Top Ten Valentines Day Sci-fi Shipper Music Videos

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These are all fan made music videos with some sci-fi romantic or Valentine’s Day theme.. I just found them on youtube.

1) Valentine’s Day – Stargate Atlantis (John/Weir)

2) Baby I’m a Fool – Stargate S-1 Band (Jack/Sam)

This is a very good video…

3) Alternate Reality Lover
This one is another Stargate SG-1 video, Jack/Sam shipping again..

4) It’s The End of the World (Doctor Who – Amy/Rory)
This is another good one.. the boy who waited for the girl who waited..

5) This Could Be The Last Time (Doctor Who/Rose)

Lovely Ten/Rose video..

6) 1000 Miles (Doctor Who/Rose)
Good AU video featuring Rose Tyler..

7) Wonderwall (X-Files: Mulder/Scully)

Let nobody say there is no X-Files here..

8) First Date (Star Trek 2009/TOS)

Cool video.. don’t know what’s up with food which keeps appearing but it’s a way to make it creative I guess.

9) You’re My Angel (Smallville: Clark/Chloe)
A dreamy romantic video from yours truly.. enjoy

10) Run (Roswell: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabelle/Alex)
Nicely done.