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The Stargate was out there in the open!
Rose asked a passer-by where the place was.. The man replied that this was Sliema, thinking they were tourists.
Professor Arthur said what kind of name is that? Rose saw a newspaper on a newstand, she read it and told the others they were on an island called Malta.
“Hmm.. the stargate must be public knowledge here.” Rose commented.
In front of them there was a big sign saying “LAZARUS: THE REGENERATION OF AN AREA, FROM RED TO GREEN“.

This is the crossover fanfic in my fan-series featuring Rose from Doctor Who (the new BBC tv series) – and a new Sliders team.

Story (C) 2007-2015 Mr SciRev

For the Dr Who Timeline Related to this Fanfic, or to read what happened just before this fanfic, please see WhoSliders 23. It occurs during the 3rd series of the new Dr Who
SPOILER: the Key to Time arc (season 16 of Doctor Who’s classic series), Lazarus (new Doctor Who season 3), Graduation (Roswell season 3)

rose's sliders

What you need to know:
What if you could go to different earths? Same planet, different dimension and universe.  Rose Tyler has found the gateway.

The Doctor is currently travelling with Martha. He is on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless and the powerless throughout the whole multiverse of multiple universes. He has lost Rose to Earth-776. Interdimensional travel seems impossible so he can never meet her again.
Rose Tyler has formed a Torchwood team of Who-Sliders – Computer specialist and expert Jade Wells, Quantum Physicists Professor Arthur Maximillian and Conn Mallory, Captain Jack Harkness (of Earth-777),  Mickey Smith and Medic Liz Parker. Together they slide from parallel earth to parallel earth, trying to find Earth-777, where the Doctor is located… but for the time being they have been entrusted with a special mission to locate the six segments of the Key To Time, once located by the Doctor himself, or the Multiverse will be at risk from the Black Guardian.

The Doctor is a Time Lord – a time-traveller from the alien world called Gallifrey [Universe-777, the Stargate Universe] who travels in space and time thanks to his TARDIS which looks like a police box, bigger inside than outside. When the Doctor is severely injured or even killed, he will regenerate into a new appearance and body. He is currently in his tenth incarnation (9th regeneration). He is the survivor of the Time War which saw his homeworld Gallifrey destroyed completely.

The original who-Sliders, after having managed to travel back to Earth-001, have kept experimenting with dimensional travel. Years have passed since the Sliders returned. They are no longer able to slide and have lost contact with the Doctor. ”

Earth-1001, 2007

The Stargate was out there in the open!
Rose asked a passer-by where the place was.. The man replied that this was Sliema, thinking they were tourists.
Professor Arthur said what kind of name is that? Rose saw a newspaper on a newstand, she read it and told the others they were on an island called Malta.
“Hmm.. the stargate must be public knowledge here.” Rose commented.
In front of them there was a big sign saying “LAZARUS: THE REGENERATION OF AN AREA, FROM RED TO GREEN“.
She used her mobile phone to detect the segment and saw that it was not too far from where they were. Meanwhile the newspaper article explained about the LAZARUS PROJECT and how this regeneration technology was being used to replace a whole city with newer buildings. The project had initially demonstrated how people could be made younger with no side effects. Then after further experimentation, they managed to restore old buildings and make them new again. Deteriorating buildings would be made new again. No more time wasted to demolish buildings and build new ones to replace them. That was the way of the past if this technology would work as expected.
Elsewhere on the same island, after some hours, a wormhole appeared out of nowhere. After a lot of wind came out from it, a number of figures could be seen emerging from it. The first one was Max Evans – Liz Parker’s high school ex-boyfriend. Together with some others, he had used the Granolith, an alien spacecraft hidden in a cave in Roswell, to go to another planet to set up some long-distance wormhole technology for travelling cross-world safely. From this world they could route to any parallel earth they wanted to.

The others in his group were Logan St Claire, Suzie Costello, Bilis Manger, the “Editor” and Lassar.

