it was certain that this world would be in danger. The Stargate team could be this Earth’s only hope.
Suddenly, while General Hammond was speaking, something unusual happened to the Stargate. There was an off-world activation, yet the Gate computer indicated that there was an error and the wormhole closed abruptly. Sam left the briefing room, as did the others, and entered the control area of the Gate room. With the Doctor’s help, Sam ascertained that something was waiting to materialise on their side of the Stargate even though an error situation was being reported.
Sam managed to detect an SG-1 signal, the usual GDO, plus some patterns for a person stored in the Stargate’s buffer systems. But how could this be? All of them were accounted for unless this was another gate access from the future. The last time this had happened, they had received a note from Jack in the future. Sam mentioned the note about a planet they had to avoid going to. In fact, the mission to go there had been cancelled, last year, as a result. The Doctor looked at the coordinates involved. ‘This looks familiar, he said.’

‘It’s a planet called Skaro. It’s the Dalek homeworld. You must avoid them. They want to build an empire after enslaving humans from the worlds they take over. If they get to know of Earth’s Stargate, they will attempt another invasion of earth so they can have free access to the Stargate network of planets. No, not if but when. We must not allow this to happen.’

General Hammond was surprised at this – another invasion? – he was not aware of the previous one. The Doctor told him that UNIT tended to keep these invasions hidden from the public – denial of invasions by Daleks, Cybermen and Autons were daily matters for them. Hammond ordered that the coordinates for Skaro be blocked so that no SG team would go there.
Sam was sure that they could not get the Stargate to materialise the person stored in its buffer. It would require a DHD, and this gate did not use one – it used a computer instead. They did have one which came with the Antarctica gate. So General Hammond attempted to have it delivered. It was being kept in Area 51, supposedly, but he was informed that it was ‘unavailable’. To what purpose it was being used, he was not told due to ‘need to know’. They would have to do without it. The Russians had one, which they took from the Germans in wartime, but getting that would be very difficult. The Doctor said they had an alternative – the TARDIS could do the same job as the DHD and even better still.
The Doctor brought long wires from the TARDIS and connected them to the Stargate. With their expertise and some help from Quinn, Professor Arturo, and Diana, the Doctor and Sam managed to set the controls properly and they opened the iris. Through the shimmering surface of the Stargate, a man in his late thirties came out. His dark brown hair was somewhat long, he looked tired and in shock. He was wearing a jacket with some label which had not been designed in the present time. Sam thought that if she had to do this by herself, she might not have been successful. Plus she would not have had a TARDIS at hand.
‘What happened? Where am I now? Does this mean that the future has not been altered? Has my mission failed?’ he said, clearly quite confused.
‘Max! Max Evans from Roswell!’ the Doctor recognised the man as the older Max Evans.
‘I went to the past, I was dancing with Liz and then I disappeared! Somehow, I found myself on a planet of murderous robots calling themselves Daleks’ Max said.
The Doctor had been to Max’s future before it was removed from existence, thanks to the little trip Max took to the past. In fact, it was the Doctor who had altered the Granolith (in the spacecraft at Roswell from which Max, Tess, Michael and Isabel had ‘hatched’) to do this. Since it could not just drop out of existence, the Granolith pod from the future would be found later on by the Doctor’s seventh regeneration, under the sea, in England. Too bad that the alien snake-like creature was still alive in the pod.
‘I’m still in the present!’ Max became worried that his future might still exist. In his future, the alien snake race took over the whole world and destroyed basically all of it.
‘Don’t worry, Max. Your mission to alter the future succeeded. It bent a few rules of time, but it was for the good of everyone.’ the Doctor reassured. ‘Welcome to Stargate Command. You are still in the present time. But you are not in Roswell or Skaro. Speaking of the latter, how did you escape the Daleks? You must have managed to find a Stargate, somehow.’
General Hammond, worried, asked Max whether the Daleks had access to the Stargate network. If so, it would mean that Earth and indeed its allies had more enemies.
‘No, they do not have a Stargate. I just disappeared once more and then I materialised here.’ Max answered.
‘We had to get you out of its buffer with the Doctor’s help.’ Sam explained.
‘Doctor, Sam, there are security concerns, please do not say more about this facility’ General Hammond looked at the Doctor. Even as he spoke, the White Guardian appeared out of nowhere. ‘Max Evans no longer has a reality in which to exist. His future has been obliterated. In his future, the Stargate was public knowledge. So he already knows about it. He is an orphan of the timelines, the last surviving child of the alternate-future Earth-778. Thus, he will now travel with you, Doctor and the Sliders, for a while. General Hammond, you must trust him just as you trust the others. He will be one of them from now on.’
‘Great, but could you bring the Remmy from my past – he does carry an antibody which will help us against the Kromaggs.’ Maggie really wanted the Remmy she knew back. This Remmy did not really know her, as her future had been altered by the Doctor. ‘His future no longer exists, so you could bring him, too.’
‘Because you have faith, woman, I will bring him at the point of sliding. His wormhole had just opened, and now he will be in this Stargate’s buffer. You can repeat the procedure and you will find him’ the White Guardian said, before vanishing.
‘No, this is dangerous’, the Doctor said. ‘Both of them cannot exist in one place at the same time. If they are too close, the Blinovitch Limitation will ensure that they will be obliterated.’
‘I will not lose my Remmy and our only chance to defeat the Kromaggs.’ Maggie said. ‘I’ll operate the controls myself if I have to.’
‘Well, we can keep our Remmy far from the Gate room, to be sure.’ The Doctor was not happy. These things had a knack to go wrong, and usually, they did. So Remmy, the present one, went to a different level in the base, while the rest went to the Gate Room.

