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Subject: alt.tv.sliders Where Can I Find It? FAQ
Organization: Keepers of FAQs Sliders Division
Summary: A welcome and resource FAQ for alt.tv.sliders and alt.binaries.sliders
Version: 1.2 (text)
URL: http://www.scirev.net/shows/sliders

Posted-By: scriptpost 1.0
Archive-name: tv/sliders/where
Posting-Frequency: biweekly
Last-modified: May 24, 2010
Version: 1.3
Summary: A welcome and resource FAQ for alt.tv.sliders and alt.binaries.sliders
URL: http://www.scirev.net/shows/sliders

Version 1, last updated 7th June 2005
Copyright 2000-2010 by Mr Scirev

by adding a comment to the FAQ on www.SciRev.net

Welcome to alt.tv.sliders. This FAQ is regularly posted to the
alt.tv.sliders, alt.answers, alt.binaries.sliders and
news.answers at least twice a month.
The most up-to-date version is also available at the Sci-Rev website
Many FAQs, including this one, are available at http://www.faqs.org.

This FAQ serves the purpose of introducing the newsgroup to newcomers,
points them to available FAQs, and other resources on the Internet.
Please read the available FAQ’s including this one before posting.


Subject: Important Sliders Resources

The original FAQ of alt.tv.sliders can be found at the URL
http://www.faqs.org/faqs/tv/sliders/faq/ but it is quite out-of-date and only
covers the first seasons by Fox. It has quite a bit of information about
how Sliders the tv show came to be, an interesting episode guide and list
of alternate earths in the first three seasons, with US airdates.
Thanks to Ed Hall who used to maintain it.

Another up-to-date general alt.tv.sliders FAQ which covers more seasons is maintained
by Gareth Kitchener at http://www.garethkitchener.com, this is not posted to
the newsgroups themselves. It’s worth a visit.

The “Where Can I Find It?” FAQ lists the most important resources for Sliders fans,
sometimes called “Sliders” themselves.

Subject: About the Sliders newsgroups (Creation etc)

alt.tv.sliders is the main sliders newsgroup, and most Sliders post there.
It is well propagated considering it was not created in the proper way.

The most recent newsgroup is a binary group for Sliders – alt.binaries.sliders.
It was created on the 3rd December 1997 by Steven S. Palmer after the requisite
discussion in alt.config. Other booster newgroups were sent later on – on the 25th
December 1997 and on the 22nd June 1998. Thus it is a valid newsgroup.

alt.tv.sliders.creative was newgrouped on 26th May 1995 without
the necessary discussion in alt.config, thus it was rmgrouped (deleted)
on the same day subsequently, because it was (quoting the rmgrouper) ‘created without
discussion, comment, tagline, or need, by the Mad Newgrouper (which should
be reason enough)’. On the same day onwards others have correctly
rmgrouped it for the same reasons. The fact that the proper procedure
was not followed has harmed its propagation greatly. In any case it is
almost always empty. The actual control messages can be obtained from
ftp.isc.org. In effect some news servers were carrying some posts while
others carried others, and the posts never made it to the opposite group
of news servers. The reason for this is that USENET is a directed graph,
and in practice not all points are connected properly especially with regards
to a group like alt.tv.sliders.creative (see RFC1036)

Thus: I would recommend alt.tv.sliders as being more suitable than alt.tv.sliders.creative
for posting your fanfics. Of course this is just a guideline, both are
unmoderated groups so this is not something binding. If you want to post to the creative
group on its own, do so, at the risk of your posts not appearing throughout all the
large USENET. The usenet isn’t just google groups and your local news-server. Yet another
alternative is of course to crosspost to both groups.
Should alt.tv.sliders become REGULARLY swamped one day with fanfics, then yes, there is
a valid reason to propose a creative group, in alt.config.

Other new Sliders groups will be listed here, should there be more.

Subject: Accessing Sliders newsgroups

The most traditional way is to use a newsreader program, or simply the newsreading
component of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or whatever web browser you use, and connect
to a news server you have access to.
Alternatively: use Google Groups (http://groups.google.com) or Newsguy (http://www.newsguy.com).
There are others but these are two of the most popular ones.