Max had found a cube in the granolith which helped him find the persons he needed to form his sliding team, or Max’s Sliders as he liked to call them. Max had been told by a voice from the cube that he would be able to track down Liz Parker who had gone missing. He had risked his life to return to Roswell for that reason. But his main task was to find the different parts of the segments to the Key to Time which had been part of his heritage as King of his homeworld.

Logan knew all about sliding, and had helped Max to set up their technology. Logan had met her duplicate Quinn, from the original Sliders team. After vowing to take her revenge on Quinn, she had ended up on Earth-776 where she decided to run for senator in the US. However she ended up meeting Max and the rest was history.

Suzie Costello had been second in command of Torchwood Three back on Earth-777, that much she had told Max. How she found herself on Earth-776, she did not say. Max did not know if she knew and was hiding it from him.

Not much was known of Bilis Manger. He had been interested in Max’s mission and joined the team as a historian. He wore a cravat and appeared to be English.

The Editor had been displaced in time and dimensions by a timestorm after his defeat on Satellite 5 in the future. He had vowed to find the Doctor and get his revenge. Of course, all Max knew was that the man knew a lot about technology, transmat technology and the like so he would be useful for the team.

Lassar was a mysterious individual, almost as much as Bilis. Lassar was a school teacher, but a man of few words. So there was not much to say about him. He was quiet and had been through some terrible war, perhaps Vietnam, or some other one.  Was he a good man? Max hoped so.

Soon Max picked up a signal which indicated where the segment was, so they were on their way. It was not far from them.

In the meantime, Rose’s Sliders were already on the spot. The location of the segment was somewhere in a building in Mary Street run by the Lazarus Corporation which was developing the technology for the Lazarus Project. The Project’s chairman was a certain Mark Davidson. Rose and Captain Jack entered the building while Liz and the others kept watch outside.

The security at the reception was not amused when Jack said they had an appointment with the chairman. He picked up the phone but Jack used a little spray on him which left him unconscious for an hour. That way they could find the segment and leave, they hoped.

Meanwhile outside, Liz saw a familiar figure approach. She recognised him – it was Max! But was this an alternate Max or her Max? And what was he doing here, how did he get her, in the latter case?
‘Liz! I didn’t know what had happened to you!’ Max shouted..
‘It’s you!’ Liz replied. Suddenly Max heard a voice in his head. It was the Guardian speaking to him directly. ‘Enter the building to get the segment, or the other team will get it. Use any means necessary to stop them, or the universe will be at risk!’
Reluctantly, Max obeyed the voice and ordered the team to enter the building.
He looked back at Liz ‘don’t go away Liz’…
On entering, Max and the others saw the unconscious receptionist. Suzie said “Good, so we don’t have to bother about the security at the door”. Max decided the team should split up so they could search the building more efficiently.
Meanwhile Liz called Rose on her mobile, to inform her and Jack of the development.
“We’ll be careful” Rose replied.
Rose and Jack found the engine room which contained the segment. The segment was a power crystal being used to power a big regenerator.

“That’s Gallifreyan technology!” Rose exclaimed. There was some writing which seemed familiar too, squarish and blocky in parts with some other forms of squiggles. “I wonder, are there Time Lords here? And a parallel Doctor?”
Captain Jack saw what seemed to be a model of the buildings which were going to be ‘regenerated’ soon.
He told Rose, “let’s be quick”, and she activated her mobile to change the crystal form of the segment into its natural one, which was part of the key after all.
After Jack switched off the device, she took the crystal and kept it in her pocket.
“Do you think they will have problems now with construction”, she asked, to which Jack answered “well they will have to do it the old fashioned way like everyone else.”

Suddenly, through the door Max and Lassar from the other team entered. Rose recognised Lassar “You! You’re still alive!”
“Indeed I am, my dear!”
“You know him?” Jack asked.
“He’s the Headmaster Finch. Or was pretending to be. He’s a Krillitane.”