Gate Room
Meanwhile, the controls were operated and the other Remmy was materialised. Sam was amazed once more, how well this had worked. She would be capable of doing this again someday, perhaps in an emergency situation.
‘Whoa!’ the alternate-future Remmy said. ‘Last thing I remember – I was on the Seer Earth and used their Sliding machine to travel to our parallel Earth. What? Quinn? Wade? Professor!! You are alive! Thank God you’re alright! Praise God!’ tears streamed from this Remmy’s eyes.
‘But Wade, Professor, both of you died! Quinn – you were merged with Mallory. How did you get separated again?’ Remmy cried out loud.
Quinn explained that he had never been merged, the future Remmy was from no longer existed.
Alt-Remmy was told that Maggie and Diana were from his reality and they remembered everything he did. Only Mallory was missing now. ‘Only God knows if we will see Mallory again.’ Maggie looked at Alt-Remmy and at the Doctor.
The Doctor introduced himself and all the others, then he explained how the Sliders timeline had been altered. That was how Wade and Professor Arturo were still alive, and how Quinn was not merged with Mallory. Then the Stargate was explained to all those present, but especially Alt-Remmy and Max.
‘So that was why the Seer had predicted that we would have no future! Our timeline was about to be altered drastically!’ Alt-Remmy said. Then he was said when he remembered that in the previous timeline, Wade had been captured by the Kromaggs.
After a few minutes, Alt-Remmy began shimmering. Something was happening, obviously. The Doctor was worried that this might be the Blinovitch effect. Alt-Remmy disappeared into thin air.
‘No! Not again!’ Maggy was desperate. She left the room to try and find the other Remmy, the proper one for this timeline.
‘They cannot coexist simultaneously, plain and simple’ the Doctor said.
Meanwhile, Maggie had found Remmy. Teal’c who was standing next to him mentioned that this Remmy had glowed as bright as the sun before changing his appearance. While he looked similar, he was different. You could say there was a history he had been through. Where there were two Remmies, now there was just one. The two Remmies had been combined into one. Maggie told Remmy to go to the briefing room and wait there. This Remmy had both memories, the memories of her Remmy from his future which no longer existed, as well as the memory of all that had happened to Remmy since the Sliders’ initial meeting with the Doctor. He felt wiser, with more experience. His head hurt. Suddenly his memory of the antibody surfaced. He had to get these military to help.

Things went black for him as his consciousness escaped him…

He was rushed into the infirmary and Doctor Janet Frasier gave him a checkup. She explained to him, after he recovered, that the two sets of memories now coexisted in one single body. This caused his blackout. There was nothing wrong with him. He asked her about the antibody. She checked and found what might be the antibodies. Tests would confirm whether this was correct.

Sam’s Laboratory
It was getting late and Sam was tired. The antibodies did not look like they would work. Perhaps the merging had altered them. Only a test would work. So Sam had to explain to General Hammond and the others that the antibodies might not work.
‘We can make better ones’, the Doctor said, regretting it straight afterwards. Of course, this would lead to war and many Kromagg deaths. He disliked this. But the Kromaggs could not be argued with, most likely. His mind hatched a plan where a small team would go, using the TARDIS, to the Kromagg homeworld and attempt a peaceful solution. Should it fail, the virus would be released and the threat of the Kromaggs would be definitely over.