Subject: Sliders Websites and Reviews

*** Sci-Fi Channel: Sliders (8/00)

The official Sliders website. Remmy has released a CD! The merchandise link does
not have any Sliders merchandise! There is a message board, also.

*** sliders.net (8/00)

Great site, but some of its links are not updated.

*** Sci-Rev (8/00)

On this site I have a section dedicated to Sliders, with reviews and an episode guide
and links to some merchandise sites.

*** Gareth Kitchener (8/00)

Read Gareth’s alt.tv.sliders FAQ and lots more on Sliders.

*** Brendan Corcoran’s Sliders (8/00)

Brendan’s interesting Sliders website

*** Sliders Webring

A Sliders webring – you can join it if you have a sliders webiste

Subject: Sliders Fanfic on the web

Fanfic means fan-fiction, first of all. Fiction by fans. My favourite
fanfics are crossover fanfics.

These are some websites which are carrying some Sliders related fanfic.

*** Uncharted Territories: Slidescape (8/00)

An excellent crossover between Farscape and Sliders. John Crichton
and Quinn had a history in common, and they meet in this fanfic.

*** Slide Like A Pretender (8/00)

An other excellent crossover. This time it’s The Pretender who
meets the Sliders, he’s even built his own version of the timer unit.

*** The Slightly Warped Sliders Page (8/00)

Parodies of existing episodes; In various fanfics, the Sliders meet
the X-Files (not just once), Star Trek: DS9, all the other Star Treks
including Voyager, Mr T, Seinfeld, Quantum Leap. Also: the Kromagg
version of “Jingle Bells” and the Sliders Drinking Game etc.

*** Sabrina Lloyd Fanfiction (8/00)

A message board and mailing lists with fanfic ‘challenges’.

*** One Way Ticket to the End of the Line

A crossover with Doctor Who by Will Cameron. The Sliders are trapped
in the dying TARDIS while the Doctor is stranded on a parallel world.

*** Slider8’s Interdimensional Rift (8/00)

Slider8 has written his own fanfic Season Six! Will the Sliders make it home for good?

*** Wrenlea Sliders (8/00)

A great slider site from the UK with a picture gallery and Julia’s Sliders fanfic

*** XSF (8/00)

Fanfic by Robert A. Black, the acclaimed ‘Night of 100 Stars’, called the ‘mother of all
crossovers’, with a reader’s guide explaining all the fiction universes involved, including
Sliders. Includes Doctor Who, The Star Trek Voyager Doctor playing the part of Doctor Who
in the holodeck, Sliders, an alternate-Arturo.

Subject: How many people will see my post?

It is not known for sure how many people view USENET or any individual
group. But trust me, many people will see it so please try to be

Subject: Is the newsgroup archived?

Not as far as I am aware.

Contributors to the FAQ
The following people have made posted or emailed contributions to this FAQ,
or previously written other FAQ’s. Special thanks goes to them. If you
have any corrections, suggestions, additions, subtractions etc,
please see above for contact details.

Emails have been omitted to avoid them being picked up by spambots. Should
you prefer to have your email listed, kindly let me know.

Ed Hall (first maintainer of the alt.tv.sliders newsgroup FAQ)
Gareth Kitchener (has written another general alt.tv.sliders newsgroup FAQ)
Brendan Corcoran (website url posted on newsgroup)
and all sources mentioned above, as well as anyone else
I forgot to mention.

— end of FAQ document —
This document is (C) Mr SciRev 2000-2010 who is the FAQ
maintainer and may not be reproduced without the express
written permission of the author. Archival at mit.edu and
www.faqs.org permission given. The author is not responsible
for any advice given in postings. You may print the faq
for your personal use, including for usage in schools
provided it is kept intact and you must tell people where
to find updated versions of it (what newsgroups it appears
in). The FAQ author has not used all the services mentioned
and cannot vouch for their accuracy or correctness.


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