Captain America Winter Soldier and X-Men Days of Future Past Trailers! UPDATED

X-Men Days of Future Past
A teaser trailer has been released for X-Men Days of Future Past and a trailer was released for Captain America Winter Soldier. These movies are highly expected by fans. The full trailer for X-Men DOFP will be out tomorrow.
X-Men Days of Future Past will be in cinema halls in July 2014 while Captain America Winter Soldier will be out in March 2014.

Winter Soldier uk Trailer:

UPDATE! The Full Trailer has been released!

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This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series which features a parallel universe Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999) as it would occur in Universe-777 (the Stargate  & Doctor Who universe).

Story (C) 2007-2018 Mr SciRev

Previous episode: AlphaGate 5

For the Stargate Timeline, it happens after Stargate Atlantis 4×3 and the Stargate Continuum movie.

SPOILER: V: The Original Series.

What you need to know:
“The IOA (International Oversight Advisory) has set up a top secret base on the moon powered by a ZPM (Zero-Point Module) – an ancient power source. Stargate Command has commissioned special crafts called Eagles and a Stargate – a ring-like device created by the Ancients able to send people through a wormhole – but one without a protective iris. A separate section on the moon houses a super-hadron collider. A mysterious hyperdrive in the catacombs of the moon has been activated, catapulting the moon to an unknown area in space.The moon ended up sliding through different parallel universes..
Meanwhile back on Earth-777, another moon has just materialised in the place of the missing moon. Aboard the moonbase are reptilian aliens known as the Visitors. They had attempted to bombard earth’s Stargate but failed thanks to the iris.”


“Prepare all our earth defenses. We will soon be invaded by Diana’s motherships. Diana is a Homo Reptilia from what I can discern”, Captain Jack warned.
“She doesn’t look like that, she’s humanoid” Colonel Samantha Carter said.
“Sam, that’s just fake skin grafts. Underneath it she’s a reptile”, Jack replied.
“My theory is that our moon travelled to another universe. And Diana’s moon travelled to ours.” Rodney explained. “Homo Reptilia? What’s that.”
“It’s like a Silurian, or a Sea devil. These used to live on earth in the past. Diana is probably an alien Homo Reptilia. I had met her once in a bar.” Captain Jack replied.
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