The Doctor, Sam, and Janet finally managed to create the required virus. It was a hard task, but the Doctor’s knowledge proved essential. The virus was different from what was originally in Alt-Remmy’s blood but nonetheless related. The thing which was left now was to actually use them.

General Hammond’s Office
‘You wanted to see me, Doctor.’ the General welcomed the Doctor.
‘Quite. I believe that when we encounter them, we should try and reason with them, rather than just eliminate them.’
‘I think that might be a bad idea. We might not have enough time left, and we have established the Kromaggs are simply conquerers. They do not see humans as an intelligent race. To them, we are simply vermin to be exterminated.’
‘Just like the Daleks. Another mindless race bent on taking over the universe. That’s why we should not be like them.’
‘I understand your point doctor. But we must not let them take over Earth. They are not much different from the Gou’ald. Earth’s security is at stake and we will not fail. They are a threat to Earth, and Remmy, with Alt-Remmy’s memories, has told us all about the parallel earths that were wiped out and enslaved by the Kromaggs for their experimentations. So that pretty much rules out any diplomatic intervention – indeed any such thing might easily get us killed and the rest of the world’s inhabitants enslaved.’
Suddenly an alarm was heard, ringing throughout the base.

The General picked up a phone and talked to a technician. He asked him ‘What’s going on?’
Hammond put down the phone and told the Doctor ‘Enemy wormholes have materialised in the base.’
‘The Kromaggs have localised us as a source of wormhole technology. They must be determined to take the Stargate as a base to conquer the galaxy.’ The Doctor stood up and said ‘Quickly, we must get to Sam’s Laboratory.’
Hammond explained that the siren meant that the levels were being isolated but fortunately the lab was very close. They reached the laboratory without encountering any kromagg.

Sam’s Laboratory
The Doctor looked around the room. There was a PC with a sticker on it which said ‘Powered by Athlon 64’. It was hooked to various other machines, including some alien ones. Certainly not your typical PC. There were piles of disks, CDs and dvds. Lots of software. But Sam was nowhere to be seen. The room was empty except for the Doctor and General Hammond.
The Doctor quickly found the stack of test tubes containing the virus and carried them. This might prove to be their only chance to survive the attack.

Gate Room
K’m M’zell, who appeared to be in command of the Kromaggs who appeared in the gate room through a sliding wormhole, looked at the persons standing around. He saw humans, but also one human who was different – Teal’c – not exactly a human but related. All vermin, he thought. To be exterminated or enslaved.
‘Who are you, a Kromagg?’ Jack said. ‘Stand down or face fire.’
While the troops locked their fire on the group of six Kromaggs, apparently outnumbered, the Kromagg leader said he was ‘K’m M’zell’.
‘Kym Mazelle? What kind of a name is that?’ Jack said. Meanwhile, M’zell pointed his weapons and said something similar to fire, to his companions.
‘Fire now!’, Jack screamed. Meanwhile, two soldiers got hit by the alien fire. The aliens had fired some projectile weapon. The Earth weapons were fired towards the aliens. Conventional weapons did not harm them since they were wearing some kind of bullet-proof clothing.
‘Fire the energy weapons!’ Jack said, but Teal’c had already picked up his staff and was firing it towards M’zell. The Kromagg was not prepared for this kind of weapon. A hole was burnt through him. The other soldiers picked up other energy weapons including some rifles which fired zat gun charges, and of course, some zat guns. These weapons proved very effective on the Kromaggs, who were not expecting this type of attack.

Corridor, Level 2
Another Kromagg held his captive hostage close to him and kept his weapon pointed towards her. It was Doctor Frasier who had been captured by the alien.
Sam held a zat gun pointed towards the alien. ‘Let her go, or I will fire’
‘No. I will not. Drop your gun or I will kill her,’ the alien replied. The aliens either knew English or carried a translator device.
Meanwhile, Sam simply fired at the alien. The alien and Dr. Frasier were hit, out for the count. The alien did not know of zat guns. Sam could signal security to come and keep the alien in custody.

Corridor, Level 3
A Kromagg stepped out of his sliding wormhole amid multiple tachyon pulses. Nobody was around in this section, and the section was isolated due to the alarm. He found an artifact room which proved interesting. He picked up a mirror which was emitting sliding vibrations. Another sliding device would interest his superiors, so he took both the mirror and some other devices which were in this room, and promptly slid back to his home dimension.

