Who Sliders 6 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: Tolan Directive

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This is a crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – as played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series Doctor Who) – and the Sliders. Currently, I’m reposting my older WhoSliders volume 1 series which features mainly the Doctor (pre-time war) and the Sliders plus the 5th Doctor’s companions.

Story (C) 2001-2016 Mr SciRev.

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see Who Sliders 5


What you need to know:
The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home universe?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an Australian hostess named Tegan, alien refugee from the future Max Evans, young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime. Fixing these holes is an important task of the Doctor which has been sanctioned by an angel of God called the White Guardian.

The Kromaggs from a parallel earth attempted a large-scale invasion of earth, but the Doctor and his companions together with Stargate SG-1 managed to defeat them with Remmy’s anti-Kromagg virus. A sole Kromagg, however, did manage to steal a Sliding Mirror from the complex at Cheyenne Mountain.

Cheyenne Mountain
Everybody watched the latest military reports. The Kromagg ground troops had just been defeated by the anti-kromagg virus. Their air support ships, however, remained unharmed. They kept bombarding various targets all over the world, causing widespread destruction. Earth needed help, but who could provide it?

The Asgard could not be easily contacted, though the attempts were made through the Cimmerian planet, and Stargate SG-1 learned that Thor was presently unavailable. The Asgard simply replied that due to the Non-Intervention Treaty with the Goa’uld, they could not help. Helping earth would mean the failure of the Treaty and the certain destruction of earth.

The Tok’ra would not commit any resources at the moment, so General Hammond contemplated contacting the Tollans. Jack was not too happy about this. He remembered how they had not wanted to give any advanced technologies to earth, because of their Tollan Directive.
The Doctor wanted to speak to the Tollans in person, so he insisted on going with SG-1 ie Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c to the Tollan homeworld.

Tollan Homeworld
Omec met with the Doctor and SG-1. He appeared to be pleased with them. When they explained about the Kromaggs, Omec was visibly disturbed. Was he worried about something? The Doctor did not like the way he looked. Would he agree to loan or give some advanced weaponry? Omec reiterated how once, his world had given advanced technology to a lesser developed civilisation, to help it defend itself, and as a result that planet destroyed itself. So, there was no way the Tollans would give any advanced technology to Earth, not even to defeat the Kromaggs and not even an advanced toaster.
Jack was becoming angry now. Jack was getting fed up of this, every time they went to Tollana, it would be the same story. The Doctor said ‘Ok, Omec, why don’t you Tollans come to Earth to give us a hand then? Do you have a conscience?’

‘Yes, we do. We cannot go to Earth – we need to defend our world against possible Goa’uld attacks. But what of the consequences of our technology possibly being used to destroy yourselves, even after the Kromaggs are defeated?’
The Doctor replied ‘It is not the technology which is the problem. It is the self.’
‘Both of you are being cryptic – we need help. Are you going to help, or not?’ Jack was fed up now. Daniel made a non-verbal signal to Jack telling him to calm down, which he did (and he sighed too).
‘Rest assured that should Earth fall, Tollana will be next. It will be defeated by the Kromaggs who will make an alliance with the Goa’uld. Even as we speak right now, an emissary of the Goa’uld is meeting with the Kromaggs to propose the alliance.’ the Doctor continued.
Jack was astonished by this. He had never thought of the possibility, let alone that the Doctor said that it was a fact.

Omec said he could not officially do anything. His hands were tied by the Tollan bureaucracy. Giving technology would break the law. Tollans just did not do that sort of thing.
‘You must speak to the Tollan High Council. Only they might be able to do this.’ Omec sighed as he really wanted to help.

After speaking to the Tollan High Council, the Doctor and SG-1 managed to obtain an advanced technological device related to the usual wrist phase shifting device which the Tollans used enabling them to pass through walls and any obstacles. This device was, however, to be used for this occasion only. They were not allowed to analyse it using any instruments – the Tollans would find that out when it would be returned, thanks to an embedded miniature chip with a micro camera. The Tollans would download all the photos it would take, upon its return.
Omec had demonstrated the use of this advanced device – it would make everything within a large radius freeze as if stuck by modulating the phase frequencies of all┬ánearby craft. This device played part in the Tolan defense system and protected them against the Goa’uld, making use of the Ion Cannons much safer when the opponent is paralysed.
The Doctor felt satisfied with the result, knowing that the onslaught of the Kromaggs might be stopped.

The Doctor and SG-1 hurried back to the Stargate. Daniel keyed in the location for Earth and with a whoosh the gate’s warp field rushed in front of them. The Doctor waved at Omec before he entered the gate’s horizon. SG-1 followed through the gate back to the SGC.

Back in the briefing room, SG-1 and the Doctor briefed General Hammond on the device. It was something which greatly interested him but he asked: “how can this help us defeat the flying Kromagg support ships?”
“It will make all the ships freeze in mid-air by means of a phase modulation.” It was the Doctor who spoke next.
“It’s related to the phase shift technology used by the Tollans as well as the Reetoo phasing,” Sam added.
Some of the Tollan traditions reminded the Doctor of his own people, the Time Lords of Gallifrey. A paranoid species, thinking it to be superior to all other races, that kind of thing. Keeping its technologies to itself. Restricting other civilisations on other worlds from developing competitive technologies – such as time travel, as the Time Lords wanted to be the only species capable of time travel, lest they be destroyed by having their history unravel…

Quinn began to think about how things had turned out. Now the Kromaggs would be completely defeated once and for all. He thought on how in the previous timeline, as Maggie and Remmy had explained, Wade had been imprisoned – and perhaps even killed – by the Kromaggs. Thank God this was no longer the case. It had not happened at all because the Sliders had been given a second chance. This time, they would succeed.

Many Kromagg ships had already been defeated by the use of the phase device when the last few remaining ships left and jumped to warp.
It was not known to SG-1 that these ships had warp capability. The Doctor reasoned out that the Goa’uld must have given the technology to the Kromaggs. They had warped away to an astronomically far away distance, so tracking them was practically impossible, even with the Doctor’s help. They would be back someday. However, the Doctor surmised that the Goa’uld had taken over the Kromaggs as new Jaffa hosts, so they would not attack Earth-777 due to the non-intervention treaty.


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 7

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