Top Ten Sci-fi Music Videos

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These are all music videos with some sci-fi theme.. Not fan music videos but officially made music videos (mostly).
— Updated broken youtube links and replaced video no 5!

1) Eros Ramazzotti – Fuoco nel Fuoco

This one – an italian video – is so sci-fi-ish (is that a word?)! It’s oozing pure scifi.

2) RAH Band – Clouds Across The Moon

I really like this old classic and it seemed worthy of the second place… 🙂

3) Leonard Nimoy – Bilbo Baggins
This one features Mr Spock himself – Leonard Nimoy – singing a song about the main star of the Hobbit! For all you Lord of the Rings fans out there…

4) Nerf Herder – Mr Spock
This is really funny, an indie music video.. he sings to this green-skinned Orion girl telling her “you don’t want a boyfriend. What you want is Mr Spock” LOL. This had to be on the list.


(previously no 5 was KLF – Justified and Ancient, whose video could be a Stargate video, so easily! (it’s even mentioning the Ancients from Stargate lol), however it was removed..)
So instead at no 5 we have Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway. This is really sci-fi, it even has shades of Stargate.. check it out.

6) Eminem – We Made You
This video by the famous rapper features a spoof of Star Trek and Transformers.

7) Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good

I was originally going to put a 90’s music video with some DS9 Star Trek-lookalikes (Kira and Jadzia Dax). If only I can find it or its name..

Instead here’s Nik Kershaw back in the 80’s

8) Leonard Nimoy – Follow Your Star

It’s Leonard Nimoy once more in this single..however there is no official music video for this one.

9) RAH Band – Clouds Across The Moon Part 2 The Homecoming
I had never heard this but this is the sequel, 15 years later the answer arrives to the original phone call!

10) Prodigy – Out of Space
Not my favourite, but it’s about space and other dimensions so it had to be on the list!

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  1. While The Rah Band’s “Clouds Across the Moon” is an extraordinary song, the original video is simply stupid. Nothing to do with the fine lyrics and content of the song!

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