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This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series which features a parallel universe Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999) as it would occur in Universe-777 (the Stargate  & Doctor Who universe).

Story (C) 2007-2018 Mr SciRev

Previous episode: AlphaGate 5

For the Stargate Timeline, it happens after Stargate Atlantis 4×3 and the Stargate Continuum movie.

SPOILER: V: The Original Series.

What you need to know:
“The IOA (International Oversight Advisory) has set up a top secret base on the moon powered by a ZPM (Zero-Point Module) – an ancient power source. Stargate Command has commissioned special crafts called Eagles and a Stargate – a ring-like device created by the Ancients able to send people through a wormhole – but one without a protective iris. A separate section on the moon houses a super-hadron collider. A mysterious hyperdrive in the catacombs of the moon has been activated, catapulting the moon to an unknown area in space.The moon ended up sliding through different parallel universes..
Meanwhile back on Earth-777, another moon has just materialised in the place of the missing moon. Aboard the moonbase are reptilian aliens known as the Visitors. They had attempted to bombard earth’s Stargate but failed thanks to the iris.”


“Prepare all our earth defenses. We will soon be invaded by Diana’s motherships. Diana is a Homo Reptilia from what I can discern”, Captain Jack warned.
“She doesn’t look like that, she’s humanoid” Colonel Samantha Carter said.
“Sam, that’s just fake skin grafts. Underneath it she’s a reptile”, Jack replied.
“My theory is that our moon travelled to another universe. And Diana’s moon travelled to ours.” Rodney explained. “Homo Reptilia? What’s that.”
“It’s like a Silurian, or a Sea devil. These used to live on earth in the past. Diana is probably an alien Homo Reptilia. I had met her once in a bar.” Captain Jack replied.

“In a bar?” Rodney looked incredulous..
“Yes.” Jack answered. “An intergalactic one. I was at a difficult point in my life. This place is visited by many different species, and she was there. I started talking to her and, well, after a while we went to a more private corner there and we started kissing. It was then I realised she had a non humanoid two-pronged tongue.. a reptilian one. Trust me, kissing reptiles isn’t that hot.”
Jane Badler as Diana
“Oh I trust you Jack. I have no intention of trying. I’m probably allergic to them!” Rodney said.
“A number of ships have launched from the moon.” Walter, the gate technician, said.

After a few minutes the large motherships reached the atmosphere. They started firing missles towards the ground which soon exploded. So many died in these blasts.

A meeting was urgently called by General Landry in the Stargate Command Boardroom. Landry was a very experienced officer, having taken part in various operations such as Grenada, Kosovo and the Gulf War. He would give his life for his officers if necessary.
This room had seen meetings of various different Stargate teams over the years, starting from the Stargate SG-1 team. Even the Time Lord known as the Doctor had been here in the past.

“I had a look at past incidents involving Reptilian encounters.” General Landry explained.
“Essentially we are to find their weaknesses and use it”, Colonel Carter said. “One race we encountered were the Unas,an early form of Homo Reptilia.”
“Ah yes those.” Captain Jack had met them too.
“Have you met every alien race?” Rodney asked, wondering.
“Quite a few”, Jack replied. “The Unas blood is green and they are tough to kill.”
Sam added, “With a Goa’uld parasite even more!”
“And the related Homo Reptilia found on earth included the Silurians”, General Landy said. “A group of them who had awakened from hibernation were destroyed by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT”.
“The difference with this group is that they have large motherships and better firepower.”
“Not all homo reptilia are bad people”, Jack said. “I met a good one called Madame Vastra once, many years ago”
“Do we know any weakness of their biology?” Rodney asked.
“Intense Cold”, General Landy answered. “Unless they have a symbiont. Which would allow them to resist the cold, as the Unas with the Goa’uld parasites do”
“Do you have any weapon that can be used?” Jack asked.
“Yes, straight out of Area 51, we have a naquadria powered weapon to fire blasts of freezing cold. It lowers the temperature in the area, essentially a big freezer.” Landry explained.
“Apart from that we can fire our usual weapon blasts. We do not know if zatguns will kill them. We suppose they will.” Sam said.
“I am sending one of our ships, the Daedalus, commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell, which is present in earth orbit. It will be equipped and sent to destroy the invaders.” Landry concluded. “The Daedalus was the first 304 ship we produced, it is the second generation of interstellar ship developed by the United States military and its allies. We can’t use the Antarctica Outpost since the Control Chair is currently not working. Our tests triggered some defensive blasts which damaged a control crystal. We are hoping to get it replaced but it would take time.
More to the point, do we attack them back at the source, the moon?”, Sam asked.
“Going there is questionable. You might end up on a parallel universe. Remember my theory that the moon is shifting from universe to universe”, Rodney explained.
“An alternative is nuking it.” Landry added.
“Do we want to do that. We will kill people who are innocently just following their leader’s orders.”, Jack explained.
“Let’s damage their moonbase”, Rodney said. “Get them down for the count”
“How do you propose we do that?” Landry asked.
“We can convince the Sun Tzu to help with that.” Sam answered. “It’s the chinese Daedalus class vessel”.
“Ok. Let’s do that. So, Sam and Rodney, you join the Sun Tzu in the attack on the moonbase. Remember to keep a safe distance in case it jumps again.” Landy said.
“And Captain Jack, you will join Major Davis and Brigadier-General Jack O’Neill” Landry continued.
“Great, we get to be two jacks.. thank you General” Captain Jack said.
“Dismissed!” Landy concluded.

Continued ….
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