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The Doctor and The Enterprise D (Chapters 5 & 6)


Story content and all other characters in The Doctor And The Enterprise D are (c) Rob Cowell. 1995
EXCEPT the article 110 section, from the story The Doctor and
The Enterprise by Jean Airey.

The Doctor And The Enterprise D

Chapter Five

Sarah looked on in horror as the lifeless body of the Doctor
drifted away from the ship.
“You’ve got to do something!” she exclaimed.
“There’s nothing I can do from here.” Riker said, by way of an
apology. He turned to Q, “Bring him back onboard Q.”
“I would, but you see he’s not really there. I tried looking
for him but I can’t find him. That’s why I asked you the question.”
“That was horrible. It was just a despicable trick to get us to
tell you.” Sarah blurted out. She had been close to tears at the
sight, but now she was regaining her composure somewhat and anger was
replacing grief.

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