Corridor, Level 4
The Doctor and General Hammond walked along the corridor. They saw a Kromagg come in from an adjacent room. ‘Kromagg!’ the Doctor yelled. ‘You have no rights to invade this world!’
‘Rubbish’ the Kromagg said. ‘You are vermin.’
‘Leave it, or die.’ the Doctor said, clearly.
The Kromagg burst out laughing. The Doctor then released one of the tubes by breaking it against the wall. The virus was airborne, and the Kromagg took his final breath before collapsing down.

Briefing Room
General Hammond, after all the aliens had left, got everyone to meet in the Briefing Room.
‘From what we have determined, the incursion we have suffered has had no losses of life, except for two soldiers. Their families have been informed, of course not of the details.’
‘Military secrecy’ Wade said.
The General explained that knowledge of the Stargate was not public.
‘Can we insulate Stargate Command from the alien wormholes?’ Hammond looked towards Sam, then towards the Doctor, Quinn, and Professor Arturo. ‘Any ideas?’
‘Well, you could build a large iris which encases the base, and it would have to irradiate enough electromagnetic energy to break the symmetry of the wormhole, and disturb any formation of a wormhole.’, the Professor said.
Sam agreed, as did the Doctor. ‘That would definitely do the job’, the Doctor said. Sam said it would interfere with the base’s operations, as well as with the Stargate. It would not work!
‘We also could coat the whole base walls and floors with the anti-kromagg virus. That would prove deadly to them.’ Quinn said.
‘We did manage to use the virus, this time, I hope that it will prove completely efficient’ General Hammond said.

Some days later, in the Briefing Room.
‘The anti-kromagg virus coating has been applied to all the base. That will protect us from any Kromaggs who might invade us. We have been devising new charge weapons similar to zat guns.’ Jack told the General.
‘Our best strategy, General, would be to attack their parallel Earth’, Jack continued.
‘We could use the TARDIS to go there’ the Doctor added.
‘Actually, there is not just one Kromagg race, but two from different parallel earths. But we still have to go to just one earth.’ Quinn clarified.
‘How is that actually?’ Adric asked.
‘Well, one of the Kromagg races originated on a world where the humans were very advanced and they were at war. These humans developed sliding and basically eliminated the Kromaggs on their world.’ Maggie added. She had explained all this earlier to Quinn before Remmy had been merged with his future timeline version. The General’s mobile phone rang right there, with a similar ringtone to the Star Trek communicators. The Doctor thought that Sisko’s communicator had the same tune. Hammond answered, and it was one of the technicians who had called him. He put it down again. He looked at everyone in the Briefing Room, saying ‘News reports from all over the world are mentioning that all governments are now on full military alert.’ Then Sam patched into the news media and everyone watched the big screen in front of them.

The screen was showing groups of Kromagg soldiers dragging some men, women and children away from their homes, schools, and places of work. This was happening all over the world. This was not something that could easily be hidden from the public like had happened in the past when UNIT basically covered up various invasions. Instead, rather than admit their extra-dimensional nature, the news reports all said that these creatures were genetic experiments – freaks – who had escaped illegal commercial facilities and gone amok.
The General said the US military was on alert too. So their plan had to be changed, it was not feasible to go attack their home. First, a defense had to take place.
‘I have an idea, General. You could use lots of crop duster planes to spray the anti-kromagg virus’ the Doctor said.
‘The Mags would be finished, completely. Earth would be safe, at last. How long we have waited for this day’, Rembrandt said.
‘Do it’, General Hammond said. ‘I’ll inform the President, and we can get the rest of the military to cooperate.’

A few hours later, in a street
‘The aliens are dying! It’s all due to that stuff the planes are spraying, I’ll bet!’ a man said.
Another one said ‘Those are chemtrails!’. Somebody else said ‘Nonsense! Those are jet contrails!’

Briefing Room
Jack entered the room, half happy and half displeased. General Hammond was sitting on a chair and browsing various files. ‘Their ground troops are all dead, General. Their air support ships, however, are still attacking various areas.’ Meanwhile, official news sources were restating that the Kromaggs were escaped genetic freaks – transgenics – so that people might be reassured.


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 6 ‘Tolan Directive’ , yes, featuring Stargate SG-1, the Tolans, and the Kromaggs

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