Who Sliders #11 – Doctor Who and the Sliders: DAYS OF FUTURE SLIDES

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This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring Doctor Who (the Fifth Doctor – played by Peter Davison in the classic BBC tv series – and the Sliders.

Story (C) 2004-2012 Mr SciRev.

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see Who Sliders 10
For Stargate SG-1 this fanfic occurs just before the Season 4 episode “THE SERPENT’S VENOM”.

What you need to know:
“The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey [Universe-777, the Stargate Universe] who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his fifth incarnation (4th regeneration). His thirteenth will be the last.

The Sliders have developed a technique called Sliding which allows them to go to different dimensions or parallel universes, but will they ever find the way to their home universe [Universe-001, Earth-001]? Actually Maggie and Diana come from Earth-022 and Earth-920 respectively and Maggie cannot breathe the air of Earth-001 so how will she survive if they get there?

The Doctor with his companions – currently an australian hostess named Tegan, young irritating genius Adric, alien orphan and technological expert Nyssa and the Sliders – is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. The Doctor’s alteration to the Sliders’ timeline has resulted in multiple changes across various multiverse timelines in hypertime. Fixing these holes is an important task of the Doctor which has been sanctioned by an angel of God called the White Guardian.

There were 125 different variations of Gabriel Law (from Universe-000) each situated in their own parallel universe. All the parallel universes are called the Multiverse by the Multiverse Agency, a police federation from around the year 2004 which patrols the Multiverse and attempts to stop unauthorised sliding. This federation is not known in Universe-000, Universe-001 and Universe-777 (and possible some other parallel universes). It was formed in a different parallel universe, in fact.
The Agency has been detecting the unauthorised travel of the Doctor and the Sliders and is not too happy. The method used by the Agency to travel is a form of quantum tunnelling (creating wormholes) based upon the work of alternate Sliders Arturo and Quinn. The Agency’s dimensional travel is allowed (for policing) but any other travel is considered illegal. Law and Yulaw both became stronger every time a parallel universe alternate of himself has been killed by Gabriel Yulaw, an ex-Agent gone renegade. Yulaw killed all his alternates except for one, Gabriel Law himself. They are as fast as 124 men and bullets cannot kill them. Yulaw is currently serving life sentence in the Hades Universe penal colony while Law is currently living in Universe-861.

Captain Jefferson Archer of the Federation Parship U.S.S. Enterprise (Archer is from Universe-002) which Slides across parallel universes using ParTravel, based on Sliding technology. The Federation exists at least 200 years in the future. The Multiverse Agency, by that time, might have become part of the Federation’s Starfleet. The problem is that the Sliders’ timer was given to them by Archer and this is being detected by the Agency in 2004. Professor Justine Robson is the Science Officer on the Enterprise.

The Celestial Intervention Agency of the Gallifreyan High Council are Gallifreyans (essentially Ancients) who ventured into a higher state of existence to avoid destruction by a dangerous enemy (who had been banished by others of his species). They call this process “ascension”. That very same enemy is preparing himself to face the humans of Stargate SG-1 in due time. OA is a world where an old evil, known as the ANTI-MONITOR, emerged. Multiple universes were diverged from a point in OA’s history including an anti-matter universe. The ANTI-MONITOR sought to destroy multiple universes and the opposite to the ANTI-MONITOR, the MONITOR tried to merge the universes to save them from destruction. But he and all the heroes in this group of universes could not save the ultimate merging of all these earths into one, now known as Earth-999. The history of that world was now a combined one and the previous separate universes were forgotten by all. Until the Doctor arrives on Earth-999. What will happen? ”

Tavlar, the investigator from the future of the Federation, was in Captain Jefferson Archer’s ready room on the Parship Enterprise. Archer was still in his chair, listening to Tavlar. Security had just entered the room, but Archer sent them outside the room. Tavlar explained how a temporal war had been started. The present was going to be altered soon, but Tavlar did not want to say more. Already his presence was risking changes to the timestream. Would Archer trust him? Or would he believe this to be a trick? Tavlar said that he received a message from the future saying that time on Archer’s homeworld Earth-002 was overlapping now. Even they could not explain how this could be happening. The Enterprise would protect them from timeline changes but they did not know what they would be returning to eventually. Would the Federation still exist?

Sliding Agent Carl Weathers from the Multiverse Agency was in the SGC’s holding cells. He had arrived at the SGC with Gabriel Law, planning to imprison those responsible for creating unauthorised wormholes and interdimensional travel. They would have been placed on the Hades Universe penal colony. But Weathers had succeeded in injuring Dr Janet Frasier, who had a colossal migraine headache after she woke up. After first being apprehended, Weathers had stolen a machine gun and escaped his prison. He had fired at Quinn and missed. Quinn, Wade, Arturo, Diana and Remmy had to activate a wormhole and Slide to save their life. Teal’c had fired his staff weapon and slightly injured Weathers.

