Comic Review: Amazing Grace (The Incredible Hulk Annual 12 (vol 2))

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Amazing Grace Incredible Hulk Annual 12 vol 2
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Penciller/Inker: Herbert “Herb” Waldo Trimpe
Colorist: Bob Sharen
Letterer: Joe Rosen
Cover Artist: Brent Eric Anderson

“Amazing Grace” is the name of the Incredible Hulk Annual 12 (vol 2).

In this time, Bruce Banner is currently able to control his transformations into the green Hulk.
Gone is the brute mind, and instead it is Banner’s mind in its place.

Banner’s gammascope detects a disturbance in the stratosphere and he goes to investigate the occurence.

It’s a green skinned alien, the priestess K’Rel, who is being chased by some masked red skinned aliens. He involves himself, as the Hulk of course and attempting to save her, ends up captured by the red aliens and taken to their common homeworld.
He ends up becoming the green race’s saviour. Both green and red races are religious but the reds are not tolerant of others so he tried to break their dominion over the green race.

He succeeds, but in the end, is it worth it? K’Rel, the spiritual leader of her race, ignores the Hulk’s plea to “cultivate charity in their hearts and teach them the way of mercy”. She does not show mercy to the red race and the war goes on.
Still travelling in a starship back to earth through hyperspace, the Hulk realises, after looking back at their homeworld, that he was greatly mistaken and no new age of religious tolerance and understanding had dawned thanks to his intervention.