Max was shocked. So this guy, this mysterious individual in his group, was another alien like him!
“We need to take the segment. It belongs to me. Where is it?” Max asked.
“I don’t know”, Jack replied. “Belongs to you? Why do you need it?”
“I’m the King of the planet Antar.” Max said. “The Key is rightfully mine”
“Well the White Guardian told us to find the segment. I can’t let you have it. God knows what you might want to do with it.” Rose looked at Max who was looking a bit worried now.
“I guess the Black Guardian spoke to you, right?” Jack asked. “He’s the bad guy. Wants to destroy the universe, to rebuild it in chaos, in his own image. Is that what you lot want?”
Max Evans stood there thinking for a few seconds then said.. “no”..  Suddenly Lassar said “I don’t care, give us the segment or things will get messy here”.
Suddenly an alarm had been rang. They had been detected by some security and officers were already on their way.
“We’ve got to co-operate so we can get out of here. What do you say?” Jack looked towards the two.
Max said “yes” but Lassar said “no, never”. “Which one is it then?”
“I’m the team leader. I say we cooperate.”
Lassar was about to say no as a security guard entered. There was a time when he could have just eaten him but that was no longer possible now.
Lassar brought out a gun instead and pointed it at the guard, firing before the guard had even the time to react. There was blood all over the place now.
Max tried to see if he could heal the guard with his powers. But a dead man could not be brought back to life by Max. “You killed him”, Max said.
His soul had left him. “We did not come to do this” Max said.

“Cry baby” Lassar said. “He was going to shoot us. I did what had to be done”
“You’re always the same, Finch, Lassar or whatever you’re calling yourself these days” Rose looked angrily at him. “You’re a cold blooded murderer”

Meanwhile, a security patrol had stopped close to the building, and one officer stopped to talk to Liz while his colleague entered the building. Jade and Conn looked at themselves and at the Professor, who said “This can’t be good.”
“What are you doing here?” the officer asked them.
“This is a public place, officer…”, the Professor told him.
Liz looked at the professor and cut him off, “Just waiting for my friends. They had to pick me up”. She was seemingly worried.
Suddenly a gunshot could be heard. “Max!” she thought. “No it can’t be you.”

“You stay here with me while my colleague comes back” the officer took out his radio and talked to his colleague, who had found the receptionist security still dazed.
Liz thought back about that last day at school, back in Roswell, some months ago.
When Max had given his speech about being different, there had been a power cut as Cybermen had happened to storm the school when the invasion happened.

Some anti-alien FBI agents were there, ready to kill Max, Liz and their friends but thanks to Liz’s premonitions, and to this intervention, the officers did not succeed. Max and Isabel stopped most of the Cybermen, but some Cybermen killed the officers. The group decided to leave Roswell for good. Max and Liz had not gotten married yet, it was too hectic for them to go from town to town. So they decided to go to the UK. But not all at once, that was risky. Max and the others had stayed in Canada, just over the border, while Liz was the first who went to the UK. The others – Max, Kyle, Isabel and her husband Alex, Maria and Michael were to follow soon.
Liz had joined Torchwood in the UK which Max had learnt about. It was supposed to be top secret but Liz had a premonition of this organisation and had ended up meeting Rose Tyler.
But she had not told the others that she would have gone through different dimensions, indeed her job did not allow her to. So to Max and her friends she had been simply missing.
The rest, was history, as they say. So now Max and Liz were sliding through different dimensions while the others were still in the UK on Earth-776. Liz hoped they were all well. For all she knew anything could have happened while they were gone.
She came back to the present time, hoping Max was not the one who had been shot at.

Captain Jack told Rose “Let’s get out of here, get the others and slide out!”
“Oh no you don’t. You give us the segment” Lassar pointed his gun at the captain now.
“No way” Jack moved towards Lassar.
“I warned you – don’t come any closer!”
Lassar shot Jack, who fell to the ground, dead.

Bilis Manger was walking through one of the corridors in the building when he met the policeman. The officer had been enquiring about whether anyone had entered the place illegally. Of course he thought Manger was some meek mannered emotionless employee. That proved to be the last mistake of his life. Bilis shot him in cold blood.

Back outside, now Liz heard another two shots. She was getting doubly worried.



Continued in the next Fanfic Who Sliders 25 “KEYQUEST”: “STEALING ROSEMARY” !

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