Both SG-1 and the Doctor worried that they might not be able to find Quinn and the other sliders. Law was a great asset for the SG-1 team. So he was asked to join SG-1, for the time being.

Quinn, Wade, the Professor, Diana and Remmy crash-landed as usual, when they went through the wormhole. The place they landed on was an old abandoned park.
Wade asked Quinn “How much time do we have before we can slide again?”
His reply was “four days”. They had a look around them. The place looked dark, with many traces of futuristic technology like huge digital plasmasigns which were abandoned once the wars began. This earth was a sophisticated one but it was a dying one.

“Nobody’s celebrating Christmas here, it seems. Happy Christmas, guys, just the same!” Wade said.
“This place reminds me of the amusement park, where we first met the Kromaggs. Gives me the creeps!”, Quinn said.
Wade agreed. Professor Arturo thought it was an alternate version of that park, and so they made it a point to get as far away from this place as possible.
“What’s that noise?” Remmy looked overhead, trying to see the source. Memories of the Kromaggs were strong in him, too. He had two sets of memories. One from the previous timeline – things that did not happen, such as losing Wade to the Kromaggs – and those of the altered one. He had lived through both, as far as he was concerned. He remembered everything, sighed and said “I don’t like this place. Look at this newspaper, it reads 2016. Is that possible?”.
“Time flows faster here, it seems” Quinn replied.
Suddenly, Arturo pointed towards a huge flying figure overhead. It was not clear what it was at first, but it was quickly followed by other figures. Their shadows fell upon the Sliders.
The Sliders attempted to run away.

In the TARDIS, the Doctor was working with Sam to try and determine whether traces of Quinn’s wormhole could be found. Any such information could be essential to track down the missing Sliders. Sam hooked up her laptop to the TARDIS and used the TARDIS’ sensitive instruments to detect any wormhole particles which had been emitted. She found some, but she was not sure whether this was correct or not.
“Doctor, check this reading – is it what I think?”
“It probably is. I will check it out.”
“Let me come with you, if it is ok with General Hammond.”
“No problem. You can come along.”

Once the Doctor had set up the coordinates, and Sam had gotten her clearance from Hammond, the TARDIS was ready to leave Cheyenne Mountain. The destination was Earth-999 in the present time.

Inside the TARDIS

The Doctor and Sam looked at the viewscreen and at the console. An anomaly was being detected. First they noticed that Earth-002 was slowly merging with a number of other Earths, all with a common starting point in prehistory (thus not parallel universes in the pure sense of the term). Once they would finally merge, they would all be destroyed. The Doctor saw a number of superheroes on the viewscreen, fighting the ANTI-MONITOR. He explained ‘the Anti-Monitor was a powerful being born before life emerged on Earth.”
The Doctor remembered what his future counterpart was trying to do. He hoped this was not related. A great ripple of time was washing through them, The Earths and their respective universes were no longer there. Had they been destroyed? No, they got merged into one – Earth-999. But not all people survived this timeline alteration, and many were changed forever. Was Earth-777 still there? Sam was extremely worried, but thanked God that it was still there, according to the TARDIS sensors. She thought of her father, and of Jack.

“Can we do something, change the timeline back?” Sam asked.
“It is possible but this change was so drastic. Many things are different now. Do we have the right to change all these peoples’ lives, their new lives?”
“What about those who gave their lives, fighting the Anti-Monitor? What was her name, Supergirl?”
“Supergirl was her name. I guess you are right too. But we don’t have the right to remove this existence also.”
“We will find a way. We always do.”
“So let’s land the TARDIS on this Earth-999.”
“You know, it’s Christmas today. I haven’t even wished anyone a happy Christmas.” Sam said
“We haven’t had the time, what with what happened…”

Earth-999 (DC Earth, or Earth-Sigma)

