AlphaGate #1-BREAKAWAY

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This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series which features a parallel universe Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999) as it would occur in Universe-777 (the Stargate & Doctor Who universe).
Story (C) 2007-2012 Mr SciRev

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic. It occurs soon after the final episodes of the 6th series of the new Dr Who
For the Stargate Timeline, it happens (some time) after Stargate Atlantis 4×3 but definitely before the Stargate Continuum movie.

What you need to know:
“The IOA (International Oversight Advisory) has set up a top secret base on the moon powered by a ZPM (Zero-Point Module) – an ancient power source. Stargate Command has commissioned special crafts called Eagles and a Stargate – a ring-like device created by the Ancients able to send people through a wormhole – but one without a protective iris. A separate section on the moon houses a super-hadron collider. ”

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* * * * * * *
The IOA (International Oversight Advisory) commission had decided to set up a base on the moon. Of course, like the Stargate, this was a top secret space program. The public was to be kept unaware of these developments at least for the time being until the Stargate programme went public.
On one side of the moon there was already another small division, studying elementary physics using a super-hadron collider, one which would smash particles at speeds unheard of before. The hadron collider on earth at CERN, LHC, was like a child’s toy, compared to this one. This collider was being used to discover dark matter which might be ejected between parallel universes too, in an attempt to provide alternate realities scientifically and perhaps help with inventing new power sources, since ZPM’s were scarce. You couldn’t call this a base really, it was hardly staffed. And again it was top-secret. So a moonbase on the dark side of the moon would help to man the division too.
That division was also responsible for detecting cosmic rays from the Big Bang, or Big Bounce, as theorists called it. Some cosmological theories believed there were other universes before ours came into being, and it was a ‘Big Bounce’ rather than a ‘Big Bang’. The total number of personnel on the base and on the collider division amounted to 1999.

Stargate Command had helped with the commissioning of crafts they called Eagles. These shuttle like crafts had considerable flexibility, minor hyperdrive capability. They were equipped with staff cannons too, which was quite good firepower. A Stargate had been placed in the base, too. This Stargate did not have an iris, like the one at Stargate Command, for budget reasons. The funds were lacking. Instead extra guards had been placed to the Gate Room and it had been reinforced with extra strong metals.
The Daedalus battlecruiser, commanded by Col. Steve Caldwell, had been assigned to this operation. On it were Dr. Victor Bergman, Colonel John Koenig, Dr Daniel Jackson and Commissioner Simmonds from the IOA. Victor Bergman was the chief science officer, and head of the research department of AlphaGate as they called the moonbase, and Koenig would lead all operations on the base. A number of systems were being set up, and some of them were enhanced with Asgard technology which had lately been given to Stargate Command.
Asgard wasn’t a mythological place but the name of a friendly alien race which had all died out.
The base was not far from an area which was thought to house some ancient catacombs. Exploration of those was going to be done soon, too. Commissioner Simmonds was a stuffy IOA officer with a beard, not too friendly. Most people disliked him. Dr Daniel Jackson was for a long time a member of the SG-1 team. He had seen many things various others had never seen. He had been chosen to be Commander of the base. Second in charge of this base would be John Koenig, who had been with SG-9 for some time before. The base was using artificial gravity too. This technology was based on knowledged obtained by an expedition from Atlantis, back in the Pegasus Galaxy, and other ancient technologies which were being reverse engineered. The base was being equipped with Laser Turrets and Tolan Cannons, and it was being powered by a ZPM. It was protected by a force shield, reverse engineered from the one used on Stargate Atlantis.

Teal’c, an alien, who had served for years with SG-1 too, was now assigned to the moonbase. It had seemed like a boring assignment, but he himself had asked to be sent there, at least temporarily, after Dr Jackson was appointed Commander. Since he was not in the Military, he could leave the assignment whenver he felt like it, but he would have to return to Stargate SG-1 then.

Tony Verdeschi was on board the moonbase, as its chief of security. He was italian, and was feeling homesick. Thank God he was due to go off-base in a week, for a few days leave. He was working on a project to duplicate the Zatgun weapons used by the Goa’uld. “A stordi-laser or storditore”, he called it in italian, jokingly. It wasn’t really a laser, it was more of an electrical pulse weapon. One zap, you get stunned. Two zaps, you get killed. Three zaps, you get disintegrated.

It was a very interesting day for Dr Jackson. The catacombs were to be opened soon. He led an expedition with John Koenig and some other officers. After some time, they got to an area with writing on it. Jackson was excited… the writing seemed to be some old form of Ancient writing, perhaps an old dialect. There was a reference to the Furlings race too, Daniel thought. It would take time to decode it all. A rather unusual device was found lying on the ground. Koenig touched it, in an attempt to see what it was. “No!”, Jackson said. It was too late. The device started to pulse. “You have activated it”, Daniel said. “I think you have the ancients metagene”.

Daniel called on a team to come down and check if there was any dangerous radiation or other energy emanating from the device. All seemed to be clear. Still, Daniel was not sure what the device might have been. Or rather he had some ideas, but hoped it was not the case. “Get me through to Colonel Sam Carter on the Atlantis Base, immediately!”
A communication was opened via the Stargate, so Daniel could talk to the recently promoted Colonel Sam Carter on the Ancients’ space travelling city-ship Atlantis, in the Pegasus Galaxy.
“Hello Daniel! How are you? Give my regards to Alan – my cousin!”
“Give my regards to Vala… too bad she’s off-world on a mission. I think we may have activated some ancient device in the catacombs on the moon. I’d like your help, Sam, to try to understand what it may be”, Daniel asked.
“Your description makes it sound like some hyperdrive device tested by the ancients. But different from the ones we have seen before” Sam answered
“Oh no. I hope it isn’t. We may well find ourselves in trouble”, Daniel said as the connection started to get interrupted.
Suddenly everything seemed to go hazy around Daniel and everywhere else on the moon. From earth’s point of view, the moon simply… vanished! Earthquakes started to be felt due to the sudden lack of the moon’s pull on the earth.


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The anti-gravity tech is from the Stargate Atlantis episode “The Ark”, combined with other ancient technology the SGC and area 51 reverse engineered.