“This universe has been built on a foundation of corpses” the Doctor commented. “I feel a sadness that I cannot describe.”
“This seems like a cemetery.” Sam commented. She saw a statue of a man with a black armband with the seal of a lightning bolt. “Who’s that supposed to be?”
“That was Barry Allen, the Flash. He was the fastest man alive. This must be the Justice League Cemetery. Allen gave his life to save the multiverse. I knew that he would do that one day. He did it seven days ago. Well his story isn’t over.”
“Justice League? What’s that? What do you mean his story isn’t over.”
“The Justice League are this earth’s greatest heros – Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, J’onn J’onzz, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Black Canary and of course the Flash was a member too. The Flash has cheated death before and will do it again.”
“Somebody’s coming here.”
“That’s Green Lantern – let’s tell him about the universes. He may be able to help. He has a power ring which may be able to help us.”
The Doctor saluted Green Lantern. “Remember me? I’m the Doctor and this is Major Samantha Carter.”
Green Lantern suddenly noticed the Doctor and his companion. He was lost in thoughts, remembering the old days with Barry and how terrible he was feeling. He couldn’t do anything to bring Barry back. He had a great sense of loss.
“The Doctor? Can’t say I know you.” Green Lantern answered.
“Well we did meet a number of times before your universe got merged with some others.”
“Merged? What? There’s no such thing as another universe! Everyone knows that.”
“Oh great” Sam sighed. “We get the memory loss thing now too.”
“Not memory loss, Sam. His history has been completely altered. My meeting with Superman and the rest of the JLA has been, of course, wiped out of the history of this earth.”
“Just what we needed.” Sam said.
“Superman has never been a JLA member”, Green Lantern pointed out.
“Of course he has. You just don’t remember. Flash will be back one day, I promise.” the Doctor answered. “Enough with the useless banter. We have things to do.”
“We?” Green Lantern looked suspicious.
“Quite. Let’s get to business. A number of universes have been merged into one. Many people have simply disappeared. Your parallel universe timelines were merged into one. This is a new timeline all right, but the previous timelines had the right to exist.”
“Parallel universes? What on earth are you talking about.”
“For years, superheroes on Earth-1 and Earth-2 and some other earths travelled between their respective worlds.”
“That’s preposterous, Doctor. We’ve never done that.”
“Course you did. You were united by the Monitor in a common cause.”
“Yes of course I recall that, but it did not involve parallel earths.”
“Well let’s put that aside for the moment. We are looking for some friends of ours.” the Doctor described Quinn, Professor Arturo, Wade, Diana and Remmy. The Doctor theorised that the merging of some parallel earths with these superheroes had ‘moved’ the ‘location’ of the earth the Sliders were on, thus they could be found if one would compensate for the differential in timelines caused by the merging.
Not too far away, a pair of eyes looked towards the TARDIS. She took a deep breath and decided to examine its doors. The doors were not locked, Her eyes glowed as she entered the TARDIS.

Mondas-777 (Planet Mondas in the Doctor’s Universe)

In the present time, this was the home planet of the Cybermen, ruthless cyborg killers who centuries ago were originally humans enslaved by the Goa’uld and taken from earth itself. Only a few years ago, Fenric, a malevolent evil from the dawn of time, sought to use them as his pawns, when he tried to get them to attack earth by giving them information on the “Silver Nemesis” and Lady Peinforte. But now Fenric’s hold over them grew and grew, and he used their knowledge to begin building up his own army of supersoldiers – an elite of better cybermen ready to do his will only. With some knowledge he obtained, he changed them into Kull Warriors — deadly, fearless, and unquestioningly loyal to him, using blank-slate symbiotes he could imprint personally, with no free will of their own. They were not clones, rather they were genetically engineered in a lab with the help of a modified Ancient/Gallifreyan healing device.

Earth-811 (Days of Future Past Earth)

Quinn and the others were now prisoners of the evil mutant hunter Ahab, Previously he was the intelligent scientist Dr Rory Campbell, but those days were now long gone and just a distant memory in his mind. Ahab looked towards the large cages containing the prisoners. In one cage Quinn was being kept. Another cage kept Professor Arturo. Other cages kept Wade, Diana and Remmy.
“So Mr Mallory, I have two questions for you. How come you are still alive, and what do you know about Quantum Probability Flux in RNA?” Ahab roared angrily. Ahab’s body was full of cyborg machinery which kept him alive. He was not quite human by now.
Quinn did not reply, so Ahab used some cattle prods to shock him quite a bit. Burns appeared all over Quinn’s body as a result. “This doesn’t make you talk?”
Ahab went over to the cage containing Wade. He smiled sadistically. He was going to prod her when Quinn said “I’ll talk! Just don’t touch her!”
“Don’t touch her! how sentimental, Mr Mallory. How weak. Talk then.”
“Quantum Flux can indicate which alternate universe one has come from!” Quinn said.
“Course. How?” Ahab said while pointing the prod towards the direction of Wade once more.
“Don’t you touch her or I…”
“or you nothing. You can do nothing. Tell me more if you people want to live!”
“Don’t tell him!” Arturo shouted.
“If he doesn’t tell me then I will kill you ugly Pavarotti clone first, then the others.” Ahab replied.
“You don’t need to kill anyone. I’m not the Mallory you knew, I’m..we are from another universe, not this one. You can detect the flux through RNA, non-coding RNA to be exact. It decodes to a different frequency, call it a ‘vibration’ too if you like. All of this together indicates in some way one’s native universe.” Quinn said. Not that this ever helped them get back home. Ahab forced Quinn to explain how sliding worked.
“This is good. So you will help me get to Earth-616 – to find that hound Rachel Summers – and be able to go back to my world. As long as you are useful to me, your colleagues will be kept alive. Afterwards, we will see. Your alternate, “Professor Quinn”, is my excellent servant. Perhaps you will meet him soon. He has not developed sliding unlike yourself. With your help, the Sentinels will be able to exterminate all mutants in all timelines, all the parallel earths!”

Earth-777, Cheyenne Mountain

Even on Boxing Day, General Hammond was on the phone with the President. He had informed him on the situation. The sliders were missing, lost to some unknown dimension, plus UNIT’s one-time scientific advisor (together with Major Samantha Carter) was offworld, no offuniverse attempting to find them but had not yet returned. Interrogations of the prisoner had not yielded much except for his name, “Sliding Agent Carl Weathers”, whatever that meant. Was there a rogue agency dealing with sliding? The President said there was no such thing. Hammond wondered. A Multiverse Agency? There was no doubt Weathers could slide between dimensions, but was he from ours or from another one? Perhaps Weathers was from another dimension then, a parallel earth, another timeline. Sam Carter would say that was the same thing in essense, no matter how you try to look at it, from one angle or another. The only positive thing to report to the President, was the new recruit, Gabriel Law, a man from a parallel earth. He had the strength of a superman and the training of a policeman.

So SG-1 was sent on a pretty straightforward mission to scout planet PX8-999. This would be an easy thing. It was hoped by Daniel that it might contain some technology related to dimensional travel i.e. sliding. He based this on some writing he had discovered earlier on another mission. Hammond was sceptic but approved the mission anyway. So the gate wooshed and Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Teal’c and lastly Gabriel Law stepped through the Stargate. All of them were wearing the military garb, camouflaged just in case they needed to hide from some Goa’uld or other enemy.
Gabriel was afraid that something might happen to his body, with the molecular decomposition. He had never stepped through such a device before, though he had been teleported to different universes. He had not had much choice those times, so his fear increased. He tried to get on with it and went through.

Earth-811 (Days of Future Past Earth)
It was a cold morning on Boxing Day. Snow was falling down, but the streets were mostly deserted. A humming noise could be heard, not far from the cemetery of heroes, as it was known. This place was where the major part of the heroes were buried, those who had faced the Sentinels and failed. “This must be an alternate version of the JLA cemetery we were in” the Doctor told Sam. The tone he used was not pleasant. “This is a dangerous world. I don’t like to use weapons, but get your rifle. I have tracked the wormhole and the timer itself. They are in a building not far from here.”
“Let’s go get them!”

They got close to the government compound where the Sliders were being held. No security was apparent at first, and no guards could be seen. However when they approached the main door, a klaxon sounded and some Sentinels flew to the area.

The Sentinels scanned the Doctor and Sam, to determine whether they had any genes which made people mutants. Indeed they had none, But they could tell that they had travelled through time – due to some chroniton particles they were still emitting. “Eliminate temporal intruders!” sounded the Sentinel leader.
Sam quickly fired her P90 rifle which easily perforated the Sentinel’s thick hide.
“Let’s get inside before it adapts to your rifle” the Doctor smiled at Sam as he entered the building first.
They went through various corridors, until they finally found the cells where the Sliders were being held.
“Are we glad to see you two!” Remmy said. The Doctor smiled, and opened the lock using his sonic screwdriver. They got out, and they all left the area. Outside, many Sentinels had gathered and were awaiting them. If they left the building, they would be seen and recaptured. So the choice was to either risk capture or death by the Sentinels or to slide once more since the timer showed it was time, leaving the TARDIS behind of course.

So Quinn used the timer, and created a wormhole. They went through it. The Doctor had lost his TARDIS and his way to his universe, becoming just as lost as the rest of the Sliders, unable to get home.


Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 12 “NEW BEGINNINGS – A CHRISTMAS SLIDE”

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The Sam in this fic is Major Samantha Carter, not the Sam from some Eight Doctor novels.
I have been reading CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.
Earth-002 is DC’s Earth-2 but Earth-001 is not Earth-1. Earth-001 is the Sliders’ Earth-Prime which might have been the DC Earth-Prime (a non-superhero world) but since that got destroyed
So more precisely Earth-100 is DC’s Earth-1.
The scene at the cemetery on Post-Crisis Earth or Earth-999 owes a lot to ‘CRISIS EPILOGUE, The Last Good-Bye’ by Alan Kistler (fanzing.com). The year is 2014, in between of the events in Excalibur vol1 #66. It shows how the sliding technology was obtained by Ahab. See http://mutanthigh.com/excalibur66.html for a description of that issue. Rachel Summers is the Phoenix (II), daughter of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) from Earth-811, she had escaped to Earth-616 thanks to her world’s Kitty Pryde and the Phoenix (which has no other world alternates). The fanfic occurs before COUNTDOWN, of course and the dc universes are still merged at this point.